How to Summon Amdusias, the Demon Patron of Musicians

For some reason many magicians overlook the Great Duke Amdusias when seeking demonic guidance. Yet he can be very helpful and willing to assist with specific requests pertaining to music and dealing with natural spirits.

Amdusias can be summoned if the magician (or client) requires help with learning to play an instrument, improving vocal range and singing. Also if one has reached a natural peak in their musical development and the only way to progress further is through demonic assistance.

A completely different reason to summon Amdusias is to help obtain a deeper connection with nature and natural spirits. Natural spirits are those that can be encountered in nature. Fawns, sprites and countless natural deities that control a segment of nature or a specific location in nature. Wikipedia surprisingly provides a decent list of natural spirits.

Furthermore, Amdusias can cause trees to bend and incline if the magician so choses. It should be clear that this is only during the ritual and only if enough energy is generated. Group rituals are more likely to cause this effect.

Before I share instructions on how to summon Amdusias, it would be useful to read his description from TLKoS:

The Sixty-seventh Spirit is Amdusias, or Amdukias. He is a Duke Great and Strong, appearing at first like a Unicorn, but at the request of the Exorcist he standeth before him in Human Shape, causing Trumpets, and all manner of Musical Instruments to be heard, but not soon or immediately. Also he can cause Trees to bend and incline according to the Exorcist’s Will. He giveth Excellent Familiars. He governeth 29 Legions of Spirits.

– The Lesser Key of Solomon

We can see that Amdusias is not a negligible spirit in the Hell’s hierarchy, for he has the rank of a Duke and he governs 29 Legions. This means that you should prepare for the ritual with care and approach him with great respect. You will need to create a strong magic circle and triangle to contain his energy during the ritual.

How to Summon Amdusias

Here are the step-by-step instructions that you can follow to summon Amdusias and ask for assistance with either improving your musical skills or developing a spiritual sight and connection with natural spirits of your liking.

1. Prepare for the ritual

You will need to perform a deep physical, mental and spiritual cleanse before working with Amdusias. This requires abstaining from heavy foods for at least 7 days and doing a water/tea fast for 3 days before the ritual. At the same time you are to abstain from all mentally arousing content. You should enjoy peace and contentedness.

Unlike some other demons, Amdusias doesn’t appreciate negative energy, he prefers that a magician is balanced in all respects. Unfortunately our culture and its contents lead to imbalances, as does our poisoned food, and therefore a period of abstinence is necessary.

For spiritual cleansing you need to meditate and optionally do a yin-based form of exercise that can enhance your spirit-mind-body connection. Western esotericism has some exercises that can get the job done, but I recommend doing Qigong instead. On the eve of the 10th day you can perform an Amdusias summoning ritual.

2. Creating the circle and triangle

It is best to perform this ritual in a natural location, preferably a forest, though a desert can work also. There should be no distractions, quietness and concentration is vital.

You will stand inside the circle, and the demon is summoned inside the triangle. The circle needs to be large enough that you can move inside it comfortably without worrying that you’ll step out. The triangle can be smaller and it should be very close to the circle.

The circle and triangle can be created with salt, chalk or paint. The more important aspect are the candles. If you are performing the ritual outside then wind can interfere with the candle flames. Purchasing contained candles is an option.

On the circle you will place 4 candles. Black candles East and West, green candles North and South. Place a yellow candle on each point of the triangle. I won’t go into the symbolism of the colors here, what’s important is that you do it correctly. Use a compass to place them correctly on the circle.

3. Place a symbolic item inside the triangle

Depending on your reason for summoning Amdusias you will need to present a symbolic item that will attract him to the spot.

If you need help with a musical instrument, then you ought to place an instrument inside the triangle. If you need help with vocal abilities, place a recorder of some sort that holds a recording of you singing. You don’t have to play it during the ritual.

If you need help with seeing and connecting with natural spirits, create or purchase a statue of a natural spirit and place it inside the triangle.

In addition to this, take a decently sized rock and draw his sigil on the rock and place it in the middle of the triangle. The symbolic item can rest on the rock but it doesn’t have to. This is the correct Amdusias sigil:

4. The Summoning Procedure

Light the candles, stand inside the circle. Close your eyes and begin to swirl in place with your arms stretched out as you chant “Omni detris destalaris quantis”.

Do it slow enough that you don’t move out the circle by mistake. Do this for a period of 2-3 minutes. Visualize the circle being filled with bright energy created by your movement, almost like a shining capsule.

Next, open your eyes and point your right hand to the triangle and say:

Amdusias, I have cleansed my soul, my mind and my body, now fill this vessel with your radiant power. Fill me with the power to ___________.

After you’ve said this fall on your knees, close your eyes and feel Amdusias’ energy entering your body through all its pores. Now, move swiftly into the triangle, pick up the item that you placed there at the beginning.

If it’s a musical instrument play it. If you want to improve your voice, pick up the recording and play it while singing at the same time. If it’s a statuette of a natural spirit keep it in your hand and look around you for signs of a natural spirit.

If the ritual was a success something will happen. Either you will play the instrument better than ever, or your voice will have improved remarkably or you will see spirits surrounding you either in full shape or as large silhouettes lurking from the shadows. In addition to this you might see Amdusias now standing inside the circle in one of his forms – as a unicorn or a human.

Remain in this way and observe what is happening with glee until you are ready to close the ritual, then say: “I thank you Great Duke for showing your power to me and blessing me with a modicum of your strength. I pray that you will guide me henceforth as a demonic ally.”


After removing the ritual items the ritual is complete. You will notice your abilities in the desired activity will improve faster than ever, strange things will happen and you will be considered a unique individual with a unique talent. Be sure to thank Amdusias regularly and perform this ritual in regular intervals to keep the connection strong. Once a year should suffice.

With that being said, I have already summoned Amdusias for myself and my clients. I have a strong connection with this demon already, so if you want I can perform a ritual summoning and transfer its benefits to you. I do a couple of extra steps to facilitate the transfer and it’s been effective so far. So you can hire me to perform the ceremony for you if you’re interested in becoming a musical prodigy or developing a deeper connection with natural spirits that are all around us but can’t be seen with our ordinary senses.

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