How Many Demons Should You Summon? (9/5/2023)

This is a fairly common question. Beginners aren’t entirely sure if it’s safe to summon more than one demon. Likewise, some clients want to order more than one ritual through my service but they are having a similar dilemma.

There are some nuances to this topic, so the question is understandable. Hopefully this article will clear the confusion so that you can engage in rituals with greater confidence and knowledge.

The “Dangers” of Summoning Multiple Demons

I always say that the danger of working with spirits doesn’t come from the spirits themselves. It comes from fear. A wild animal can smell fear and so can a demon. It is typically the overly religious people who fall into demonic possession and require an exorcism. They lived in fear of demons their entire lives and then an event triggered a possession. Perhaps they dabbled in the occult with a very fearful attitude or it was sparked by a traumatic event that thinned the veil between the physical and the spiritual realm, such as a near death experience or seeing some else die.

For those of us who see demons as potential allies there is no such danger. As long as you handle the ritual and any sensory encounters with spirits respectfully and confidently you will not fall into harms way. That is, if you’re dealing with the Goetic demons. There are energetic vampires and other harmful spirits that lurk in the astral realm, but those aren’t the ones that I talk about. Those spirits are used almost exclusively for nefarious, black magic purposes. I deal with benevolent demons, which were in ancient times known as daemons and considered morally neutral.

After this long digression, let me provide you with the actual answer. There is no danger to summoning multiple demons, but there is a limited number beyond which it becomes counterproductive IF THEY ARE SUMMONED FOR DIVERSE GOALS.

For example, if you summon Mammon to help you acquire wealth, Sitri to raise your attraction and have more sex, Leviathan to make you more tranquil and Belial to raise your physical prowess so that you can excel in athletic pursuits… well, you’re all over the place. It won’t lead to optimal results in any of these pursuits. In case of such diverse interests and goals, my recommendation is to summon no more than three demons at once. This is the maximum diversification that you can deal with at the same time.

But there is a better, a smarter way to go about summoning an almost endless amount of demons: the demonic stack.

The Demonic ‘Stack’

To put it simply, the best way to go about summoning many demons is to have them work together on the same goal.

For example, Mammon, Clauneck and Bune are commonly known as demons of wealth and each one brings something unique to the table. Therefore, they can work synergistically. You can summon all demons of wealth at the same time to actually reach your goal more effectively. There’d be no problem with that. The only question is whether you actually need so many demons working at the same time. Oftentimes, one or two demons are enough to provide significant results. But you can add more over time to become wealthier and wealthier or to tackle different aspects of wealth.

And let’s say you wanted to become wealthy through technological innovation. Perhaps you have a tech startup. In that case you could summon a fourth demon like Marbas, known for providing help and insight with technology. Moving on, a demon like Seere could help you discover investment and partnership opportunities globally, whereas Malphas can ‘bring to thy Knowledge Enemies’ Desires and Thoughts, and that which they have done.’ Replace Enemies with Competitors and you get the idea.

You can create a ‘stack’ of demons working on the same project for you, as your loyal infernal allies, helping you obtain immense success in the process. Wealth acquisition is just one example, but the same approach can be used for any other project, whether it’s increasing knowledge, improving one’s prowess in magick, relationships and a great many other things.

Demons – The Making of a Taboo

Demons are wholly practical entities, willing to help every human evolve and achieve his or her peak potential. This is how they’ve been utilized since the dawn of civilization. The perennial myth of Lucifer the Light Bringer brings attention to the fact that demons provided the first humans with knowledge and power that allowed us to evolve collectively.

But as we all know, civilization is always hierarchical and the powers that be don’t want their peons to evolve. It would disrupt the false equilibrium where everyone knows their place and is stuck at that place until they reproduce and eventually die, thus perpetuating the cycle indefinitely. Demonic rituals were made taboo and forbidden not because they are harmful but because they work. If everyone were to engage in them then chaos would ensue. This is a reasonable approach to maintain social order, albeit a cowardly one. To satisfy our intuitive desire for ritual connection, only the psychically crippling rituals ordained by the priestly caste were encouraged. These collective rituals have the purpose of stifling individual’s desires and making them easier to control, causing feelings of guilt, fear and remorse. In comparison, demonic rituals uplift and empower.

Regardless of this social programming, a small ladder of opportunity is always made available for those that are motivated enough to ascend higher, either in their personal projects or on a greater scale. The censors have to allow this knowledge to exist publicly because demons don’t want an entirely exclusive relationship with them. They want new humans as allies, so a compromise has been made. Hence the propaganda that ritual magic is inherently malicious and/or morally dubious, to distract the multitudes, while at the same time allowing some occult knowledge to be available through grimoires, videos and websites such as this for those that have eyes to see.


Leaving this digression on tabooism aside, I hope that this article has cleared up any confusion you might’ve had about the optimal quantity of demons to summon. Also, I hope that you will take the concept of demonic stacking into consideration as part of your ritual practice. Alternatively, you can hire me to perform one or more rituals for your benefit.

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