4 Powerful Prayers to Summon Archangel Raziel

Archangel Raziel is known as the Keeper of Secrets and the Angel of Mysteries in Jewish mysticism. Raziel’s name actually means “secret of God”.

He is the one responsible for hiding deeply esoteric knowledge and making it difficult to discover. It is because only the select few among us are deemed worthy of having knowledge that prevents pain and suffering and that leads to great powers and enlightenment. But if you are able to get Raziel on your side, he will share with you his knowledge and lead you to great discoveries in this life and the next.

If you wish to communicate with Raziel, ask for help and develop a stronger bond, you can use the following 4 prayers. These are traditional prayers from a Medieval manuscript of prayers, incantations and invocations that I hold in my private library, translated from Latin for your convenience:

1. Prayer for Raziel’s Protection

Raziel, I’m bound to rage and deceive

By the unholy spirits of Satan their King

Who’re clawing their way into souls purest love

Tearing inside from dusk till dawn

If you will not then who else will

Protect my body, my spirit and soul

For only by your grace I can be reborn

2. Prayer for Illumination

I pray for the Brightness of Illumination

I pray for the Fury of its Fire

I pray for the Dangers of the Awakened Spirit

To Raziel the Keeper of Secrets

And the Holy Ally of Supreme Godhead

For I am Safe in the Knowledge He Keeps

And I will use it for Love and Mercy


3. Prayer of the Burning Heart

Because God despises the lukewarm

My heart cannot be such

Because God despises the cold and damp

My heart cannot be such

Because God cherishes the burning Heart

My heart can only be such

Raziel, Raziel, Raziel!

With Holy Knowledge you light all Hearts

While mine keeps on waiting

Stoke the fire so that I may see Light

And revel in it’s eternal Glory!

4. Prayer for Raziel’s guidance

My Guardian Angel is now asleep

And you Raziel I wish to keep

By my side all the time

When clear paths are hard to find

When attackers swarm the righteous path

And I have nowhere else to hide

I pray you’ll fight them by my side

Destroying darkness as my guide


Final Word on Prayers to Archangel Raziel

You can use these prayers any time you wish to access Raziel. It doesn’t matter if you pray out loud or silently, as long as you put your heart into it. Not many people know of these prayers but they can be very powerful for conditioning yourself to discover higher levels of your intellectual capacity, intuition and fortitude.

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