Gemini, Mercury and House III Sign: Full Personality Portrait

The sign of Gemini, the first Air sign in the zodiac series, evokes the end of spring, the branching of the foliage, the dispersion of Nature. Governed by Mercury, a mobile and light planet, Gemini is in analogy with House III, concerning relationships, learning and communication.

Let us see the typical portrait of the natives of Gemini, the analogies of this sign, the psychology of its planet and a description of what the sign can produce worst in matters of humanity. We will end with some examples of personalities strongly marked by Gemini values.

I. The sign of Gemini: portrait

As a preliminary, a clarification, we write Gemini well and not Gemini. This is important because I am the sign of duality and the number two par excellence. If you accuse me of playing on words, I would plead guilty anyway because I like the I of words and writing this little portrait makes me think of an I in demo … A demonstration of me in one word.

I am a cerebral above all but a cerebral full of gaiety and carefree. My psychiatrist says that I have the Peter Pan complex, the complex of those who do not want to go from adolescence to adulthood. It is undoubtedly true but I only listen with one ear to what I am told.

The spirit of Gemini is always busy, eager to discover, to converse, to come up with new ideas because I get bored easily and I hate routine. The Gemini likes to move left and right, twirl and learn new mental stimuli. I must have been a butterfly in a previous life, at least, I still have this thirst for gathering a thousand varieties of flowers and being able to fly, free and light, all over the world.

I like to move, to move because, for me, the inertia proper to my comrade Taurus means death. Everything is movement and I cannot stop moving myself (in my head or through my body) because the world is vast and a life is not enough to go around it. the Geminimoves a lot and the bad tongues say it is blowing in the wind. Regardless, it’s the butterfly effect …

My mind going in a thousand directions, I sometimes find it hard to find my own way … Also, I deeply need contacts and exchanges to be able to refocus. It does not always work because I am very adaptable, at least on the surface, and I can change my behavior according to the people with whom I am. The Gemini love fun, clowning, improve the mood, so do not blame me … I struggled to hang on to things like people.

Materialism, constancy? I do not know ! The Gemini is the sign leprechaun and nothing will hold me very long because it is in the change I am fulfilled. Hard in this case to found a home but my concerns are elsewhere and there will always be time later, when I have had enough fun. Besides, Gemini is neither jealous nor authoritarian, and if I value my freedom, I willingly leave it to others!

The main defect of Gemini, I know it: I find it difficult to deepen things and human relationships. But it takes so much time and persistence that it is beyond my strength. And then when the magic of novelty and discovery fades what is left for me? It is for this reason that I am told I am seductive: all the excitement is in the preliminaries and the flirtation!

Besides, I sometimes find life very dull and I do not hesitate to embellish it by various means such as poetry, including lying because Gemini have a natural gift for speech and writing and if I cannot use it professionally, I would end up doing it in my everyday life. But hey, you don’t have to believe me … Because, basically, should we believe a liar who tells us he is lying to us?

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II. The sign of Gemini: analog correspondences

Gemini sign: lexical field
Astrological analogy
The workshop
Telephone exchanges
Train stations
Bus stations
Recreation courses
The air
House III
Mercury :
Home in Gemini
Exile in Sagittarius
Exaltation in Virgo
Fall in Pisces
Philosophy and Religion
The studies
Small trips
The transactions
The publications
Business school
The reason
Moist and hot
Tarot Blades :
21st blade: The World
Ie blade: The Bateleur
Body and Health
Relationships and stereotypes
Unconscious factors
Spinal cord
Brothers and sisters
The cousins
Close relationships
The knowledge
The entourage
The dispersion
Astronomical data of Mercury
Live spirit
Diameter: 4,878 km
Zodiacal revolution :
88 days
Speed: 48 km / s
The magpie
The bee
The parrot
The monkey
Metal and Stones
Color and fragrance
Lapis Lazuli
Azure blue
The Nutmeg
The creeper


Astronomical analogies

Mercury , which appears to the naked eye as a very twinkling star, can be seen, depending on the season before sunrise or after sunset. Mercury is therefore inseparable from the Sun which it always accompanies closely, like a servant at the disposal of its master. We immediately set up a relation of exchange ( Gemini ) and of servitude to the hierarchy (Virgo).

Because not only does Mercury never move more than 28 ° from the Sun, but it goes around it very quickly (88 days compared to 365 days on Earth). It therefore symbolizes speed, movement.

On the ground, the temperature differences are enormous (up to 600 ° difference between day and night), which poses the duality and the double character of the planet, sometimes icy, sometimes boiling.

Planet closest to the Sun (46 million km), it only shines thanks to it. It absorbs and then retransmits its light, a sort of messenger and relay point which allows the Sun to express itself since if man cannot in any case directly contemplate the solar radiance, he can easily observe Mercury .

Mythological analogies

We will of course first mention Hermès / Mercury . Son of Jupiter and Maia (“maieutics”), Mercury is an early god who, a few hours after his birth invents the lyre (comprising 7 strings corresponding to the planetary energies of the traditional septenary), flies Apollo and then studies magic by his side .

God of all ambivalences, juvenile and mischievous god, his “career” is eclectic just like the tastes of the mercurians: we find him god of thieves, commerce, travelers, medicine, divine messenger and conductor of the dead, inventor of musical instruments, science, sport … Mercury is interested in everything, is capable of everything, does not cling to anything. We find it everywhere because it represents spirit and movement, change and adaptation, all factors essential to any story.

He is a versatile deity whose only points in common between his various manifestations are cleverness, lightness and liveliness. But we can also refer to the Egyptian god Thoth, Father of writing and language, scribe of the Gods (and thereby their messenger) and writer of magic formulas (understand: the power of speech), creator of the calendar and mathematics, protector of cultures (three areas in analogy with the Virgin); Thot was also assimilated to Mercury in the form of Hermès Trimegiste.

Symbolic analogies

The Mercury , Alchemy is the quicksilver, mysterious substance on the basis of which it was hoped to create a youth potion because Mercury is always associated with youth, adolescence, perhaps because he is enthusiasm and inconstancy. For all the reasons stated and according to the laws of analogy, Mercury therefore symbolizes speed, mobility, adaptability, exchanges whatever they are (oral or written), curiosity, youth, expediency, change, multiplicity, mental faculties, precocity, twinning, lightness, cunning, transmission (and therefore all learning).

At the personification level, we attribute to him the little brothers and sisters, the cousins, all the people who are close to us emotionally but also physically: lookalikes by resemblance, neighbors and colleagues by proximity. Also depend on him, by their occupations, apprentices (schoolchildren, … etc.), traders, thieves, writers, speakers and all those who use the words professionally like publicists or lawyers.

Anatomically, we dedicate to him the arms and hands as well as the lungs, so many double organs and founders of our interaction with the world. It also governs the nerves, the brain’s cognitive faculties and generally the senses.

Other details about Mercury

The place of Mercury in relation to the Sun, as well as its possible demotion at the time of birth are to be taken into account.

If Mercury is before the Sun, it is called Promethean and it characterizes a bubbling, intuitive, rebellious, progressive and spontaneous mind close to Gemini .

If Mercury is after the sun, it is said to be Epimethean and it characterizes a posed, logical, conservative, methodical and persevering mind close to the Virgin.

In case of demotion, there is often rejection of tradition, models, constraints which leads to some confusion until the native builds a personal and innovative thinking pattern.

III. Portrait of the dominant Mercurian

You do not have to be Gemini to have all of its characteristics. Indeed, if in a natal chart, Mercury is the dominant planet (see the calculation of the dominant in the lexicon), the native will naturally develop the qualities and defects of this planet traditionally master of the sign of Gemini . However, the dominance of Mercury has subtle character nuances compared to the dominance of the sign of Gemini .


Mercury, ethereal god and master of Gemini


Here is the portrait of the Mercurian type:

The main characteristic of the Mercurian personality is above all enthusiasm. Throughout his life, he will combine the sweets of childhood and the discoveries of the adult world, thus retaining a youthful , candid , immature spirit which is sometimes irresponsible if Mercury is very distressed. Of a curious nature , he will want to experience everything, know everything and understand everything. The mercurian has a constantly alert mind, open to the unexpected, which allows him to forge his knowledge and accumulate the various information necessary for his expansion. Subsequently, this same knowledge, allied with his cunningand his natural malice , will give him the capacities of ingenuity and dexterity which will serve his various objectives.

Indeed, the mercurian has an aptitude conducive to creation and invention. His whole being turned to the need for communication in all its aspects: the written , the studies, the language, the expressions, the relationships , etc … Resistant to all forms of established rules likely to hinder his exchanges , he does not hesitate to make fun of them.

It has both a spirit gregarious (which grows to blend into the ground) and a deep desire to single out (getting them to be often exuberant). This makes him a character strongly imbued with duality, naturally talkative and sociable, but with difficulty attaching to ideas or to people because he refuses to really commit . It often oscillates between the need to react or to observe, similar to the difference that can exist between an actor and a spectator. This contradiction is always made with subtlety, finesse and nuance : it is never obvious.

With natural skill and persuasion, the mercurian tends to bypass difficulties rather than face them. Through arrangements or compromises, there is never a shortage of ideas or arguments to solve problems. Indeed, he knows how to adapt to situations with flexibility , but at the same time, he will try to modify them with discernment, discretion and tact.

The mercurian is enterprising in many fields, but remains superficial and dispersed , predisposing him to start everything without finishing anything, unless the dominants of the theme include structuring values ​​(Saturn, Sun, Jupiter). He will exercise several different professional activities which he will be able to carry out head on before finding his true vocation. He is attracted to jobs related to literature, commerce, scientific or social professions, communication professions or requiring travel . His innate excitement and nervousness predispose him to sporting activities, especially if these require agility.and speed of movement .

He adopts a rational attitude towards money, which he considers as abstract data. He can present the image of a quiet , idle , unoccupied or light person , like a being gifted for brilliant inventions. He is able to serve with fervor a cause beyond comprehension, only by dedication: the mercurian will often make himself the advocate of the devil.

In the sentimental field, the mercurian will be seduced by people who are inaccessible or who hold secrets because he is reluctant to the concept of everyday life and needs to (re) discover his (her) partner constantly.

IV. The sign of Gemini: portrait in vitriol

If the human being can improve, evolve, erase his faults and highlight his qualities, it also happens on the contrary that he gets caught up in his most negative impulses. This regression can for example be caused by alcoholism, by particularly difficult life circumstances or by the accumulation of neuroses.

The fact remains that the values ​​specific to its sign are then largely corrupted and that one can make a portrait “in vitriol”. Here is the description of Gemini (or Mercurians) in what they can develop most negative and despicable. This portrait applies of course to both men and women.

The negative Gemini

Men or women confusing youth of spirit and immaturity, lightness and superficiality, curiosity and interference, the negative Gemini think only of having fun and going too easy with their work.

Their fine intellectual faculties are entirely turned towards hypocrisy, cunning, lies, so much so that one is rarely far from a sickly mythomania. Very often, the negative Gemini have a double life, one respectable and the other reprehensible (in particular because tainted by the play, the scandals or the fabrications). As we have guessed, negative Gemini are also false friends, false husbands, false fathers, etc. They cannot help but resort to duplicity, to lie and to see everywhere their own interest. In this case, the heart of Gemini is dry: they are entirely rational, logicians even, and the end therefore necessarily justifies the means because personal ethics are almost non-existent.

The money usually burns his fingers and if the Gemini / mercurian does everything to have quickly in quantity (that is to say fraudulently), he is unable to keep it because he is a poor manager and qu ‘he spends ostentatiously. The Gemini will arrange to see things miles irrelevant to deceive, to shine in society and throwing dust in the eyes, but if you scratch a little, you’ll find quickly that they have no solid base .

Obviously, the False Brothers getting bored quickly and getting tired of everything, it will hardly be surprising to their infidelity and their sudden disappearance.

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