How to Summon a Genie or Jinn

A genie is a type of spirit best known from Arabian folklore. He’s traditionally depicted as imprisoned within a bottle, ring or an oil lamp, and capable of granting wishes when summoned. Genie is an Anglicized name for jinn, but they have the same meaning: supernatural creatures from early pre-Islamic Arabian and later Islamic mythology and theology. We also read that:

Both devils and jinn feature in folk lore and are held responsible for misfortune, possession and diseases. However, the jinn are sometimes supportive and benevolent. They are mentioned frequently in magical works throughout the Islamic world, to be summoned and bound to a sorcerer, but also in zoological treatises as animals with a subtle body. (1)

Genies are very similar to demons as depicted in grimoires belonging to the Judeo-Christian tradition, such as Ars Goetia and Grimorium Verum.

The difference is more cultural than actual when it comes to working with these spirits. Both demons and jinns/genie can be summoned using the same methods.

How to Summon a Genie

1. Have the right reason

It’s always important to have a good reason for summoning a spirit. Spirits dislike immature magicians and witches who disrupt their activities for personal entertainment. If you behave like an uneducated mongrel, you can expect a backlash from the spiritual force you summon. So always prepare the questions and requests you have beforehand, so you can ask them at the right time. This is a good time for introspection as well. While you’re crafting the request or question, it’s recommended to ask yourself whether you could accomplish the same thing without evoking a spirit. If you can, perhaps summoning a spirit is unnecessary. We also read that:

..a sorcerer may summon a jinn and force him to perform orders. Summoned jinn may be sent to the chosen victim to cause demonic possession. Such summonings were done by invocation, by aid of talismans or by satisfying the jinn, thus to make a contract. Jinn are also regarded as assistants of soothsayers (fortune tellers). Soothsayers reveal information from the past and present; the jinn can be a source of this information because their lifespans exceed those of humans. Another way to subjugate them is by inserting a needle to their skin or dress. Since jinn are afraid of iron, they are unable to remove it with their own power. (2)

Overall, make sure that the reason is justified by its difficulty and relevancy, and only then summon a genie for assistance.

2.  Find the right genie/jinn for the task

Unlike grimoires from the Western tradition such as Ars Goetia that describe demons, grimoires with jinns are much harder to come by. We read that:

Ibn al-Nadim, Muslim scholar of his Kitāb al-Fihrist, describes a book that lists 70 Jinn led by Fuqtus (Arabic: Fuqṭus فقْطس), including several jinn appointed over each day of the week. Bayard Dodge, who translated al-Fihrist into English, notes that most of these names appear in the Testament of Solomon. A collection of late fourteenth- or early fifteenth-century magico-medical manuscripts from Ocaña, Spain describes a different set of 72 jinn (termed “Tayaliq”) again under Fuqtus (here named “Fayqayțūš” or Fiqitush), blaming them for various ailments. According to these manuscripts, each jinni was brought before King Solomon and ordered to divulge their “corruption” and “residence” while the Jinn King Fiqitush gave Solomon a recipe for curing the ailments associated with each jinni as they confessed their transgressions.

So there is an obvious connection between these 72 jinns and those found in The Lesser Key of Solomon, which also has 72 demons. We read further:

A disseminated treatise on the occult, written by al-Ṭabasī, called Shāmil, deals with subjugating demons and jinn by incantations, charms and the combination of written and recited formulae and to obtain supernatural powers through their aid. Al-Ṭabasī distinguished between licit and illicit magic, the later founded on disbelief, while the first on purity.

Here we find something similar to the right hand path and left hand path, or white magic and black magic. One can summon a genie with purity, or pure intentions, which is white magic. Or one can summon a genie with disbelief in morality, God, divine punishment, which would be akin to evil or black magic. We also read:

Seven kings of the Jinn are traditionally associated with days of the week. They are also attesteed in the Book of Wonders. Although many passages are damaged, they remain in Ottoman copies. These jinn-kings (sometimes afarit instead) are invoked to legitimate spells performed by amulets.

Sunday: Al-Mudhib (Abu ‘Abdallah Sa’id)
Monday: Murrah al-Abyad Abu al-Harith (Abu al-Nur)
Tuesday: Abu Mihriz (or Abu Ya’qub) Al-Ahmar
Wednesday: Barqan Abu al-‘Adja’yb
Thursday: Shamhurish (al-Tayyar)
Friday: Abu Hasan Zoba’ah (al-Abyad)
Saturday: Abu Nuh Maimun (3)

To go through all of these jinns and explain their powers goes beyond the purpose of this article. The purpose we’ve set for ourselves is to provide you with the technical aid for summoning them. But it is up to you to research the powers and attributes of each genie and summon the one that would be most likely to help you with your request or question.

3. Trance Induction

To perform a summoning ritual for a genie, angel or demon you always have to do trance induction. There’s no way around this. The magicians must get into this state of mind where it’s easier to communicate with these supernatural entities.

The trance state is also known as theta brainwave frequency. It’s the mental state we enter just as we’re about to fall asleep, during which the line between real world and dreams is not very clear.

Getting into this state intentionally and remaining awake is basically a trance state. Trance induction is simply the way to consciously get into a trance. For this purpose various methods can be used such as:

  • deep meditation
  • prayer
  • mantras and chants
  • gazing at a symbol or a sigil of the spirit you’re trying to summon, a scrying mirror or a candle light
  • love-making along with intoxicating substances such as wine, especially in Tantric tradition and Dionysian cults of the ancient world
  • dancing in a particular way (good example is the dervish dance in the Islamic tradition)
  • fasting
  • not sleeping for a long period of time

So all of these various methods are used for this purpose. They can be combined or used alone. Typically, ceremonial (summoning) magic rituals are a combination of many different methods and ritualistic items. So you could combine chants with symbols, dancing and various movements using a consecrated dagger/wand/sword etc.

In all cases, the purpose of these actions is to create a unique mental state in which you will be more receptive to the influences from the spiritual plane of reality.

4. Communicate with the genie

Once you’ve entered the trance state, it’s time to contact the spirit by calling its name or using the special incantation if one exists. Some grimoires have a special incantation and various actions that need to be used to summon a particular jinn or demon. One the genie appears you can speak to it, possibly hear it or see it. Or maybe you will just feel its presence in the ritual space.

In either case, it’s there and it’s up to you to give voice to your desire, question or request. In other words, say what ou want to say to this spirit and ask it for help. It will then answer you either positively or negatively.

If positively, you can expect some powerful help to come your way in the upcoming days, weeks, months or perhaps years, depending on what you asked for. If negatively, you should not be discouraged. Although this genie is not interested in helping you for whatever reason, you can try your luck with another one and see how it goes. As long as you’re able to perform the trance induction successfully, you can contact many spirits and ask for aid until one of them is ready to help.

5. End the summoning ritual

So with the communication part over, the genie you’ve just summoned is ready to do his task. For him to do so, you need to end the ritual and send him on his path.

End the ritual by saying something along these lines: “Thank you _____ (name of the genie) for your wisdom and help. I now end this ritual and send you forth to do my bidding.”

With that said, the ritual is over and you can store all your ritual items in a safe and dignified space, and go on with your day in normal fashion.

Be cautious with genies trapped in magical items

Some genies live in certain magical items, such as amulets, rings, amulets, mirrors, lamps and bottles. It can be said that they are “trapped” inside these items. This sort of magic is performed by black magicians who are able to subdue the spirit and then trap it for whatever purpose.

Sometimes a person will find a magical item without even knowing that there is a genie inside. When they rub it or open it, the spirit will be released. If it’s a good genie, it will help the person who freed it. But in cases when it’s an evil or unstable genie, it could do more harm than good.

In either case, trapping a genie or any other spirit is not recommended, and dealing with trapped spirits can be just as dangerous if not more so.

Just like people, spirits can change under different circumstances. Being trapped in solitary confinement of a small oil lamp can make even the best of spirits lose their minds. So try to avoid dealing with spiritually charged items or creating ones without instruction from an experienced magician .

Final Word: How to Summon a Genie

Genie summoning involves finding the right genie, communicating your question/desire/request and receiving a positive answer. After the ritual, it is partially your obligation to follow through and do the things that will make your wish come true.

In other words, don’t expect the genie to do all the hard work for you. In most cases a genie will open up new doors for opportunities and remove blockages on your path to success. But it’s up to you to walk through those doors and make the best of these new and exciting experiences.

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  1. Djinns are absolutely demons. The Goetia’s spirits are also Djinns. Demons and Djinns are same. But in Muslim culture, not all djinns are evil. They are not all the same. Some djinns are worships the satan, some djinns are worships the fire, some djinns are Christian, Jew, Muslim. They live more than a human. They can do hard work that people can’t do. According to some sources, they can go into many different shape.

    1. Yeah. The problem is only that the definition of “djinn” varies depending on who you ask. But I agree, in most cases it’s basically demons.

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