Summoning Crocell: Insights into the Angelic Demon

In the complex hierarchy of demonology, Crocell stands out as a unique figure. Often depicted as an angelic being with dark, flowing hair and large wings, Crocell possesses an air of both nobility and menace. As a Duke of Hell, he commands a substantial influence within the infernal realms, overseeing 48 legions of spirits.

Who is Crocell?

Crocell, known in the Ars Goetia as a Duke of Hell, is a powerful demon with dominion over mysticism and water.

Traditionally described with an angelic visage, he often presents himself as a noble figure who exudes wisdom and a slight demonic aura. Crocell’s ability to control and manipulate water, coupled with his profound knowledge of mystical arts, makes him a sought-after ally for those practicing the occult.

His influence over water is not merely symbolic; it encompasses control over the element in its various forms, whether in ritualistic settings, natural phenomena or internal states (Water being the element of emotions). This dual mastery of the mystical and the elemental makes Crocell an invaluable spirit for those seeking both esoteric knowledge and improvement of internal emotional states.

In traditional descriptions, Crocell’s appearance is both enchanting and intimidating. His angelic features are a stark contrast to the dark aura that surrounds him.

Sigil of Crocell

The sigil of Crocell is essential for summoning and invoking his presence. This symbol, when inscribed correctly, acts as a conduit for his energies, ensuring a successful connection. Here is an illustration of Crocell’s sigil:

Creating and using Crocell’s sigil requires precision and reverence. The sigil serves as a focal point in rituals, helping to align the practitioner’s intent with Crocell’s energies.

When using the sigil, it is vital to concentrate on its form and imbue it with your intent. Visualize the sigil glowing with energy, acting as a beacon to summon Crocell’s presence.

Properly empowered, the sigil can bridge the gap between the physical and the spiritual realms, facilitating clear and potent communication with the demon.

Positive Powers of Crocell

Crocell is revered for his diverse array of powers and abilities, which can be immensely beneficial to practitioners:

  • Mystical Knowledge: Crocell imparts deep insights into the mystical arts, including secret knowledge and hidden truths.
  • Water Manipulation: His control over water allows for various practical applications, such as divination and healing.
  • Wisdom and Guidance: Crocell provides profound wisdom, helping practitioners navigate complex spiritual and mundane challenges.
  • Musical Influence: Known for his musical talents, Crocell can inspire creativity and enhance musical abilities in those he favors through his power over emotions.

Mystical Knowledge

Crocell’s profound understanding of mysticism is one of his most sought-after attributes. Practitioners who align with Crocell can gain access to esoteric knowledge, unlocking secrets that are otherwise hidden from mundane perception.

This can include insights into the workings of the universe, understanding the deeper meanings of life’s mysteries, and gaining clarity on complex spiritual questions. Crocell’s teachings often lead to personal transformation and a deeper connection with the mystical aspects of reality.

Water Manipulation

Crocell’s dominion over water is not only symbolic but practical. He can influence water in rituals, aiding in divination practices such as scrying with water or enhancing the effectiveness of purification rites. Water, as an element, represents emotions, intuition, and the subconscious.

By working with Crocell, practitioners can gain better control over their emotional states, enhance their intuitive abilities, and access deeper layers of their subconscious mind. This makes Crocell an invaluable ally in emotional healing and psychic development.

Wisdom and Guidance

Crocell’s guidance is often described as wise and profound. He helps practitioners navigate through both spiritual and mundane challenges, offering solutions that are insightful and effective.

His wisdom can lead to breakthroughs in personal development, problem-solving, and understanding complex situations. Those who seek his counsel often find themselves better equipped to handle life’s difficulties with clarity and confidence.

Musical Influence

An often overlooked but significant aspect of Crocell’s powers is his influence over music. He can inspire creativity and enhance the musical abilities of those he favors. This can be particularly beneficial for artists and musicians seeking to deepen their craft or find new sources of inspiration.

Crocell’s musical influence can lead to heightened creativity, allowing practitioners to produce works that resonate deeply with their audience.

In summary, Crocell’s powers are multifaceted and profound. His abilities can significantly enhance the spiritual and practical aspects of a practitioner’s life, making him a highly valuable demon to work with in the realm of ceremonial magic.

Crocell’s Description in Ars Goetia

The Ars Goetia, the first section of the 17th-century grimoire “The Lesser Key of Solomon,” is a crucial text in demonology that details the identities and abilities of 72 demons. Crocell, listed as the forty-ninth spirit, is prominently featured within these pages. Described as a Duke of Hell, Crocell commands 48 legions of spirits, highlighting his significant influence within the demonic hierarchy.

The grimoire provides a vivid description of Crocell’s abilities and characteristics. According to the text, Crocell speaks with a mystic and eloquent voice, revealing hidden secrets and teaching geometry and other liberal sciences. His teachings encompass a wide range of knowledge, from esoteric wisdom to practical skills, making him a versatile and valuable demon for those seeking enlightenment and education in various fields.

Crocell’s command over water is also emphasized in the Ars Goetia. He can create and manipulate water, causing rivers and streams to flow at his command. This control over the element of water symbolizes his influence over the subconscious mind and emotions, making him a powerful ally for those looking to explore their inner depths and gain mastery over their emotional states.

The Ars Goetia also highlights Crocell’s ability to warm waters and create showers, further emphasizing his control over the natural elements. This capability can be metaphorically understood as his power to bring warmth and clarity to the practitioner’s life, helping to dispel confusion and emotional turbulence.

How to Summon Crocell for Emotional Mastery

Summoning Crocell to achieve better control over your emotions requires a combination of powerful elements, sacred tools, and incantations. This ritual should be conducted outdoors near a body of water to harness Crocell’s elemental association with water fully.

Items Needed:

  1. Sigil of Crocell drawn on high-quality parchment
  2. A blue candle and matches or a lighter
  3. A bowl of water collected from the nearby body of water
  4. An athame (ritual dagger)
  5. Crystals associated with emotional balance and intuition, such as amethyst, moonstone, rose quartz, and aquamarine
  6. Incense, preferably sandalwood or frankincense
  7. An offering of silver or a precious item symbolic of wisdom and intuition
  8. A small altar or a flat stone to serve as an altar
  9. A compass to orient the altar facing west (the direction associated with water)
  10. A robe or specific ritual clothing to enhance the ceremonial atmosphere
  11. A bell or chime to mark the beginning and end of the ritual
  12. A mirror for scrying and introspection
  13. Sacred herbs such as mugwort, lavender, and chamomile for anointing and incense
  14. A journal and pen for recording insights and knowledge
  15. Sea salt for purification
  16. A vial of lavender oil for anointing
  17. A sacred chalice for ritual drinking


  1. Choose the Location: Find a serene, undisturbed spot near a body of water, such as a river, lake, or ocean. Ensure the area is suitable for a ritual and free from distractions.
  2. Cleanse the Space: Use sage or other purifying herbs to cleanse the area. Walk around the perimeter, wafting the smoke to create a purified circle.
  3. Set Up the Altar: Place your altar or flat stone facing west. Arrange the items on the altar: the sigil of Crocell, the blue candle, the bowl of water, the crystals, the mirror, the herbs, and the offering. Place the incense nearby and light it.

Circle of Protection:

  1. Draw the Circle: Use the athame to trace a large circle around your working area. As you draw, recite: “By this circle, I create a sacred space. A boundary of protection and power, no harm shall enter here.”
  2. Call the Quarters: Invoke the elements at each cardinal direction:
    • East (Air): “Spirits of the East, guardians of air, I call upon you to bless this space with clarity and insight.”
    • South (Fire): “Spirits of the South, guardians of fire, I call upon you to bless this space with passion and transformation.”
    • West (Water): “Spirits of the West, guardians of water, I call upon you to bless this space with intuition and emotional depth.”
    • North (Earth): “Spirits of the North, guardians of earth, I call upon you to bless this space with stability and grounding.”


  1. Light the Candle: Light the blue candle and place it near Crocell’s sigil.
  2. Initial Incantation: Face the west, hold the athame over the sigil, and recite: “Crocell, mighty Duke of Hell, I call upon you to join me in this sacred space. I seek your wisdom, guidance, and mastery over emotions. Come forth and grant me your presence.”
  3. Offer the Water: Pour some water from the bowl onto the ground, saying: “Water of the earth, element of intuition, I offer you in honor of Crocell, who commands your flow.”
  4. Present the Offering: Place the offering of silver or a precious item symbolic of wisdom on the altar, stating: “I offer this gift to you, Crocell, in gratitude and respect. Accept this offering and share your profound emotional wisdom with me.”


  1. Meditate on the Sigil: Sit comfortably and focus on Crocell’s sigil. Visualize it glowing with an ethereal light, and feel the presence of Crocell drawing nearer.
  2. Anoint with Lavender Oil: Anoint your forehead and heart with lavender oil, invoking calmness and emotional clarity. Say: “With this oil, I open my mind and heart to your guidance, Crocell.”
  3. Incantation: Recite the following incantation while keeping your focus on the sigil: “By the waters deep and wisdom vast, Crocell, I call you here at last. Guide my heart, and clear my mind, with your wisdom, emotions bind.”
  4. Feel the Presence: Remain still and attuned, waiting for a sign of Crocell’s presence. This may be a shift in the atmosphere, a flickering candle, or a strong intuitive feeling.


  1. Ask for Emotional Mastery: When you sense Crocell’s presence, speak clearly and respectfully. State your desire for emotional mastery: “Crocell, I seek your wisdom and guidance in mastering my emotions. Help me to understand and control my feelings, to navigate my emotional depths with clarity and strength.”
  2. Mirror Scrying: Hold the mirror in your hands and gaze into it, allowing your mind to enter a meditative state. Ask Crocell to reveal hidden truths about your emotions through the mirror’s reflection. Pay attention to any images, feelings, or insights that arise.
  3. Crystal Meditation: Hold the crystals (amethyst, moonstone, rose quartz, and aquamarine) in your hands or place them around the bowl of water. Meditate on their energy, allowing them to amplify your connection to Crocell and deepen your emotional insights.
  4. Ritual Drinking: Fill the sacred chalice with water from the bowl. Hold it up and say: “Water of life, grant me clarity and emotional strength. With Crocell’s wisdom, I drink to my emotional mastery.” Drink the water slowly, feeling its energy infuse your being with calm and insight.

Closing the Ritual:

  1. Thank Crocell: Once you have completed your communication, thank Crocell for his presence and guidance: “Thank you, Crocell, for your wisdom and guidance. Depart in peace and return to your realm.”
  2. Dismiss the Quarters: Release the elemental guardians, thanking each one:
    • North (Earth): “Spirits of the North, thank you for your presence. Depart in peace.”
    • West (Water): “Spirits of the West, thank you for your presence. Depart in peace.”
    • South (Fire): “Spirits of the South, thank you for your presence. Depart in peace.”
    • East (Air): “Spirits of the East, thank you for your presence. Depart in peace.”
  3. Close the Circle: Use the athame to symbolically cut the circle, releasing the protective boundary: “This circle is open but unbroken. May the peace and power of this space remain with me. So mote it be.”
  4. Extinguish the Candle: Carefully extinguish the blue candle, symbolizing the end of the ritual.
  5. Dispose of the Offering: Respectfully dispose of the offering. If it is a piece of silver, you may choose to bury it near the body of water or place it in a special place as a token of your connection to Crocell.

Attunement to Demon Crocell

Attuning to Crocell involves aligning your energies with his, fostering a deeper and more effective connection. Here are some practices to help you attune to Crocell:

  1. Meditation: Regular meditation focused on Crocell’s sigil can help you align your energy with his. Visualize the sigil glowing with a mystical light, embodying the attributes of wisdom, water, and musical influence that Crocell represents.
  2. Elemental Alignment: Engage in rituals and practices that involve the element of water. This could include meditation by a body of water, using water in ritual baths, or incorporating water elements into your magical practice. These activities help synchronize your energy with Crocell’s elemental influence.
  3. Study and Practice: Immerse yourself in the study of geometry, liberal sciences, and mystical arts. Practicing these disciplines can help you resonate with Crocell’s knowledge and teachings, making it easier to establish a connection.
  4. Musical Expression: Explore and enhance your musical abilities, whether through playing an instrument, composing music, or listening to compositions that inspire you. Since Crocell is known for his musical influence, engaging with music can help attune your energy to his.
  5. Offerings and Devotion: Regularly offer water, wine, or other items that resonate with Crocell. Show your devotion through consistent practice and respect for his teachings and guidance. Building a relationship over time helps strengthen the attunement.

Attuning to Crocell is a process that requires patience, dedication, and respect. By aligning your practices and energy with his attributes, you can deepen your connection and enhance your ability to summon and work with this powerful demon effectively.

Planet of Demon Crocell

Crocell is traditionally associated with the planet Jupiter. This connection enhances his attributes of wisdom, expansion, and benevolence.

Jupiter, known as the planet of growth and higher learning, aligns perfectly with Crocell’s role as a teacher of geometry and other liberal sciences. The influence of Jupiter amplifies Crocell’s ability to provide profound insights and expand the practitioner’s knowledge and understanding.

In astrology, Jupiter is seen as a planet that brings abundance, good fortune, and philosophical depth. When working with Crocell, invoking the energy of Jupiter can help to tap into these expansive qualities.

This can be particularly useful for practitioners seeking to broaden their intellectual horizons or embark on new spiritual journeys. Aligning rituals with Jupiter’s influence, such as conducting them on Thursdays (Jupiter’s day) or during Jupiter’s hours, can enhance the effectiveness of your work with Crocell.

Metal of Demon Crocell

The metal associated with Crocell is tin, which is traditionally linked to the planet Jupiter. Tin’s properties resonate with the energies of wisdom, expansion, and benevolence that Jupiter embodies. This metal is often used in talismans and other ritual objects to invoke Jupiter’s influence, making it a suitable offering or tool when working with Crocell.

Incorporating tin into your rituals can help strengthen your connection to Crocell. You might consider using tin objects or inscribing his sigil onto a piece of tin. This can serve as a powerful talisman, enhancing your alignment with Crocell’s energies and the expansive influence of Jupiter.

Additionally, wearing or carrying a piece of tin can serve as a constant reminder of your connection to Crocell, helping to keep his wisdom and guidance close at hand.

Element of Crocell

Crocell’s primary element is Water, which symbolizes intuition, emotion, and the subconscious. Water’s fluid and adaptable nature reflects Crocell’s ability to navigate the depths of the human psyche and reveal hidden truths. This element also emphasizes his control over natural water sources, such as rivers and lakes, and his ability to manipulate water in various forms.

Working with the element of Water can enhance your connection to Crocell. Incorporate water into your rituals by using bowls of water, performing rites near bodies of water, or using water as a medium for scrying and divination. Meditating with the sound of flowing water can also help attune you to Crocell’s energies, fostering a deeper connection.

Water’s association with the subconscious makes it an excellent element for exploring inner mysteries and gaining insight into hidden aspects of oneself. By aligning with Crocell through the element of Water, practitioners can access deeper layers of intuition and emotional understanding, gaining clarity and wisdom in their spiritual practices.

Astrological Sign Assigned to Demon Crocell

Crocell is often associated with the astrological sign Pisces. Pisces, governed by the element of Water, resonates deeply with Crocell’s attributes of intuition, emotion, and mystical knowledge. This sign is known for its depth of feeling, spiritual insight, and connection to the subconscious, all qualities that align with Crocell’s influence.

Pisces is a mutable sign, symbolizing adaptability and fluidity, much like the nature of water itself. Practitioners working with Crocell can benefit from this association by tapping into the Piscean energy of creativity, empathy, and spiritual exploration.

Conducting rituals during the Piscean phase of the moon or when the sun is in Pisces can enhance your connection to Crocell, amplifying the mystical and intuitive aspects of your practice.

Offerings to Demon Crocell

When working with Crocell, offerings can help establish a respectful and potent connection. Suitable offerings include:

  • Water: Given his dominion over water, presenting a bowl of clean, fresh water can be a significant gesture. You might also consider offering water from a natural source like a river or stream.
  • Wine: Symbolic of both celebration and deep spiritual connection, wine can serve as an offering to honor Crocell.
  • Musical Instruments or Recordings: Since Crocell is known for his musical influence, offering a small musical instrument, or playing music during your ritual, can be a meaningful tribute.
  • Sea Shells or Water-Related Items: Items that come from or symbolize the sea can resonate with Crocell’s elemental nature.
  • Written Dedications or Vows: Personal writings or dedications can show your commitment and respect to Crocell, reinforcing your intention to build a meaningful relationship with him.

These offerings should be presented with reverence and intention. Place them on an altar dedicated to Crocell or in a space where you perform your rituals. Regular offerings can help to maintain a strong and respectful connection.

Relation and Symbiosis with Other Demons

Crocell has symbiotic relationships with other demons, especially those listed within the Goetia. This is valuable knowledge, as summoning multiple demons that work well together often leads to more impressive results:

  • Amdusias: Known for his prowess in enhancing musical abilities, Amdusias can work alongside Crocell to help practitioners learn and master musical instruments, channeling the knowledge gained from Crocell into musical expression.
  • Paimon: Renowned for his magical power and deep esoteric knowledge, Paimon can help practitioners apply the wisdom gained from Crocell in practical magical workings, turning insights into powerful spells and rituals.
  • Leviathan: Connected to the element of water and psychic development, Leviathan can enhance Crocell’s influence over water, utilizing this element to develop powerful psychic abilities and control.

So when summoning Crocell, you might consider also summoning these allied spirits. By doing so you can create a powerful demonic network that enhances your talents, emotions and actions to a significant degree. You can read my article on demonic stacks to learn more about symbiotically summoning multiple demons.

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