Demon Valefor: Powers, Attributes & Ritual Guide

Valefor, known in the occult as a powerful yet deceptive demon, is one of the 72 spirits of the Ars Goetia. He is a Duke of Hell, commanding ten legions of demons.

Valefor is known to tempt his summoner to steal, and can improve theft related skills. He is considered as the chief demon of thieves. I would also add that he is a chief demon of security personnel such as white hat hackers, whose job is to identify security weaknesses. He can be summoned for both purposes.

The famous line that there is no honor among thieves holds true in case of Valefar. In Ars Goetia we learn that Valefar is considered a good familiar by his associates “till they are caught in the trap”.

In other words, Valefor will do the bidding of the magician, provide useful information, enhance skills and all the rest of it.. but he will not take the magician’s safety into account in the aftermath of a job well done. That is, if his power is utilized for theft.

Some magicians have argued that Valefor despises the summoner that uses his power for offensive actions. He provides the goods, but leaves incriminating evidence which may lead to the summoner’s demise.

So one has to be aware of this demon’s dual nature and exercise caution. If he were to be used for black magick purposes, the best option would be to also summon a demon for protection like Bael to provide the much needed balance.

Sigil of Valefor

The sigil of Valefor resembles a key, in line with his power. It can be used as part of a ceremonial ritual to summon and invoke his presence. It is important to recreate the sigil accurately to ensure proper communication and summoning. Here is an illustration of it:

Powers of Valefor

As mentioned earlier, Valefor’s powers can be put to good and bad use. Demon’s don’t moralize, it is your decision how you will utilize his gifts:

  • Cunning and Strategy: He can impart wisdom in matters of strategy and cunning, useful for navigating complex situations.
  • Empowerment in Theft: For those who seek his aid in dishonest endeavors, Valefor can enhance their abilities to be stealthy and successful, but it may hurt them down the line.
  • Discovering Vulnerabilities: Hacking and entering physical forbidden areas are Valefor’s specialty, and the same power can be utilized to enhance security by discovering and sealing off the weak points.

Ars Goetia Description of Valefor

The Sixth Spirit is Valefor. He is a might Duke, and appeareth in the shape of a Lion with an Ass’s Head, bellowing. He is a good Familiar, but tempteth them he is a familiar of to steal. He governeth 10 Legions of Spirits.

How to Summon Valefor?

Summoning Valefor requires careful preparation and respect for the ritualistic practices. Here are the steps for a summoning ritual that you can attempt on your own:


  1. Choose a Location: Select a quiet, undisturbed space where you won’t be interrupted. This can be indoors or outdoors, but ensure it’s a place where you feel safe and comfortable.
  2. Cleanse the Space: Use sage, palo santo, or other purifying herbs to cleanse the area. Walk around the space, wafting the smoke into every corner while setting the intention to clear away negative energies.
  3. Personal Preparation: Take a cleansing bath with sea salt and essential oils (like frankincense or lavender) to purify your body and mind. Wear clean, comfortable clothing.

Circle of Protection

  1. Draw the Circle: Using salt or chalk, draw a circle large enough to sit comfortably within. Ensure the circle is complete with no gaps.
  2. Set Protective Items: Place protective items around the circle such as crystals (black tourmaline, obsidian), and amulets.

Sigil Creation

  1. Draw the Sigil: On a piece of parchment or paper, carefully draw Valefor’s sigil. Focus on the intention of the ritual while you create the sigil.
  2. Anoint the Sigil: Optionally, anoint the corners of the parchment with a few drops of oil (like myrrh or frankincense) to enhance its potency.

Altar Setup

  1. Prepare the Altar: Set up a small altar within the circle. This can be a simple flat surface with a cloth, where you will place your ritual items.
  2. Place the Sigil: Put Valefor’s sigil at the center of the altar.
  3. Arrange Ritual Items: Place a black candle, your offering (wine, tobacco, or a valuable item), an athame, and any additional items (like a chalice, incense burner, or personal token) on the altar.

Invocation and Energy Channeling

Initial Invocation

  1. Light the Candle: Light the black candle and place it near the sigil.
  2. Burn Incense: Light an incense stick or cone (preferably something strong like sandalwood or dragon’s blood) and place it in the incense burner.
  3. Recite the First Invocation: With focused intent, recite the following invocation:

Valefor, mighty Duke of Hell, I call upon you to join me in this sacred space.
From the depths of the infernal realms, I summon your presence.
Hear my voice as it echoes through the veil, and come forth with your power and wisdom.
I seek your guidance, protection, and knowledge.
By the power of this sigil, by the flame of this candle, and by the smoke of this incense, I invite you to join me.

Energy Channeling and Visualization

  1. Hold the Athame: Take the athame in your dominant hand. Close your eyes and visualize a beam of white light descending from above, entering through the crown of your head.
  2. Channel Energy: Feel the energy flowing through your body, down your arm, and into the athame. Visualize this energy as a protective force.
  3. Trace the Sigil: Use the athame to trace Valefor’s sigil in the air above the parchment, visualizing the sigil glowing with a powerful, otherworldly light.

Second Invocation

  1. Recite the Second Invocation: With the athame still in hand, recite:

Valefor, guardian of secrets and keeper of hidden treasures,
By this blade and by this light, I call to you.
Open the gates between our worlds and step into this circle.
I offer my respect and my devotion, and in return, I seek your favor.
Mighty Duke of Hell, guide my path and illuminate my way.


  1. Present the Offering: Place the offering on the altar. If using wine, pour it into a chalice; if using tobacco, place it in a bowl; if using a valuable item, lay it on the altar cloth.
  2. Focus Your Intentions: Spend a few moments focusing on your intentions and the reasons for summoning Valefor.


Final Invocation

  1. Recite the Final Invocation: With deep focus and reverence, recite:

Valefor, I call upon you with sincerity and respect.
Hear my plea and answer my call.
By this offering, by this flame, and by this circle, I welcome you.
Come forth, Valefor, and reveal your presence.
Grant me your wisdom, your guidance, and your protection.
I stand ready to receive your message and your power.

  1. Wait for a Sign: Sit quietly and observe the environment. Signs of Valefor’s presence could be a change in the atmosphere, a flickering candle, unusual sounds, or an intuitive feeling.
  2. Speak and Listen: If you feel his presence, speak your request or question clearly. Then sit in silence, opening your mind to any responses or insights.

Closing the Ritual

  1. Thank Valefor: Once communication is complete, thank Valefor for his presence and assistance. Express gratitude and respect.
  2. Dismissal: Politely ask Valefor to depart peacefully and to leave the space as it was before.
  3. Extinguish the Candle: Gently extinguish the candle (do not blow it out; use a candle snuffer if possible).
  4. Dispose of the Offering: Dispose of the offering respectfully. For example, pour the wine on the ground, bury the tobacco, or keep the valuable item in a special place.

Final Steps

  1. Close the Circle: With intention, dismantle the circle of protection. If using salt or chalk, sweep it up and dispose of it outside.
  2. Ground Yourself: Take a few moments to ground yourself. You can do this by eating something, drinking water, or touching the ground with your hands.
  3. Reflect and Record: Reflect on the experience and write down any messages, feelings, or insights you received during the ritual.

Attunement to Demon Valefor

Attuning to Valefor involves aligning your energy with his. This can be achieved through meditation and repeated invocations. Focus on his sigil during meditation and visualize his attributes merging with your own. This practice can be done regularly after the ritual to enhance your connection with Valefor.

Planet of Demon Valefor

Valefor is associated with the planet Mercury. Mercury’s influence aligns with Valefor’s attributes of cunning, communication, and swiftness.

Metal of Demon Valefor

The metal associated with Valefor is Mercury (quicksilver). This metal symbolizes fluidity, adaptability, and intellect, all qualities that resonate with Valefor’s nature. Having said that, he is a Duke, and if you plan on creating or purchasing a wearable seal or one to place on your altar, it should be made of copper.

Element of Valefor

Valefor’s element is Air. This element represents intellect, communication, and movement, aligning with his strategic and cunning characteristics.

Astrological Sign Assigned to Demon Valefor

Valefor is often associated with the astrological sign Gemini. Gemini’s dual nature, adaptability, and communication skills mirror Valefor’s deceptive yet resourceful characteristics.

Offerings to Demon Valefor

When working with Valefor, offerings can help to establish a connection and show respect. Suitable offerings include:

  • Wine or spirits
  • Tobacco
  • Precious metals or stones
  • Incense, particularly sandalwood or frankincense
  • Written vows of loyalty or promises

Relation and Symbiosis with Other Demons

Valefor has a symbiotic relationship with other demons, especially those within the Goetia. He often works well with:

  • Bune: For wealth and treasure hunting.
  • Dantalion: For manipulation and influence.
  • Astaroth: For gaining knowledge and insight.
  • Andromalius: For uncovering nefarious activity.

Valefor in Popular Culture

Valefor appears in various forms of popular culture, often depicted as a demon of theft and deception. He is featured in video games, literature, and movies, reflecting his cunning nature and association with criminal activities.

Of course, one of the notable mentions of Valefor is in “The Lesser Key of Solomon,” a grimoire detailing the summoning of demons.

In the video game series “Shin Megami Tensei,” Valefor is a recurring character that players can summon for battles. He is often depicted as a winged, bird-like creature, aligning with traditional demonology representations.

The TV series “Supernatural” includes Valefor as a demon with the power to control minds and emotions. He is shown as a formidable and dangerous entity, consistent with his classical portrayal.

In the movie “Constantine,” Valefor appears as a demon John Constantine must defeat to save the world. In this film, Valefor’s ability to manipulate reality makes him a significant adversary.

Andrew Pyper’s novel “The Demonologist” features Valefor as a demon capable of manipulating desires and emotions.

Valefor also appears in “The Black Jewels Trilogy” by Anne Bishop, where he is depicted as a demon who can grant wealth and prosperity to his summoners.

Although Valefor does not make a physical appearance in the TV show “Lucifer,” he is referenced as one of the demons who collaborated with Lucifer before his fall.

Overall, Valefor’s unique abilities and traditional demonological background have made him a fascinating figure in popular culture, inspiring a variety of portrayals across different media.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Valefor dangerous? A: Valefor can be dangerous due to his deceptive nature. It’s important to approach him with respect and caution.

Q: Can Valefor help with personal protection? A: Yes he can, if his power is utilized for discovering weaknesses that could otherwise be exploited by your enemies. But if you summon him for the wrong reasons, such as hacking attacks or plain old theft he could betray you in the end.

Q: What are the risks of summoning Valefor? A: The risk is that one utilizes Valefor for nefarious activity and is betrayed by the demon.

Q: Can beginners summon Valefor? A: Yes, you can attempt to summon the demon with the ritual that I’ve shared in this article. But due to the beforementioned risks, it would be better if you were to hire me to perform the summoning of Valefor and a protective demon alongside him.

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