Welcome to Occultist.net

Greetings, fellow seekers of the arcane and the esoteric. My name is Astennu Sever, and I am the founder of Occultist.net. This site is the culmination of my lifelong passion for the occult and my dedication to exploring the depths of mysticism, magick, and demonology.

My Journey

My journey into the occult began many years ago, driven by an insatiable curiosity and a desire to understand the hidden forces that shape our reality. Over the years, I have delved into various mystical traditions, honing my craft and expanding my knowledge. This includes Hermeticism, demonology, theurgy, Enochian magic, Thelema, spiritism, divinatory practices and much more.

This journey has led me to author three well-received grimoires: The Warrior-Magician Manual, The Psy-Mage Compendium, and Goetia Rising. Each of these works reflects a different facet of my understanding and practice, and I am proud to share them with you.

What We Offer

Occultist.net is designed to be a comprehensive resource for those interested in the occult. Here, you will find:

  • In-Depth Information: Explore detailed articles on demonology, magick rituals, and a wide variety of other occult practices. Each piece is crafted to provide you with a deep understanding of these complex topics as well as practical advice for achieving optimal results.
  • Online Ritual for Hire Service: Need a specific magick ritual performed? I offer a range of ritual services tailored to your needs, utilizing my extensive experience and knowledge to ensure effective and meaningful outcomes. Part of this service is also a personalized consultation. Whether you are seeking guidance, insight, or advice on specific rituals or practices, I am here to assist you.

My Philosophy

I believe that the occult is a profound and transformative path, one that rewards dedication, respect, and an open mind. At Occultist.net, my goal is to create a space where you can explore these mysteries with the guidance and support you need. I am committed to fostering an environment that respects the diversity of beliefs and practices within the occult community.

Join Me

Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or a curious newcomer, I invite you to explore Occultist.net. Here, you will find a wealth of information, resources, and services to aid you on your journey. I look forward to guiding you through this eternally fascinating aspect of our shared reality.

With magickal regards,

Astennu Sever Founder, Occultist.net