How to Summon a Demon (Full Guide)

So you’re interested in summoning a demon? Most people would think you’re either  crazy or silly for attempting to do so. These people don’t know the power of demonic magic and the effects it can have on the magician’s internal and external reality.

I’ve summoned many demons in the past and tried many ritualistic methods from ancient and modern grimoires. I saw with my own eyes what works and what doesn’t and I want to help others who are dabbling in demon summoning to get the best results. So this is a a full guide on how to summon a demon that will be of great service to you.

Why summon a demon

Before you go on to actually summon a demon, ask yourself why you want to do it. Entertainment is not the correct answer. You don’t want to mess with demonic magic just to see what would happen.

First of all, this approach is entirely wrong because it places Hollywood spectacle-like expectations on your rituals. In most cases a demon will not appear in a full, visible form. Demons are spiritual beings, they don’t have a physical appearance. If they appear in some visible form it’s an illusion. That’s why it’s rare for magicians to see a demon like Lucifer in the same way when performing a ritual.

You will find many grimoires, like The Lesser Key of Solomon, describe its 72 demons’ appearance. This is how the magician who wrote the book saw them. It’s not necessarily how you will see them. There’s a big chance  you won’t see anything, but will rather feel a presence or something that symbolizes the demon will happen during the ritual.

Long story short, when summoning a demon, you should always have a good reason to do so. In other words, you want the demon to assist you with some task.

Example #1: You have a health issue. Demon Buer is known for healing. Aleister Crowley successfully summoned Buer at one point to assist his mentor with his respiratory issues. What happened next was that his mentor was able to travel to Sri Lanka and recuperate from his illness.

From this example, it’s noticeable that magic doesn’t always work in a straightforwardly supernatural way. This is why, again, you don’t want to have this silly Hollywood horror-movie depiction of magic. It’s all about getting the result you want. Demons will often be very helpful, but in what way exactly will only become clear to you after the ritual and sometimes after you’ve accomplished the goal and can trace back the steps that lead to it.

Example #2: You want to make more money. Summoning Mammon, the demon of avarice is a great option. Mammon was worshipped for hundreds of years as a wealth deity in the ancient world, especially by Phoenicians who were a wealthy trade-oriented nation. Mammon is also known as the Ambassador to England, another wealthy country. When I summoned Mammon my online income doubled in two months without actually doing anything special. It could be that you summon Mammon and suddenly a business opportunity pops up, you get a promotion or you get an amazing money-making idea. It could also be that you become more energized and focused on making money which will lead to the same result.

So always know why you are attempting to summon a demon before the ritual. It’s both disrespectful to the demon and to the art of magic to do it just for the entertainment value.

 Which demon(s) to summon

This is the second most important question because not all demons are the same. Every demon has particular attributes and powers. You should summon a demon that corresponds to your goal(s).

If you want to make more money, Mammon is my favorite demon to work with. If you want help with emotional stability, Leviathan will be more helpful. If you want to become a sex-magnet, Zepar is my favorite.

It’s important to summon the correct demon, because each demon has a particular type of energy. If you summon Zepar, but actually want to make more money, there will be a conflict in energy. Zepar will urge you to go out and chase potential partners, but you will be too anxious or unwilling because you want to work on your business instead. It’s important to follow your gut feeling when determining the goal you want help with in order to avoid such conflicts.

How many demon(s) to summon at the same time

This question ties into the previous answer. If you summon demons with conflicting powers the same thing will happen: you will be conflicted and very likely unsuccessful in getting the results.

For example, summoning Zepar (for finding sexual partners), Mammon (for making more money), Buer (for healing) and Lucifer (for spiritual enlightenment) would create a ton of confusion. These conflicting energies will cause frustration in an ordinary magician every time. Trust me, because my overambitious self has tried this in the past. So it’s best to work with one demon at a time, or at most three demons with corresponding powers or powers that are not in conflict so that your goals won’t be in conflict either.

You could combine Mammon (for money) and Belial (for self-confidence and motivation). Both of these demons belong to the earth-element, so they are in good correspondence. Likewise, summoning Lucifer (for enlightenment) and Abaddon (demon of the Abyss, helps with eliminating unnecessary things in life) could work better than summoning Lucifer (secret Lucifer summoning ritual) and Zepar.

Where to find demons to summon

There are many, many demons across all traditional cultures. But the most popular places to find demons are grimoires. Grimoires are books of magic that include step-by-step rituals for performing magic. They also often describe spiritual entities that  can be summoned, such as angels and demons.

The best source for demons and certainly the most influential is The Lesser Key of Solomon, also known as Goetia and Lemegeton. This grimoire includes 72 demons such as Baal, Paimon, Zepar, Buer. Another great source is Grimorium Verum.

A more modern source is The Complete Book of Demonolatry. Keep in mind that demonolatry is the religious worship of demons, not necessarily ritualistic summoning. But this book provides some solid information on these entities so it’s worth reading.

I personally really enjoyed the Qabalah, Qliphoth and Goetic Magic by Thomas Karlsson. This book explains the dark side of Qabalah, which is filled with demonic magic. It includes some excellent rituals for summoning demons like Lillith and it explains Goetic magic in great detail (demons of The Lesser Key of Solomon). Lastly you can get my book, The Warrior-Magician Manual which is a light read that explains how magic works and basics of demon summoning magic with a couple of my own examples.

How to summon a demon step-by-step

Every grimoire and every magician has their own magical system, which means that there’s not just one way to do things. But all of these different rituals have a few things in common. They are the core concepts and they are at the root of every ritual.

We can compare a magician with a painter. Both have some tools and skills that they need in order to summon a demon or make a painting. A painter needs the right canvas, brush and colors to make a painting. He also needs some preliminary knowledge and skill. But once that’s available, he can get creative and make paintings that are very different from someone else.

The same is true in magic. It’s an art or a craft that has certain rules, but it’s not a set of recipes that you must follow religiously. The recipe-type magic is another Hollywood-derived nonsense that needs to be dispensed with.

This is the skeleton of every (effective) summoning ritual:

  1. Know your goal
  2. Find a demon who’s power corresponds to your goal
  3. Enter a trance-state to communicate with the demon
  4. Once you’re in a trance state, communicate your desire to the demon and ask for assistance
  5. After having received the answer, end the ritual by asking the demon to leave and/or get on with the task you assigned it with

So that’s the ritual, divided in a step-by-step format. Now you can accomplish each of these steps in many ways. Here’s a short example:

  1. Goal –  “I want to become a powerful magician.”
  2. Demon – Paimon (Why Paimon? Here’s an excerpt from Goetia: This Spirit can teach all Arts and Sciences, and other secret things. He can discover unto thee what the Earth is, and what holdeth it up in the Waters; and what Mind is, and where it is;)
  3. Enter a trance state through meditation, repeating Paimon’s name as a mantra, gazing at his sigil etc.
  4. In the trance state call forth King Paimon and ask him for guidance or answers on anything that is within his powers (and many things are)
  5. Ask him to leave and close the ritual

Here is my full step-by-step Paimon summoning ritual.

How to get into the trance state

Trance induction is a crucial part of the ritual. This is why magicians use so many devices like candles, sigils, swords, wands, mage robes etc. It’s also why rituals should be performed in a quiet, isolated setting. Scary places like graveyards or ancient ruins are used for the same purpose. The mind is everything and it can transport from mundane reality to the magical reality where you are able to communicate with spiritual entities and perform magic. From The Warrior-Magician Manual:

…the magician must get into a trance state in which his or her consciousness is able to expand and encapsulate contents of the unconscious mind and from there communicate with otherworldly planes of reality. Entering the trance state is accomplished by changing one’s brainwave frequency from the usual beta or alpha to a much deeper theta frequency.
All of us are already familiar with the theta frequency: it’s the state we’re in as we’re about to fall asleep. There are many methods for getting into the theta state without falling asleep. Some magicians can get into this state more easily than others. You will know that you’ve entered a trance state when you feel more receptive to your own suggestions (self-hypnosis) or external influences. It’s hard to describe it with words because it can’t be compared with anything but the moment that precedes a dream, when our internal world is about to fully envelope the external. The difference being that in a trance state we are fully awake and aware of what is happening.
Depending on the difficulty one experiences in getting into a trance, more complex and greater variety of tools can be used. Those who are naturally gifted might only need one simple method or perhaps none at all other than their desire to change their brainwave frequency. Experienced yogis and meditators can change their frequency at will without using any external aids. But if you’re not at that stage of your spiritual journey yet, try some of the following methods:

Then I go on to explain each of the common methods in more detail. I’ll just list them here and you can learn more about them online:

  • repeating a mantra
  • using the demon’s sigil (drawing it on a piece of paper and gazing at it or visualizing it in one’s mind)
  • using theta frequency binaural beats
  • meditation
  • intoxicating substances
  • sexual activities
  • implementing ritualistic items (swords, wands, a scrying mirror, crystal globe..)
  • finding a silent, magically-potent place to perform the ritual

So these are all tools that can be used alone or combined to enter a trance state. I’ve implemented at least one of them in all of my magick rituals.

How to know if your ritual was successful or not

There is no clear agreement on this point. But here’s my experience. If you’ve entered a trance state, something will happen. You will communicate with the demon, you will feel his energy and presence, he might even appear in visible or auditory form. But even if he doesn’t appear straightforwardly like that, it doesn’t mean that the ritual didn’t work. It’s important that you followed through the steps outlined above. Whether it worked or not will depend on the results you receive.

If you asked for financial help from Mammon, it doesn’t matter if Mammon didn’t appear to you during the ritual. What matters is whether you became more financially successful in the upcoming days, weeks or months. Did a positive change that is out-of-the-ordinary occur in your financial life during this period or not? If it did, you were successful.

Now, there are some demons that have divination powers. For example, Astaroth is said to provide answers of past, present and future events. So you’d expect to receive the answer during the ritual. In cases where the effects should be immediate you might receive a vision of sorts. In fact, the demon might speak through you as has happened to me multiple times. Alternatively, you might receive the answer in a dream. In case of divination, consider placing the demon’s sigil under your pillow to receive answers in your dreams.

In cases when a magician is disrespectful to a demon, the ritual can backfire. If you speak to the demon like a slave, he can rebel and cause trouble. This happened to me when I summoned Bael for the power of invisibility (not literal invisibility, but rather protection from enemies and prying eyes). I spoke to him like a lord would speak to a servant and I got into a physical altercation shortly after. Lesson learned. Likewise, if you position yourself as a slave or a servant, the demon can use you for his ill purposes. It’s important to be respectful to the demon you’re summoning but the respect needs to go both ways.

Final Word: How to Summon a Demon

To summon a demon you need to have a clear purpose for doing so. Then you can follow the steps outlined above: finding the right demon for your goal, getting into a trance, actually communicating your request to the demon and closing the ritual.

I’ve shared many demon summoning rituals on this website, and you can find them in the magick rituals section. These are my own rituals, my own ways of getting into a trance. You will notice that while there are some minor differences between each ritual, they follow the same pattern and I use basic trance-induction techniques in all of them because they work for me. I prefer working with sigils, mantras and candles, while some magicians might prefer using a wand, incense etc.

As I explained before, it’s important to follow the basics steps, but you don’t have to follow every detail completely. Magic is a creative activity and it’s very individual. It’s a combination of science and art, so you need the basic logical skeleton of the work and then you can let your intuition  or imagination run wild in creating the ritual. Overall, I’m confident this article will help you and I wish you good luck with your summoning rituals.

Want to receive the benefits of a ritual faster and more effectively? Consider hiring me to perform it for you. I perform rituals for clients based on their unique circumstances and goals. If you’re interested I look forward to hearing from you!

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