Top 4 Reasons Why Vampires Drink Blood from the Neck

Vampires are popularly depicted as drinking blood from the neck in movies, books and TV shows. So it’s a good question to ask whether there’s any particular reason for choosing the neck. Well, there are actually 5 practical reasons why vampires drink blood from the neck:

1. It’s romantic

Traditional folklore doesn’t mention any particular bite site for vampires. However, the neck is the main one that’s used in vampire media depictions all the time because it resembles a love bite.

Therefore it looks romantic, in a sadomasochistic way. It’s also a good site because the victim doesn’t have to undress, which is definitely a bonus in theater plays.

2. A neck bite paralyzes the victim

Imagine having a vampire bite into your neck with his 2 sharp teeth. You’ll try NOT TO move because the teeth could easily tear the skin and veins. Your only option is to let the vampire feed and remove the teeth without causing any damage.

There is also a pleasure center located in the neck. Which is why so many people enjoy being kissed on the neck. But a bite provides an even stronger sensation, producing a highly euphoric effect. So the victim starts to enjoy the bite and the blood extraction after the first shock has subsided.

3. The jugular vein

The jugular vein which pumps blood to the brain goes through the neck. Along with carotid arteries on either side. All three are excellent sources of fresh, oxygenated blood. They’re also way easier to locate and access, since there are no bones or ligaments to bypass, which would be the case if a vampire tried to bite through the rib cage for example.

Even in case of weaker and depleted victims, the jugular vein and carotid arteries are the last one to get depleted. So even victims that have been (almost) sucked dry will still provide some refreshment to the vampire if sucked from the neck.

Also, drinking the blood that was supposed to end up in the brain makes the victim feel weak and drowsy, making the job that much easier.

4. Quickest and safest strategy for sneaky vampires

The jugular vein and carotid arteries provide the easiest and quickest access to huge amounts of blood. The victim doesn’t have to be undressed, and if the vampire sneaks up from behind, the neck is the area that’s ripe for the taking.

This vein and arteries are close to the heart and travel towards the second most important organ in the human body – the brain. So it’s no wonder that the life force contained in this fresh blood is superior to that accessed through sites like the wrists or ankles.

Other preferred blood drinking sites:

  • the throat
  • the bends of the arms (brachial artery)
  • the wrists
  • the femoral fold (femoral artery)
  • the backs of the knees (femorals again)
  • ankles.

These places are where the vessels are closest to the surface. Young vampires train themselves by biting the wrists first.

Usually for up to 3 nights, after which they’re ready to tackle the neck. If an untrained vampire bites into the neck there is a danger that the victim will get injured severely and bleed out, so this precaution is rather necessary.

Final Word: Why Vampires Drink Blood from the Neck

Easy access, safety, quickness and deliciousness of the blood travelling through the neck makes it the favorite biting site for most vampires.

While some are reported to drink the blood from weird places like the stomach aorta, this is considered very dangerous for the victim and that the blood is of lesser quality.

So unless you’re dealing with a very strange vampire, you’re more likely to wake up with two small holes on the neck than anywhere else.

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