How to do Black Magic: Full Guide (Spells, Curses, Protection Circle..)

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What is Black Magic?

Black magic: the magic of evil

In the mind of the public, there is not one form of magic, but two:  White magic  and black magic. If one is clearly oriented towards good, the other has much darker goals. Therefore, it should be taken with the utmost seriousness. Unfortunately, more and more people are learning this practice without mastering it.

This part will allow you to learn more about black magic, starting with its origins and drifts: Satanism. Then you will know the symptoms of black magic, how to get rid of it and protect yourself from it. Finally, I’ll give you information about the spells of black magic.

Indeed, we can hear in the media more and more facts relating the consequences of black magic. It is true that it can scare many people. This is due to the witch hunt that lasted several decades, especially in the city of Salem, United States, around 1620. It must be said that this period is largely responsible for all the preconceived ideas that we are currently doing on black magic.

A powerful tool for real power

We must take Black Magic and witchcraft with the utmost seriousness because it is undeniable that it involves strong energies. It is a very powerful tool, its strengths are as great as impenetrable. It has the power to bring about change using forces that are not defined by science.

In the field of magic, everything is about intention. The sorcerer’s spells often serve his own interests. Their goals are often perceived as unhealthy. Indeed, the misfortune, the revenge or the separation of a couple is not perceived as very positive. However, in some cases the intention is not so illegitimate as it seems. This is particularly the case when the person or persons concerned deserve punishment.

The main spells

To practice dark magic, the sorcerer invokes the forces of evil, evil spirits and demons. Here are the main spells that the wizard can do:

  • Revenge, with a spell to avenge a person.
  • Separation, thanks to a spell to separate a couple .
  • Bad luck and misfortune, with a spell to make unlucky and unhappy.
  • Finally, other spells to control and manipulate other people.

Differences and similarities with white magic

To know the difference between black magic and white magic, it is important to know exactly what magic is:

“Magic is the art of bringing about a change using the forces of nature”

Magic as such is neither good nor bad. It is the use of certain forces, in order to obtain certain modifications that can direct it towards the good or to the evil.

In black magic …

Indeed, when the goal is to provoke a harmful action, it is necessary to appeal to unhealthy forces, including spirits and demons. The two conditions are thus together: the bad intention and the dark forces. Therefore, it becomes black magic. The results are often greater than in white magic, the forces employed being more powerful.

In white magic …

On the other hand, if the intention is good, the forces of the nature called will be angels or goddesses. So it will be white magic, the one intended to help. The person who practices white magic has pure and honest intentions. On the other hand, this magic works more slowly, and less surely.

But can we really reject black magic? I do not think because to do good, it is essential to know the evil. Moreover, it is this knowledge that makes it possible to fight it. For example, it is important to know how to recognize a spell of black magic in order to be able to suppress it before it does any real damage.

Therefore, it is impossible to reject one, if not the other loses all its meaning, in the same way that we can not dissociate Good and Evil, God and Satan …

The story of black magic

The origins of black magic

Black magic has existed since the dawn of time. We were able to find traces at the time of Prehistory. Indeed, sticks with inscriptions showed the power of wizards. In ancient times, it is called “goetia”. Negative energies and evil spirits invoked incantations intended to harm others.

From the Middle Ages, the Christian church fears competition in the field of the supernatural. As a result, she relegates magic to the mysteries of evil, confusing white and black magic in her condemnation.

The church and black magic

Also called “Satanism”, black magic rituals oppose the rites of the Catholic Church. The names of the gods replace those of the demons, wine by the blood, the host by roots ….

Until the 13th century, religious authorities claimed that black magic, like witchcraft, did not exist. While eliminating those they believed to be the authors.

In truth, it was rather to assert the power of the Catholic religion over the world.

The mage, or high priest, then changes from a shaman to a sorcerer. He works in hiding. Excluded from the Christian community, the sorcerer is then from society. He moves away from the city to be consulted in secret. Today, white wizards are people who work for the good of people by following the precepts of a very old tradition.

For the church, the best way to fight black magic is to physically attack the people who practice it.

The witch hunt

In the cultural context of the time, nature is seen as full of powerful and invisible forces. Some people, the “wizards” through rituals and other incantations, are able to use them to do good or bad. A distinction is made between healing remedies (often made up of plants) and harmful practices. When it came to black magic, wizards were prosecuted and often convicted without any form of trial.

If black magic scares people, it is certainly due to the witch hunt. This is a time of persecution and condemnation of those accused of witchcraft. The witch hunt occurs at many times and on different continents. This movement began in Europe in the fifteenth century, where an act of black magic made a witch incur a simple banishment. Later, in the 16th century, this same act led the witch to the stake.

Why were women targeted?

Women have always been considered inferior to men since ancient times. They were targeted by three quarters of the church’s charges, especially those of a certain age. It must be said that they lived longer than men and, through their experience over the years, could heal thanks to plants and magic potions . They were often solicited, but it was enough for a patient to die to be considered witches.

The most important witch hunts took place in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, in Europe and particularly in France. Indeed, it was enough for an unexplained fact (a high-ranking person falls ill, a herd of cattle is decimated …) or repeated disasters (thunderstorms or droughts leading to the loss of crops) to be accused the marginal of the corner: the old living healer living alone in her cabin was paying the price. Collective vengeance, lynching, and hanging made tens of thousands of victims.

The end of the witch hunt

It was not until the 17th century that France banned all forms of repression in connection with black magic. Advances in medicine are making diseases better and better. Now people are going to the doctor and more to the healer. Beliefs in black magic are gradually fading, leading to the end of the witch hunt in the early 1660s.

Black Magic and Satanism

We can not talk about black magic without talking about Satanism. Yet you will find that black magic, as such, is far removed from it.The simplest definition is that Satanism is a religious movement that venerates Satan and other fallen angels. In fact, it is an extreme form of black magic, going as far as practicing human sacrifice and infanticide.

It can be said that devotees of Satanism practice black magic, but that a person who practices black magic is not necessarily satanist.

Without religion, no Satanism

Its origins date back to early Christianity, it is this religion that first evoked the opposite of God: Satan.

It was in the Middle Ages, in Europe, during the Black Death (14th century) that decimated 25 million people (between 30 and 50% of Europeans) that many people began to doubt the power of the church and turned away from God. They met in a select committee (sects) to invoke the great Satan. This protest movement thus opposes Christian worship: Satanism is born.

The high priest: leader of the satanic sects

It is practiced by some wise men and sorcerers who take this occult path for the power of his black masses.

The latter gather to practice their cult: sects appear both in the city and in the countryside. All members of the sect are related to their leader, self proclaimed high priest. They owe him total allegiance and are used at the whim of the latter.

In the black masses of Satanism, everything is opposed to white magic:

  • Angels and goddesses are replaced by demons or fallen angels, see by Satan himself.
  • The rituals are reversed,
  • The incantations are recited from the end …

Are you a victim of black magic?

What are the symptoms of a spell of black magic?

In any case, before concluding a spell of black magic was cast upon you, it is essential to have discarded all other possibilities. Therefore, regarding physical symptoms, consult a doctor first. For psychic symptoms, I recommend the advice of a psychologist.

Here are the most common symptoms of black magic:

1 – The physical symptoms:

  • Fatigue, malaise or dizziness,
  • Unexplained pain by medicine,
  • Hot flashes,
  • Spasm, muscle contraction
  • Hair, nails or teeth in bad condition,
  • Trouble of memory.

2 – The psychic symptoms:

  • Anxieties, ball belly, nightmare,
  • Sensation of déjà vu, presence in an empty room,
  • Print of stings,
  • Aggressiveness without reason, anger
  • Feeling of fear,
  • Strong decline of will.

3 – The social symptoms:

  • A practical knowledge of black magic,
  • A person hates you,
  • You know a lot of bad luck,
  • You have been threatened,
  • Your relationships become conflictual, your friends move away.

4 – The material symptoms:

  • Objects are no longer in the same place,
  • Some photos are gone,
  • You have frequent electrical problems,
  • Unexplained noise, especially at night,
  • You have many hardware failures.

How to get rid of black magic or curse?

The different kinds of disillusions

To get rid of a spell of black magic, you need to know the type of spell of black magic used. Indeed, everything depends on who or what is targeted, and what is the intensity. 3 cases may occur:

  • In most cases, this is the person who is targeted by black magic. Therefore, the best way to get rid of it is to practice a lead disenchantment .
  • When the situation is more alarming, that the spell is severe, then only the fire deviation will be effective.
  • Finally, if it is your home that was targeted, then it will be necessary to perform a cleansing ritual by salt .

Moreover, it is possible for a beginner to perform a disengagement ritual . In this case, it is preferable that the symptoms are not numerous. Indeed, the spell of dark magic must not be too powerful because the beginner’s ritual may not be effective enough.

My rituals against black magic

You can contact me by email ( if you think you are a victim of black magic.

My work is usually done remotely. First, I will make a first free study. It will allow me to determine with certainty if you present the signs of black magic. It must be emphasized that in the majority of cases, and fortunately, this is not a harmful spell.

If it turns out that you are a victim, then I will suggest 1 to 3 rituals. It will depend on your state of bewitchment. I specify that my rituals will not be free. Indeed, a ritual of this type requires special ingredients and especially a lot of time. My recognized experience in this field is that I get very good results.

How to protect yourself from black magic?

How to protect your house?

It’s easy to protect your home from black magic. For this, just put a few grains of coarse salt in each corner of the main room. Then I advise to burn lavender incense at least once a month.

It is thanks to the protective power of salt combined with the purifying virtues of lavender that your home or apartment will be protected.

How to protect yourself?

The most effective way to protect yourself from black magic is to act directly on you, thanks to a magnetized talisman.

Indeed, the magnetized talisman of the moon acts in prevention but also in healing (it reduces and can suppress most of the symptoms of black magic).

The spells of black magic

It must be emphasized that I do not practice Black Magic. However, I propose free incantations and spells that do not carry the risks.

Casting a spell to take revenge on someone or perform a ritual to separate a couple should not be trivial. It is important to think carefully about the situation and the consequences. The called entities being particularly powerful, I recommend you to follow the indications provided. In addition, if you wish to practice black magic regularly, I advise you to perform a black magic dedication ritual . It makes it possible to formalize your membership and to obtain better results.

All the rituals below can only harm those who are impure, vicious, unhealthy and have a lot of negativity. Therefore, these spells will not bring results on people who do not deserve it.

Favorable moments

Black magic spells, as well as white magic rituals can be done at any time. However, some periods are more favorable than others. Indeed, the moon has always played an important role in occult practices. It is for this reason that Mages or wizards take into account the lunar calendar in order to increase the chances of success of spells.

In general, the spells of black magic produce better results if they are performed on a full moon day. However, on a full moon day that falls only once a month, it is often best to consider the days of the week:

  • Monday: For spells targeting an enemy, vengeance or unlucky spells,
  • Tuesday: for sick spells, especially those targeting livestock,
  • Wednesday: for spells related to couples, especially to separate 2 people,
  • Thursday: for sex spells, impotence spells or knot tying,
  • Friday: for other spells of black magic.
  • Saturday and Sunday: it is not advisable to practice a spell on weekends.

The formula of black magic: the invocation

An invocation (or incantation) is a magic formula that must be recited at the end of each spell of black magic. It is a prayer adapted to each spell in which the sorcerer asks for help from the dark forces.

A formula of black magic has a series of precise words that act through the vibration they cause when spoken. It must be pronounced intelligibly. It is these phonetic vibrations that make it possible to challenge the entities and deliver them the message. I advise you to learn it by heart. It is also possible to note it on a piece of paper so as not to be mistaken in reciting it. Indeed, simply replacing one word with another can negate any chances of success.

Of course, the casting of black magic is a risk because the forces called are particularly powerful. Therefore, it is important to be in the circle of protection when the wizard recites it. As in white magic, there are simplified formulas that can be used with simplified spells, specially designed for beginners. It is important to note that these spells can in no way hurt someone who does not deserve it.

The preparation of the black magic spell

For that, it will be enough first to draw a circle of protection about 2 meters in diameter with salt. Then determine the North with a compass and place a black candle here (on the circle). In front of the candle, put a stick of incense of oliban. To the left of the incense, a black or very dark stone, I advise a black opal. On the right, a cup containing a little red wine (which replaces the potion of black magic in more complex rituals).

That’s it, everything is ready because you have gathered the 4 elements:

  • Water with the cup of wine,
  • The earth with the stone,
  • Fire with the black candle,
  • And look with incense.

How to do the spell?

To make this spell easy, just choose a black magic formula corresponding to the spell. Then follow the following recommendations:

  1. sit in the center of the circle,
  2. light the candle and then the incense,
  3. relax and focus on the purpose of the spell
  4. recite the black magic formula 3 times as a result
  5. take a sip of red wine
  6. close the spell: blow on the candle, extinguish the incense by dipping the stick in the rest of wine.

Simplified formula of bad luck

This spell of black magic causes bad luck, it will be enough to have a photo of the person concerned, the most recent possible. It must be positioned in front of the incense stick.

“Samiel, prince of darkness, I summon you. Make “first name of the person” suffer bad luck,

I want him to know a thousand troubles,

That nothing good is going to happen for him,

So be it. “

The revenge formula

This formula of black magic is used to avenge a person who has hurt you. It will be enough to have a recent photo of this person and put it in front of you during the spell.

Amaniel, prince of darkness, I implore you.I want to take revenge on “first name of the person”

That the evil he has done to me turns on him,

May his true face be revealed to the world,

So be it

Formula to separate a couple

This incantation of black magic provokes arguments in a couple, which can go as far as separation. All you need is a picture of the couple you will need to put in front of you during the spell.

“Chochariel, prince of darkness, hear my call. Grant me your power, Help me break this couple:

“First name of the man” and “first name of the woman”

That they doubt their love,

I want discord, and you have to disunite them, so be it. “

What is the law of triple return?

More and more followers are learning black magic without mastering it. I insist that the spell of black magic is a powerful and dangerous force for the person targeted by the spells but also for the wizard if he has not sufficiently protected. Indeed, when the wizard asks for help through his summoning of dark magic, creatures and other demons can turn against him.

This is what we call the law of triple return.

It is part of the unwanted effects that can be encountered if we do not master enough witchcraft. The principle of this law is that the evil sent can turn on the wizard, and that three times more strongly. This law applies when its intentions are pernicious and illegitimate. In this case, he must expect to pay the price. It is for this reason that the wizard must protect himself effectively.

The circle of protection

Spells of dark magic call fallen angels and other entities or demons. Therefore, it is important to protect oneself effectively. The best way is to establish a circle of protection before completing the spell. This circle, also called a consecrated circle, must be neither too great for the energies to be too dilute, nor too small, to be able to move without difficulty. In general, a diameter of 2 meters is sufficient.

If the spell is done in the wild, it can be traced on the floor, using a piece of wood or a knife. On the other hand, if it is done in a room, I advise to use coarse salt (a blow of brooms or a vacuum cleaner will suffice to clean everything). Then, it is necessary to place the main candle, of black color. To do this, you must put yourself in the center and, using a compass, determine the direction of the North. Finally, put the candle here (on its perimeter).

How to dedicate the circle of protection?

After completing the tracing of the circle and having determined the North, it is advisable to devote the circle of protection. This is done by entering the circle and reciting the following formula, always facing North:

“I invoke the presence of the keeper of the North Tower,

Whoever keeps the sacred fire and governs this element,

I invite you to join my spell

To bring your protection throughout this circle. “

How to ban the circle of protection?

At the end of the black magic spell, it is best to close the circle. That is, chasing the energies that have concentrated. For that, it is enough to recite the following incantation:

“Thank you, guardian of the North Tower,

Your presence and your protection for this spell,

The energies are slowly dissipating,

Everything is now as before,

Goodbye and thank you for your presence,

So be it »

It is important to note that you should never leave the circle of protection in full ritual, whatever the reason. It is for this reason that we must provide a quiet place so as not to be disturbed either by noise or by another person.

The spells of black magic

All the rituals below can only harm the impure, vicious, unhealthy and truly deserving people. These recipes will therefore be ineffective on virtuous people with good energy.Casting a spell to take revenge or make a person unlucky should not be a trivial act. It is important to think carefully about the situation and the consequences. If you decide to practice witchcraft regularly, I advise you to perform the black magic dedication ritual, it will give you a strong protection and improve your results.

The entities invoked being particularly powerful, I recommend you to follow the indications, to respect the dosages of the spells of black magic, and not to be mistaken when you recite the incantations.

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