Capricorn Zodiac Sign: Personality Traits, Positives, Negatives & More

The sign of Capricorn, the last Earth sign in the zodiac series, evokes the beginning of winter, the bare and austere earth. Governed by Saturn, the star of concentration and perseverance, the Capricorn is in analogy with House X, concerning personal ambitions and goals.

Let us see the typical portrait of the natives of Capricorn, the analogies of this sign, the psychology of its planet and a description of what this sign can produce for better or worse. We will finish with some examples of personalities strongly marked by Saturnian values.

I. The sign of Capricorn: portrait

I think first of all that all life, to have meaning, must have a clear and reasonable objective. Also, I am told I’m ambitious. However, I do not think that term really sums it up because it is above all for me that I work, and if recognition from the public or society follows, so much the better. I start from the principle that as long as you do something, you have to do it the best you can, even if it takes time. Time doesn’t matter. Only the result counts.

Besides, Capricorn is not the type to brag and you will not hear me say that I am targeting this or that situation. I keep this for myself, the others will realize it when I get there. It is easier to progress if the eyes of others do not add to the difficulty and then, as they say, better to hold than to run: I am someone careful who does not sell the skin of the bear before having killed him.

I am sometimes said to be conservative. I’m not sure what that means: you have to have a solid foundation, right? Anyway, everyone should only be involved in their business and the world would be a much better place.

Among the qualities that we generally recognize in Capricorn comes first of all loyalty. Faithfulness in my feelings, in my commitments, in my objectives. I am a being of constancy and I know how to keep promises I make even if I rarely promise (which is still the best way not to disappoint).

I am well aware that the downside of my perseverance can also be sadness because sometimes we try to do our best, certain goals seem to be forever denied to us and I find it hard to fail. Perhaps simply because this feeling of failure is proportional to the energy expended and the time wasted in what later appears to be a pipe dream.

At the sentimental level, I am not very demonstrative and I can even be somewhat cynical: romanticism, I find it ridiculous but even worse, I find that it perverts authenticity. Nothing is perfect in this world, you have to be realistic. And love is no exception to the rule. Also, I am wary of passion and I prefer honest, calm partners, who immediately display their faults.

For this reason, I get along well with other earth signs while water signs tend to give me some serenity. In return for what will be called emotional austerity, I am particularly loyal to those I love and I am ready to sacrifice myself so that others can flourish if necessary. However, I must admit that putting my personal goals after those of others leaves a bitter aftertaste in my mouth. But I would do it anyway because I have a sense of duty and responsibility.

Socially, I quite like my solitude, or, failing that, my tranquility. I hardly give my confidence easily and, in my opinion, in friendship as in love, only time and constancy prove something. I never forget the harm that was done to me (nor indeed the rest thanks to my excellent memory) and although I am of a scrupulous nature which makes me “sponge the towel”, it does not mean that I forgive.

Philosophically, some see Capricorn as a cynic, others as a skeptic. I consider myself as a realist and everything that can seem a little too easy or attractive, I am wary a priori because anyone who has a bit of juggling knows that nothing is easy!

At the professional level, I am practical, well organized, hardworking. I know how to lead and work for the long term. I don’t see anything more to add. So I give way to the eccentric Aquarius who follows me.

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II. The sign of Capricorn: analog correspondences


Capricorn sign: lexical field
Astrological analogy
The sixties
Retirement age
Retirement places
The hospices
The ruins
Official cabinets
The glaciers
House X
Saturn :
Home in Capricorn
Exaltation in Libra
Exile in Cancer
Fall in Aries
Philosophy and Religion
Antique dealer
Power behind the throne
Higher education teacher
The elevations
The honours
The success
The silence
Tarot Blades :
Ninth blade: The Hermit
16th blade: The God House
Body and Health
Relationships and stereotypes
Unconscious factors
The skin
The eardrums
The obstacles
The weather
The self
The reason
Astronomical data from Saturn
Diameter: 120,500 km
Zodiacal revolution :
29 years
Speed: 9.64 km / s
The camel
The elephant
The scarab
The turtle
The crow
Metal and Stones
Color and fragrance
The lead
The bronze
The brown
The violet
The Cedar
The Oak


Astronomical analogies

Ultimate planet visible to the naked eye, its dull luster, its great distance and its very slow walk opposed from the Antiquity to the luminosity, the proximity and the rapidity of the Moon and, analogically, we have therefore the following pairs: youth / old age, change / immutability, malleability / inflexibility, start / end, accessible / inaccessible. Because the last known planet of the Ancients, Saturn thus represented the limit of the human universe, the insurmountable obstacle and, by logical sequence, the death of the things arrived at their maximum of extension.

If Saturn therefore represents an ultimate goal, a celestial “horizon line”, it also marks a boundary, a border between the human and the beyond. Besides, all the planets beyond Saturn take on a more spiritual than terrestrial dimension and influence the subconscious more than the conscious. As a result, Saturn can also be linked to the Freudian Superego, the boundary between the conscious (the self) and the unconscious (the id).

It was not until the 1980s that humans could find out more about Saturn (Voyager probes) and these seventeen satellites.

Symbolic analogies

We will connect Saturn to the ninth arcane of the tarot (the Hermit): perseverance, research, purpose, knowledge, solitude, introversion, analysis, reflection, importance of time, science, hardness, reserve, maturity, experience, sense of duty but also to the sixteenth (the House of God): construction and destruction, rise and fall, intellectuality, plans, stone, fatality, reflection, long-term works, loneliness of the human being, existential questions, concrete action, obstacles and oppositions.

In the animal kingdom, Saturn could be embodied by the Tortoise (slowness, longevity, perseverance, tranquility, resistance, return to the origins for egg laying). In the human body, Saturn corresponds to the bones (which supports), to the skin (which protects) and to the teeth and nails (which makes it possible to defend itself). In short, remove the Saturnian elements and the human being would be a heap of shapeless and defenseless flesh.

This phenomenon is found on the psychological plane in which Saturn translates both the phenomena of construction and defense of the personality (and the complexes if these constructions fail).

III. Portrait of the dominant Saturnian

You don’t have to be Capricorn to have all of its characteristics. Indeed, if in a natal chart , Saturn is the dominant planet (see the calculation of the dominant in the lexicon), the native will naturally develop the qualities and defects of this planet traditionally mistress of the sign of Capricorn . However, the dominance of Saturn presents subtle character nuances compared to the dominance of the sign of Capricorn .


Saturn, Master of Capricorn and Time


In order to identify the Saturnian personality, it is first of all necessary to provide some details on the planet itself.

Saturn is the reflection of all the difficulties, all the fears and all the trials that life can hold for us. On the positive side, all these notions also bring a maturity of spirit, an experience acquired over time, a certain philosophy of existence which is placed at a higher level. The Saturnian character thus appears as mature , thoughtful and all the acts of his life will be turned towards a search for depth and a will to finish .

His whole being is imbued with great skepticism, which can lead him to be considered by those around him as an austere and cold being , but we must not lose sight of the fact that he remains, above all, the embodiment of evolution in constancy . The Saturnian lives his adventures through thought and spirit, with concentration and hindsight, in stripping and thoroughness . His cautious nature leads him to admit only what he has experienced or verified himself. It is through reflection and meditation that he forges his convictions.

To achieve his objectives, he lets himself be guided by experience and time , far from the tumult and ephemeral certainties. He trusts in his methodical and meticulous spirit : he is a Cartesian character for whom, the construction of everything requires planning and perseverance . He knows how to observe and analyze situations by rejecting any emotional approach, because the pathways of sensitivity would hinder his rational mind without which he is convinced that nothing strong or lasting can be built.

He is demanding both with others and with himself, which sometimes leads him to intolerance and to renounce any form of facility: easy constructions are for him, in fact, contrary to any solid foundation and cannot stimulate it.

His wisdom lies in the fact that he manages his time with reason and sets ambitions for the long term. And if some people may think that he hopes for nothing, it is only that he can accept trials and display an equal mood . Indeed, he is convinced that time is playing for him and his ego , although contained, is very important and allows him to overcome obstacles, while convinced that it is his future success on which he will remain discreet. He can be called a fatalist but his acceptance of events is only apparent: he knows how to fight obstinately to manage to change the course of things .

His desire for withdrawal and loneliness sometimes makes him taciturn and not very sociable in the eyes of others: because of this, he risks being more admired or feared than loved. The Saturnian hardly expresses his feelings, voluntarily reserving serious , discreet and effaced roles : rather than giving himself up, he prefers to be guessed. For him, love must result from a long and patient search, necessarily passing through a restraint of his desires.

His sense of hierarchy and his love for structured worlds inclined him to profess in professions related to law, politics, religion or science. He will also be attracted to any activity requiring concentration and solitude (researcher, explorer, writer, etc.).

Money allows the Saturnian to establish a protective distance between himself and the world. He does not want to depend on anyone and protects himself from any promiscuity. He will rarely be lavish in this area although his relatives can effectively count on his support.

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IV. The sign of Capricorn: portrait in vitriol

If the human being can improve, evolve, erase his faults and highlight his qualities, it also happens on the contrary that he gets caught up in his most negative impulses. This regression can for example be caused by alcoholism, by particularly difficult life circumstances or by the accumulation of neuroses.

The fact remains that the values ​​specific to its sign are then largely corrupted and that one can make a portrait “in vitriol”. So here is the description of Capricorn (and Saturnian) in what it can develop most negative and despicable. This portrait applies of course to both a man and a woman.

The negative Capricorn

A negative Capricorn is a depressing, austere and pessimistic character, very much in the middle of principles and etiquette.

He is a mean and cowardly individual who tries to impose himself by slyness and obstinacy because he is greedy in all things but also envious and pushy.

The negative Capricorn being a deeply introverted being, he often seems like a fragile and effervescent little gentleman or little lady but make no mistake: he has an unquenchable thirst for power and wealth without doubt maintained by many complexes and inhibitions. Severe, pompous and dull, he has people with wear and tear and his brain functions like a gigantic offensive computer which records every detail then uses it at the opportune moment to do maximum damage.

His mode of action is rarely direct and his whole life seems in any case under the seal of secretiveness: rich, he will dress in rags and will continue to lament his fate, powerful, he will manage to put someone one in the spotlight in his place and will take pleasure in handling the strings from behind the scenes.

The Barbu Barbant will often be of an unpleasant company and his restricted circle of acquaintance (the family and some collaborators) will have to undergo his sullen moods and his generalized resentment.

Angry at his own sensuality as he is wary of any relaxation of his person, he will often develop a perverse side likely to spill over into all areas of his miserable existence.

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