A Revelation From Paimon

It is May 9th 2023. I’ve recently performed a Paimon evocation to enhance my magical practice. It led to a profound experience that I wish to share with you because it might have an immensely positive impact on your life:

Right at the start of the ritual I was shot out of my physical body and my spirit ventured into the astral realm. As I was lifted up by an external force, I could see my body calmly resting in the lotus position in the middle of the circle. The final destination of my spirit’s journey however was not the ceiling of my ritual chamber, but a far more impressive venue. I was brought into Paimon’s court, a place of golden light contrasted by long shadows emanating from spectral shapes moving about.

But I wasn’t brought there to eavesdrop on the daily affairs of King Paimon and his entourage. I was there to learn of and experience a glimpse of the future.

At one sublime moment Paimon raised his hand and my spirit was filled with immense joy. Anyone with experience of prolonged astral travel will remember the feeling of weightlessness that comes from no longer being confounded to a physical body. This ‘lightness of being’ made the joy sublimely intense as it permeated my spirit like nothing I’ve experienced down on Earth.

Paimon didn’t bestow me with this pleasure for my sake alone, for a revelation of significance followed:

“The time has come to spread myself upon the multitudes like a plague of joy and serenity. You have felt but a glimpse of things to come. Under the Sun and the Moon the serpent and the lion will prosper. Let them chant my name for it will not be in vain, and you my faithful potentate (monarch, ruler, also bridge that unites the physical and spiritual world), perform evocations at will. Do not reject anyone, for all who call upon me will be made prosperous.”

I was then surrounded by intense light and within a brief moment returned to my body, astounded by the visuals and words that resonated like a powerful vibration in my heart.

The experience confirmed one technical thing that magicians often argue about, for me at least. A spirit doesn’t need a ritual to connect with the magician, the magician need a ritual to connect with the spirit. If the spirit chooses to connect, it can happen at any point, and this time it happened at an awkward initial stage of the ritual, the trance induction.

Also, I often recommend to my readers to use their Will throughout the ritual instead of succumbing to the Will of the spirit. I will admit that in this instance I was not in charge. Like a child I was brought into the astral realm by Paimon. Perhaps I could’ve resisted being pulled out of my body, but I knew in my heart of hearts that no harm would come from the experience. For a beginner however, one who can’t distinguish between essence and substance or appearance, such an experience could produce a psychotic breakdown. But, it was a message of great importance that had to be brought down and I suppose an experienced messenger was chosen for a good reason.

All of this had led me to make a practical decision that could bare significance for your future, dear serpent (or was it lion?). In spite of my advanced age, I am determined to perform as many evocations of Paimon as I can in the months of May, June and July. I was not told how long this heightened influence of Paimon will last, but I assume that it is now at its peak. If you are interested in seizing this opportunity, use my Ritual for Hire service and I will perform a Paimon ritual for you in the upcoming days.

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