How to Connect with Goddess Isis: Ritual, Prayer, Offerings..

Isis, the Egyptian goddess of magic, motherhood, and fertility, stands as a testament to the resilience, love, and wisdom that were revered in ancient Egyptian culture. Her worship transcended borders, making her one of the most universally venerated deities in the ancient world.

Isis’ mythology is rich with themes of devotion, cleverness, and power. She was the wife of Osiris, the god of the afterlife, and the mother of Horus, the sky god. The story of her unyielding search for her husband’s body, after his brother Set dismembered and scattered it across Egypt, showcases her determination and magical prowess. Using her magic, she resurrected Osiris long enough to conceive their son, Horus, demonstrating her roles as a wife, mother, and the quintessential nurturer.

Isis’ iconography often depicts her with wings, symbolizing her protective nature, or nursing Horus, highlighting her role as the mother of all. She wears the throne hieroglyph on her head, indicating her status as a queen of the gods. Her worship included rites of magic, healing, and the protection of the dead, reflecting her deep connections to the cycles of life and death, and the power of regeneration.

Isis’ Duties

Isis’ divine responsibilities were manifold, encompassing the realms of the family, the state, and the cosmos. She was a protector of the dead, guiding them in the afterlife, and a guardian of children and mothers, ensuring their safety and well-being. Her role extended to the natural world, where she was believed to influence the Nile’s floods, vital for Egypt’s agriculture.

Isis’ most profound duty was her priesthood and followers, to whom she imparted knowledge of magic and healing. She was the archetype of the divine healer, using her powers to cure diseases and ward off evil spirits. Her magical spells and amulets were sought after for protection in life and death, highlighting her mastery over the unseen forces of the universe.

Her influence on rulership and kingship was also significant. The pharaohs of Egypt were seen as her protégés, with Isis serving as an intermediary between the divine and the mortal. She was invoked in state rituals to legitimize the pharaoh’s rule, protect the nation, and ensure its prosperity and harmony.

Isis’ Powers

Isis was renowned for her vast magical knowledge, considered by many as the greatest magician among the gods. Her powers were not only restorative, as seen in the resurrection of Osiris, but also protective, empowering, and life-giving. She could control the elements, heal the sick, and protect against evil forces. Isis’ magic was rooted in her deep understanding of the words of power, which she used to manipulate reality and achieve her goals.

Her protective powers were symbolized by the “Isis knot” or “tyet,” an amulet worn by the living and the dead for protection. This amulet was believed to harness Isis’ power to safeguard the wearer from harm. Her lunar associations, depicted with the moon disk atop her head in some representations, connected her with cycles of rebirth and regeneration, further emphasizing her role as a giver of life and a guide in the afterlife.

Reasons to Work with Isis

  1. Healing and Protection: For those in need of physical, emotional, or spiritual healing, Isis offers her nurturing energy and protective magic. She can shield individuals from negative influences and provide comfort in times of distress.
  2. Fertility and Motherhood: Isis is the ideal deity for those seeking blessings of fertility, whether for conception, a safe pregnancy, or the wellbeing of children. Her nurturing aspect supports all facets of motherhood.
  3. Spiritual & Magical Development: Isis’ wisdom in magic makes her a powerful ally for those on a spiritual path, offering insights into the esoteric and magical teachings.
  4. Guidance in the Afterlife: For those concerned with the soul’s journey beyond death, Isis offers guidance and protection, ensuring safe passage and a favorable reception in the afterlife.

Signs Isis is Calling You

Engagement with Isis often begins with subtle signs, beckoning those she deems ready to work with her powerful and nurturing energies. These signs can manifest in various ways, including:

  1. Repeated Encounters with Her Symbols: Encountering Isis’ symbols, such as the ankh, the winged disk, or the tyet, in dreams, art, or your surroundings, can indicate her call.
  2. Drawn to Themes of Magic and Healing: A newfound or intensified interest in practices of magic, healing, or ancient Egyptian spirituality may signal Isis reaching out to you.
  3. Maternal Dreams or Visions: Experiencing dreams or visions featuring protective, nurturing maternal figures or specifically Isis herself, often signifies her invitation to connect.
  4. Synchronicities: Experiencing meaningful coincidences related to Isis, such as hearing her name repeatedly or stumbling upon her stories unexpectedly, suggests her presence in your life.
  5. Feeling a Protective Presence: Sensing an unseen protective force or a maternal energy around you, especially in times of need, can be a sign of Isis’ guardianship.

Offerings for Isis

Creating a reciprocal relationship with Isis involves making offerings, a practice that honors the goddess and strengthens your connection to her. Suitable offerings include:

  1. Water and Milk: Pouring libations of water or milk on an altar dedicated to Isis, symbolizing life and purity, are traditional ways to honor her.
  2. Incense: Burning frankincense, myrrh, or lotus incense as an offering can create a sacred atmosphere conducive to connecting with Isis.
  3. Candles: Lighting candles, particularly in blue, silver, or white, can attract Isis’ lunar and protective energies.
  4. Flowers: Offering fresh flowers, especially lotuses or roses, can please Isis, symbolizing beauty, fertility, and the natural world she governs.
  5. Prayers and Songs: Reciting prayers, hymns, or songs in her honor can be a profound offering, expressing devotion and inviting her presence into your life.

Isis Altar

Setting up an altar for Isis can serve as a focal point for worship, meditation, and magical work with the goddess. An ideal altar might include:

  1. Statues or Images of Isis: Placing a statue or image of Isis at the center of your altar serves as a focus for devotion and a physical representation of her presence.
  2. Symbols of Isis: Incorporating the ankh, the tyet, and other symbols associated with Isis can enhance the altar’s connection to her powers.
  3. Altar Cloth: Using an altar cloth in colors associated with Isis, such as blue, silver, or white, can align the space with her energies.
  4. Offering Bowls or Plates: Having specific vessels for presenting offerings to Isis can show respect and formality in your practice.
  5. Candles and Incense Burners: Including candles and an incense burner allows for regular offerings of light and fragrance to Isis.

Isis Crystals & Symbols

Incorporating specific crystals and symbols into your practice can strengthen your connection to Isis and harness her energies:

  • Moonstone: Resonates with Isis’ lunar associations, enhancing intuition and emotional balance.
  • Lapis Lazuli: Symbolizes wisdom and truth, aligning with Isis’ role as a goddess of magic and knowledge.
  • The Knot of Isis (Tyet): Wearing or placing this symbol on your altar can invoke Isis’ protection and healing.

Isis Herbs

Utilizing herbs associated with Isis can add a layer of potency to rituals and offerings:

  • Rose: Symbolizes love, protection, and the sacred feminine, resonating with Isis’ nurturing aspects.
  • Myrrh: Associated with healing, purification, and the afterlife, reflecting Isis’ roles in magic and protection of the dead.

Isis Likes and Dislikes

Isis, with her profound connections to magic, motherhood, and the cycles of life and death, values sincerity, wisdom, and reverence for the mysteries she governs. Her favor is earned through genuine devotion, the pursuit of knowledge, and the practice of magic with respect and integrity.


  • Ritual and Magic: Isis favors those who engage with her through ritual and magic, especially when these practices aim to heal, protect, and empower. She appreciates the use of spells, incantations, and rituals that draw on her ancient wisdom and respects the depth of her magical knowledge.
  • Wisdom and Learning: Devotees who seek wisdom and pursue learning in her name catch Isis’ attention. She values the quest for understanding the mysteries of the cosmos, the cycle of life and death, and the interplay of fate and free will.
  • Respect for Life: Isis expects reverence for all forms of life. Her followers should understand the sacredness of life’s web and act with compassion and respect toward all beings.


  • Disrespectful Magic: Using magic for selfish, manipulative, or harmful purposes is abhorrent to Isis. She disdains practices that seek to subvert the natural order or that disrespect the free will of others.
  • Ignorance and Arrogance: Those who approach her mysteries with arrogance or without a genuine desire to learn and grow may find themselves rebuked. Isis seeks humility and sincerity in her followers.
  • Neglect of the Vulnerable: Given her roles as protector and nurturer, Isis disapproves of those who neglect or exploit the vulnerable, whether they be human, animal, or the environment itself.

Prayers to Isis

An effective prayer to Isis should be deeply personal, reflecting an understanding of her nature and an earnest desire to align with her essence. Below is an example of a more complex and heartfelt prayer that could be used to invoke her presence:

Prayer for Embodying Isis’ Wisdom and Power

“O Isis, Great Enchantress, Throne of Mystery and Keeper of the Veil Between Worlds, I invoke your presence. Grant me the courage to face the shadows within and the wisdom to wield your sacred magic with integrity. Teach me the secrets of the cosmos that lie hidden in the stars and within the depths of my own soul.

As I walk the path of the initiate, guide me with your light. Let me be a vessel for your healing power, extending your compassion to those in need. Help me to uphold the balance of Ma’at, acting always with justice and truth.

Mighty Isis, I seek to embody your strength and resilience. Inspire me to nurture and protect, to love deeply, and to rise with grace from life’s trials. Let your wings enfold me, transforming me with the profound mysteries you guard. Through your divine magic, may I find the power to manifest my true will and the vision to see beyond illusion.

I dedicate myself to your guidance, O Divine Mother. Let my actions be a testament to your enduring wisdom and love. So mote it be.”

Isis Ritual Evocation

The objective of this ritual is to summon the presence of Isis before you, so that you can ask her for guidance, healing, protection, greater fertility or assistance in magical workings.

Preparatory Steps:

  1. Altar Preparation:
    • Arrange your altar facing East, dedicated to Isis. Place a statue or an image of Isis at the center. Surround this with symbols sacred to her: an ankh, a lotus flower, and the tyet symbol.
    • On the altar, place four blue, gold, or silver candles at the corners to represent the elements and Isis’ dominion over them. In the center, a fifth candle, larger than the others, symbolizes Isis herself.
    • Prepare a bowl of consecrated water mixed with essential oils (lotus or rose) and place it on the altar for purification and as an offering.
  2. Circle Casting:
    • Use an athame or wand to draw a protective circle around your ritual space. As you walk deosil (clockwise), envision a beam of light extending from your tool, creating a boundary that protects and sanctifies the space.
    • Invoke the guardians of the four cardinal directions to watch over your ritual. You might use specific invocations for each, aligning them with the elements they represent (Earth-North, Air-East, Fire-South, Water-West).
  3. Triangle of Art:
    • Outside the circle, to the East of your altar, draw a triangle on the ground with chalk or cord. This is the Triangle of Art, a space outside your protective circle where Isis’ energy will be evoked. Place a mirror or a representation of Isis within the triangle to help visualize her presence.

The Ritual:

  1. Lighting Candles and Incense:
    • Begin by lighting the altar candles and incense, setting the intention for them to act as beacons to guide Isis to your space.
  2. Consecration and Purification:
    • Sprinkle the consecrated water around the altar and over yourself, purifying the space and your being, preparing both for Isis’ presence.
  3. Evocative Prayer:
    • Stand facing the altar and raise your arms in the ancient gesture of invocation. Recite the following prayer with focused intention and deep reverence:
    “O Isis, Divine Enchantress, Throne of the Heavens,
    By the sacred river and the starlit sky, I call to thee.
    Grant me the honor of thy presence, mighty and wise,
    As I stand at the crossroads of earth and the divine.
    Through the veil of mystery and the passage of time,
    Descend upon this sacred space, within this triangle shine.
    Guide me with your light, empower me with your magic,
    O Isis, most gracious, reveal the path of true wisdom.”
  4. Visualization Process:
    • Close your eyes and visualize a brilliant light beginning to glow within the Triangle of Art. It grows brighter, coalescing into the form of Isis herself. See her as a figure of majestic power, cloaked in shimmering robes, with wings unfurled. Her eyes meet yours, wise and compassionate, as she steps forward from the triangle, bringing her presence fully into the space before you.
    • Hold this visualization firmly as you communicate your request or question to Isis. Speak as if she were physically present before you, for in this sacred space, she is.
  5. Offerings:
    • Present your offerings directly in front of the Triangle of Art. These should include:
      • Food Offerings: Bread, honey, or dates placed on a small plate.
      • Libations: Pour milk, wine, or pure water into a chalice, dedicating it to Isis.
      • Incense Offering: Light additional incense (frankincense or myrrh) as an offering to Isis, allowing the smoke to rise in front of the triangle.
    • As you present each offering, state your intention and gratitude: “I offer these gifts to you, O Isis, as tokens of my devotion and gratitude. May they be pleasing unto you.”
  6. Receiving Guidance:
    • With the offerings made, stand or sit quietly, maintaining the visualization of Isis’ presence. Open your heart and mind to receive any messages, sensations, or insights she may impart. This may come in the form of intuitive understanding, symbolic visions, or a sense of knowing.
  7. Closing the Ritual:
    • Thank Isis for her presence and guidance, acknowledging the honor of her visitation. “O Isis, I thank thee for thy divine presence and the wisdom shared. May our connection remain strong, and your guidance light my path. Farewell, O Great Goddess, until we meet again.”
    • Carefully extinguish the candles, starting with the central one and then the others. Release the guardians of the directions with thanks, and then, using your athame or wand, dissolve the protective circle, walking widdershins (counter-clockwise).

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