Easiest Way to Astral Project: The Rope Technique (Full Guide)

Astral travel has crossed the ages, because this practice has existed since the dawn of time. Our consciousness knows no bounds, it was created to allow us to explore a multitude of possibilities.

We have an astral body that allows us to make this quite special journey. By projecting our consciousness into a space-time, we are all able to make an astral journey, an exit from the body and visit other places on the planet or other dimensions, without leaving home. Astral travel is therefore a projection of the subtle body outside of our physical body.

I wanted to share with you the technique that I use most often and that works best for me, which allows me to induce this state of exit from the body.

Preliminary advice

To start, you will have to relax your body as much as possible to facilitate the journey.

To succeed in making an astral journey, you must first of all have good muscle relaxation, and get in condition to empty your mind of all intrusive thoughts, letting go and a deep desire to split is essential.

To put the odds on your side, practice these exercises in the morning or in the evening, after a light meal, digestion will be easier. Know that while we are dreaming, we also sometimes go on an astral journey, without being aware of it. So it’s something natural. Movements out of the body are much faster than ordinary travel and can be at the speed of thought.

To achieve this shift of consciousness out of the body, it is also necessary to transmute the low frequencies resulting from negative emotions such as fear, hatred, possessiveness, selfishness … and, to increase these levels of frequencies by replacing them with positive emotions like peace, joy, love, feelings of happiness.

The symptoms of the splitting of the astral body are as follows:

  • Vibration at the neck;
  • Heaviness, followed by floating;
  • Intense heat invades the body;
  • A feeling of vertigo;
  • An impression of falling;
  • Dull noises and rumblings while getting used to the new dimension;

Before the astral journey, relax!

First, lie down in a comfortable place in which you will be sure not to be disturbed (people, noise, telephone, etc.). Loosen your clothes and take off all your jewelry and watch. Also make sure you cover yourself so you don’t get cold. Start by relaxing by closing your eyes and taking long, deep breaths. Free your mind from intrusive thoughts, and know that you are safe and that you are in complete control of the situation. Only having the thought that you want to return to your physical body will be enough for you to return immediately to the waking state.

Second, you continue to take long, deep breaths, making sure to swell your belly when you breathe in, and to deflate your belly when you breathe out. You can also do Jacobson’s method of crisping each part of your body, member by member, and releasing them one by one. You start by crunching your feet, then releasing them, then you continue with each part of your body by going all the way down to your head. So you perform this muscle relaxation from the feet to the head.

Once you get to the level of your head, you will squeal every part of your face, mouth, jaws, nose, eyes, forehead, making funny faces. So be sure to relax your limbs and your whole body, starting at the bottom (feet, ankles, calves, etc.) and continuing to your head, your face. Breathing exercises, muscle relaxation and the power of intention, to enter a kind of hypnotic state, are essential steps to better prepare you for astral travel.

The Rope Technique

The rope technique developed by Robert Bruce is an easy technique to put in place, and that presents no danger, ideal for beginners .

It is the most used method for leaving the body and astral travel.

1) Imagine that there is a big rope in front of you. And without opening your eyes or physically moving your body, visualize yourself grabbing the rope and starting to climb.

Really try to feel all these sensations that one could feel if one really climbed a rope. Mentally feel the sensation that your arms can feel as you pull the rope to be able to climb, as well as the weight of your body, as your arms pull your astral body upward, climbing higher and higher along this rope.

2) And the more you climb, the more vibrations you will experience, which will intensify as you climb higher and higher. Feel these vibrations which intensify as you let go. Be aware of these high frequencies that allow you to cross the boarding gate. Imagine that these vibrations are a little like those of an airplane when it is in full takeoff. Once you experience this state of vibration, it could indicate that your astral body has started to split from your physical body. Become aware of these vibrations and impregnate them.

3) Continue to climb. But this time, go faster and faster, to speed up the process, until you are completely separated from your physical body and you have reached the astral plane. You are now ready to experience astral travel in all its splendor.

4) To return to your physical “self”, focus on the meeting of the two forms, mental and physical, of your being. Take long, deep breaths, feel the weight of each member of your physical body, as you integrate it again, by your will and the power of intention.

Be careful, nothing requires you to experiment the technique if you have the slightest doubt. It’s up to you to see if you’re close to trying this kind of experience! Use good judgment and with enough practice you will definitely experience the magical reality of the astral body we all possess.

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