Demon Beelzebub: Who Beelzebub Is & How to Summon Him

Beelzebub is arguably the most notorious of all demons one can summon. There is an opinion among some occultists and academics that demon Beelzebub is synonymous with demon Baal/Bael, both demons presumably originating from ancient Phoenician deities with a similar name and status. But within the occult tradition, there is a clear difference, both in their powers and the way they appear.

In the Testament of Solomon, Beelzebub identifies himself as “the ruler of all Demons.” Beelzebub manifests in various shapes, most often in the form of a giant fly. The second most common appearance is that of a king in human or demonic form. Baal/Bael however appears as a spider or a man with three faces, one face is that of a man wearing a crown, the other two are of a cat and a toad. This is his description in Ars Goetia, while Beelzebub is not mentioned.

There are accounts of Beelzebub demonic possessions, most famous being  Loudun Possessions and AIX-EN-PROVENCE Possession in France in the late 16th and early 17th centuries.

In earlier Judeo-Christian accounts of Beelzebub, he was considered a demon below Satan. But by the sixteenth century, the roles are reversed. Demonologist Johann Wierus listed Beelzebub as supreme chieftain of Hell, with Satan below him.

The distinction between the two was eventually erased in the minds of many. Dante for example, equated Satan and Beelzebub in his Divine Comedy. Beelzebub also appears in John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress and John Milton’s Paradise Lost. His name was frequently evoked during witch trials and Demon-possession hysteria, including at Salem Village. (source)

However, medieval demonologists generally perceived Beelzebub as a powerful demon to conjure, command, and control. They classified him as a fallen angel (order: Cherubim) and Founder of Hell’s Order of the Fly. So they saw a clear distinction between Beelzebub and Satan. We also have to go back to the Phoenician roots of this deity-turned-demon. He was obviously not worshipped as Satan in the original form, but instead as a different entity.

Why Summon Beelzebub

Whenever we talk about reasons for summoning a demon, we need to inquire about the demon’s attributes. What are the attributes or powers of Beelzebub? According to historical sources and works of various demonologists, Beelzebub can:

Expelling or subjugating unclean spirits (demons)

The Pharisees accused Jesus of exorcizing Demons in Beelzebub’s name, for according to belief, the power to expel unclean spirits was gained through Pacts with Demons. The incident is recounted in Matthew (12:24–29), Mark (3:22–27), and Luke (11:14–22).

In the Testament of Solomon we also read that Beelzebub promised to give to the king all unclean spirits bound, and delivered on the promise.

We can deduce that Beelzebub, being the ruler of demons has the ability to command or control other demons. He can therefore, expel them from a person or a place. He can also help the magician to summon other demons to do his bidding.

Black Magic Spells

Beelzebub can be summoned to cause various effects in other people and the environment. We read that Beelzebub destroys tyrants, causes men to worship demons, and arouses lustful desires. He also causes wars, instigates murders, and arouses jealousy.

Obviously, a magician should refrain from using black magic as much as possible. But in some situations, having Beelzebub on one’s side can be more than a confidence boost. Let’s break down these powers to see what their practical application could be in everyday circumstances.

Destroy tyrants: Unfortunately many people suffer under the command of a tyrant. It could be a politician, professor, domineering parent, an abusive partner etc. Beelzebub summonings have been performed in the past to remove these negative influences from one’s life.

Causes men to worship demons and arouses lustful desires: This can be interpreted in various ways. My interpretation is that “to worship demons” in this case signifies a negative behavior, by which a person becomes overwhelmed by certain attributes of demons, to a point where this obsession leads to harmful behavior.

For example, lust taken to extreme can be harmful, so worshipping a demon like Asmodeus could signify such behavior. It is one thing to form a pact or a friendly relations with demons, and quite another to worship them. Havin said that, I am aware that demonolatry is not necessarily harmful and wouldn’t fall in this category.

So Beelzebub can be summoned to place people under the influence of certain demons. Which brings us to the previous effect, of expelling or commanding unclean spirits. This would technically speaking fall into that category as well.

Causes wars, instigates murders, and arouses jealousy: All of these various effects are derived from Beelzebub’s ability to command other demons.

We also read that about Beelzebub:

Strong warrior and one who has a curious mind, one who is wise and brilliant he knows much and has much to reveal.  He also has powerful casting abilities when it comes to death curses and death magicks. (source)

How to address Beelzebub in a ritual

It’s easy to see why there was (and still is) a lot of confusion as to whether Beelzebub is Satan or a different entity. Since they are both contenders for the throne of Hell, they both have very similar, if not identical attributes, a sort of omnipotence when it comes to commanding lesser demons.

However, while they might share certain attributes, it is very important for a magician to make the distinction correctly. Imagine if someone called you by your siblings’s name just because you have similar physical traits or behaviors, as if it didn’t matter that you were different people altogether? Or even worse, by the name of your enemy? Would you be offended, irritated? Probably yes. Don’t expect any different when communicating with spirits, especially those with regal authority and unquestionable powers.

The takeaway is to address the demon by the correct name, always. Don’t shuffle the names and change them. If you’re summoning Beelzebub, address him as Beelzebub. If you’re summoning Astaroth, call him Astaroth. Do all of the visualizations, sigil preparations and other magical operations accordingly.

How to summon Beelzebub

Beelzebub’s sigil (symbol)

I’ve read quite a few magical grimoires that mention Beelzebub. There are also hidden rituals that are shared only in inner circles of occult groups.

This is a ritual that is often practiced both for summoning Beelzebub in the moment as well as for increasing one’s connection with other demons through Beelzebub as the intermediary spirit.

In other words, you can use this ritual to directly ask Beelzebub for assistance with a specific manner like the one’s presented above. Or you could use it to supercharge your receptivity to other demonic entities and make them more likely to obey your commands when you attempt to summon them.

1. Have the right reason to summon Beelzebub

As always, have the right reason when contacting a demon for help. Contact Beelzebub for help with the specific tasks explained before and if you need help with summoning other demons.

For example, Beelzebub is not known for helping with divination (knowledge of past, present or future events). But Astaroth is. If you’re having trouble summoning Astaroth, aligning your energies with Beelzebub’s through a ritual can help you receive an answer from Astaroth later on.

2. Use the sigil of Beelzebub

I find sigils to be very effective tools for aligning with a demon’s energy and for summoning purposes. Humans are very vision-oriented creatures, and as such, any visual aids are very useful in rituals. A sigil is the closest visual of the spiritual potency of a demon in question. Beelzebub’s sigil is presented here.

You can use a piece of jewelry such as a necklace, a piece of cloth with the sigil, or draw it on a piece of paper. Gaze at the sigil for a few minutes or longer to get into communion with Beelzebub.

3. Meditation and conjuring spell

Changing your mental state is important when conducting summoning rituals. You won’t be able to see, feel or hear a demon with ordinary perception. Only in a subtle trance state can these spiritual forces be worked with by the magician.

Fasting, sleep deprivation, alcoholic beverages and psychodelics have been traditionally used by some magicians and mystics to enter heightened states of awareness. However, these methods can be somewhat dangerous unless practiced under medical supervision. A safer method to achieve higher states of consciousness and awareness is meditation.

Meditate in a comfortable seated posture until your inner vision is blasted with visions of light. This will happen as your third eye/pineal gland begins to activate. This isn’t as hard to achieve as you might think, although it may require daily practice for a period of time. So when the visions of light occupy your inner vision, begin repeating the following conjuring spell silently as a mantra:


This incantation will bring Beelzebub into your mind, he will form by the particles of light/energy you’ve accessed by activating your third eye/pineal gland. Then you can ask him for assistance in ways you see fit.

3. Repeat Beelzebub’s enn for banishing spirits

Whenever you feel negative temptations or influences, there’s a chance you’re being tempted by energetic vampires. These are sometimes called “unclean spirits” or demons, but this is an overlap of terms that isn’t altogether justified.

Usually people are tempted by astral, energy sucking entities, which act as mental irritations and impulses towards pursuing negative habits. For example, lustful behavior, laziness, alchoholism, unjustified anger.. these developments arise from an imbalance and manipulation of energy.

We don’t want these things to happen, but they have a way of finding us every time our willpower is at a low level. To counteract these influences, repeat Beelzebub’s enn “Adey vocar avage Beelzebuth (Beelzebub)” silently or out loud.

You can use it at any moment in the day and during meditation as well. This is a quick way to align yourself with the regal power of Beelzebub from which harmful “demons” will flee in terror.

Final Thoughts on Beelzebub

Beelzebub can be of truly universal help as through him a magician can access all other helpful demons with greater ease. With his expelling and commanding abilities he can be of great use for purposes of white AND black magick.

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