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My New Grimoire “Goetia Rising” is Now Available!

Fellow occultists,

I am happy to announce that my new grimoire, Goetia Rising, is now available on Amazon:

This is a small book, as a proper grimoire ought to be. Yet it is packed with high-powered rituals that are seeing the light of day for the first time in this century. Rituals for summoning the great Elementals and none other than the Kings of Hell as they are described in Ars Goetia. My colleague and fellow initiate called the grimoire “menacing” and I take that as a compliment.

These rituals are of a more traditional form than the ones I’ve shared in my older texts. I’ve noticed that the laxer the rules surrounding the rituals become, the more neglectful magicians are of even the basic formulations and guidance. Thus my approach was to present them in a stricter form, more in line with the primeval ceremonies of ages past.

I should also mention that these rituals are not my personal creation, though you won’t find them published anywhere else. Let’s just say that I have my sources. I have modified them to a small extent so that the same effects can be realized but with less effort being invested in procuring rare ingredients.

Overall, there is much to be learned and much to be gained from delving into this booklet. Of course, it is self-serving for an author to recommend his own work, but I feel no shame in doing so when the benefits for the recipient of the recommendation can be as immense as I know them to be in this particular case. After all, being able to summon powerful Elementals and the most powerful demons to do your bidding is not something they teach you in school.

I will reiterate that this is first and foremost a grimoire, an instructional manual for conducting ceremonial rituals. Don’t judge the validity of the contents without putting them into action. If you find Goetia Rising to be rewarding after doing so, and you most certainly will, I would appreciate a thoughtful review on the Amazon page.

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  1. I just discovered this site, it is interesting and offers a lot of information. I am interested in acquiring Goetia Rising, but I would like to know if the requirements and materials for the rituals are difficult to obtain and practice as some grimoires or if on the contrary they are feasible to practice.

    1. Thank you, I’m glad you find the site helpful. I’ve cut down the required materials to the bare minimum because I know this is what prevents most people from doing ceremonial magic. So it’s mostly incense and candles, although some rituals require a bit more than that. The main difficulty is following the instructions in the right chronological order, so you should have the grimoire with you for reference while performing the rituals or memorize all the steps very well beforehand.

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