How to Summon an Angel or Archangel: Full Guide

So you want to summon an angel to enhance your spiritual life, health, relationships, mental state or perhaps for some other benefit? Angelic magic or simple prayers coming from the heart have been used to summon these divine spirits in the past.

In this article I will show you the best angel summoning methods from ancient grimoires, those shared by experienced mystics and magicians, so that you can summon these luminous beings as well.

Sometimes angels come on their own, as was the case with many religious figures, mystics and gurus. But magicians summon angels, they don’t wait for them to arrive out of their own volition.

Before we begin, allow me to mention that angels are easier to summon than demons. There isn’t any inherent dangers involved, because angels are benevolent spirits by their very nature. They exist between the world of man and the Godhead, as sort of intermediaries and part of the heavenly/celestial hierarchy. In comparison, demons exist between the world of man and the Devil himself, as part of the Hell’s hierarchy.

Here we are basing our knowledge of angels on the more popular Judeo-Christian theology. But we can also base it on a more esoteric knowledge, that of Kabbalah, where angels are part of the Tree of Life and demons of the Tree of Knowledge. Each spirit, whether angel or demon, holds certain attributes that can be activated on either path to improve our lives or ourselves in the corresponding way.

Angels belong to the Tree of Life, or to put it more bluntly, to benevolent spirituality, and can therefore be summoned only for morally good purposes, which is why these rituals belong to the white magic tradition.

The Difference Between Summoning an Angel and a Guardian Angel

Many people think of archangels like Raphael and Michael in the same way as they would of a Guardian Angel. But there is a huge difference between the two.

A Guardian Angel is the highest benevolent spiritual entity you could ever come into communion with, except for God himself. If you manage to summon your Guardian Angel you will become more powerful than you could ever imagine, because he will open up your consciousness to a whole other level. It’s the equivalent of enlightenment as taught by the Hindu, Buddhist and Taoist tradition.

To summon a Guardian Angel is incredibly difficult. The most famous ritual for this purpose in the Western occult tradition is the Abramelin ritual, found in Abraham of Worms’s book from the Middle Ages.

The Abramelin ritual lasts a year and a half, and consists of a very rigid practice of fasting, prayer, and evocations, performed in self-isolation.

The practitioner shouldn’t leave his home at all while conducting this long ritual. Furthermore, the practitioner must bring the ritual to its completion. If stopped for any reason it could lead to serious harm as the practitioner has unleashed many spiritual forces but hasn’t yet learned how to contain them.

To summarize, summoning a Guardian Angel is very difficult, potentially dangerous and should be left to only the most serious magician. Famously, Aleister Crowley performed the Abramelin ritual to summon his Guardian Angel. But he had to discontinue the ritual for personal reasons. Since that moment he suffered many accidents on his life journey.

On the other hand, summoning an archangel is much safer albeit less potent. These beings are not exclusively the property of a single magician, as is the case with the guardian angel. They can be summoned by everyone, and they can only help in somewhat limited manner.

The GA can help with basically anything you want, because he allows you to command all demons without suffering any consequences. Archangels are different because the benefits you receive from them are “only” their own powers, which are limited because they themselves are constrained by their place in the heavenly hierarchy and the powers afforded to them by the Godhead.

So archangels are less powerful, but they’re still powerful enough to help in many situations and worthy of proper evocation.

Best Angels to Summon & For What Purpose

Here are some of the most powerful angels you can summon. I’ve also included a picture of each one’s seal (sigil). These are symbols from various grimoires (books containing magic rituals) that can are used to connect to a spirit and summon it more easily.

Archangel Michael

Michael is arguably the most powerful angel. He is the leader of all the other angels, and his power is to abolish fear and negative emotions in general. Michael is often evoked for mental purification.

He can be summoned to help yourself or someone else that you love and care for. If you summon him to help someone else, there needs to be a strong emotional bond between yourself and that person.

People who work with Michael’s powers are known as “lightworkers”, because of the purifying effects of this magic on themselves and their surroundings.

Archangel Raphael

Raphael is the greatest healer of all the angels. His main power is healing physical ailments, preventing the putrification of wounds and reducing symptoms of chronic ailments if not curing them outright.

Raphael can be either evoked or invoked. Evocation of Raphael should be performed for healing someone else. This means that you summon Raphael and allow him to enter someone else’s astral body to rid it of blockages which cause illness.

If you’re summoning Raphael to heal yourself, perform an invocation instead. This means summoning Raphael to immediately enter your astral body during the ritual and working on clearing the blockages.

The duration of this process is highly individual, depending on your power as a summoner and the ailments you’re dealing with.

Archangel Gabriel

Gabriel is best known as the angel who brought Jesus of Nazareth to Mary. He is often prayed to for help with conception, pregnancy and adoption.

Gabriel is also known as a messenger angel. He can help us develop our communication skills and deliver our message telepathically to someone else.

In the case of telepathic messages, this will manifest as an intuitive understanding of ourselves by that person. As an example, if you love a person, Gabriel can make that known to them.

He is also known as the truth teller. If you want a person to know the real truth about a certain event, he can lead them in the right direction by “planting a seed” of interest in discovering the full story and providing clues on how to find it.

Archangel Jophiel

Jophiel is a patron of arts and the angel associated with beauty in general. That includes physical, emotional and spiritual beauty.

Jophiel can be summoned by aspiring artists for creativity and skill improvements. He can also be summoned to beautify our thoughts and emotions, to find beauty in the present moment, in the things we have rather than constantly striving for some distant success in the future.

We can say that Jophiel is the angel of positivity in all ways imaginable and is according to many who’ve summoned him very corteous and pleasant to work with.

Archangel Metatron

Metatron is the angel that bridges the gap between the physical and spiritual realm. Metatron is the right angel to summon if you want to see visions of higher realities, and have greater success with your white magic endeavors.

Unlike other angels on this list, Metatron has a very active and fiery energy. He is there to help you accomplish things, to realize your spiritual potential. He is known to help children with spiritual gifts reach their potential in this manner.

Metatron can be summoned to enhance your meditation, mantras, chants, and to improve the benefits from doing good work for the benefit of others, leading you to the faster release of ego-trappings and communion with your Guardian Angel or the Godhead itself.

With that being said, these are some of the best angel summoning rituals that you can perform on your own.

How to Summon an Angel

Angelic Sigil Ritual

I provided you with the symbols for each of the five mighty archangels because symbols are very powerful. Just as a flag of a country evokes certain type of energy such as patriotism, so does any other symbol.

Angelic and demonic seals, or sigils, however you wish to call them, work in the same manner. They radiate the energy of the corresponding spiritual entity. You can use the sigil to summon an angel by gazing at it and by visualizing it with your eyes closed in meditation.

If you prefer to gaze at a sigil, start first by drawing it on a piece of paper. This will already connect you with the particular spirit. As you place the piece of paper on a table or an altar, surround it with 3 candles. Shut off all other sources of light, so that only the candles illuminate the sigil.

Now sit down and gaze lightly at the sigil. Remain relaxed and feel the energy in the room and in yourself change. The sigil might become three-dimensional, as if floating from the paper. You may even receive visions or hear strange sounds if you gaze for long enough. Keep your breathing calm and undisturbed so that you can gaze at the sigil for longer without blinking too much.

If you prefer to visualize the sigil, simply remember how it looks, then attempt to create it in your mind and to hold that image for as long as possible. Meditate on its significance, imagine it becoming brighter and brighter, illuminating the darkness that surrounds it and overpowering it.

The first ritual is easier because you have a visual aid to work with. The second requires greater mental clarity and focus. These mental faculties will develop the longer you practice. You can train by visualizing less complex forms, such as a circle, square or a triangle and move from there to more complex symbols such as angelic and demonic sigils.

Angelic Mantra Invocation

If you want to embody the attributes or energies of an angel, you can repeat his name like a mantra during meditation. Sit in a quiet place for at least 10 minutes and silently repeat the name of Gabriel, Metatron or some other angel.

If you have a good environment to chant out loud, you can do so as well. Each of these names contains a certain vibrational frequency which will have a lasting effect on your mental and physical state of being. This is a simple way to perform an angel invocation without any fancy tools or complex ritual steps.

Angelic Prayer

Prayer is one of the greatest spiritual tools you can use. Devotion to a particular spirit has always been the main way to form a connection and to summon it. Angels are no different. You can connect to your desired angel by praying to it sincerely.

The important thing is to pray to the angel that can help with your request. More precisely, it’s better to pray to Raphael for health concerns, and to Metatron for spiritual improvement as these are the requests they are equipped to respond to.

In the same manner, if you needed help with financial matters, you would receive better results by seeking out Mammon (demon of wealth) than Belial (demon of mischief).

As an example, here’s a prayer that I’ve used as a Metatron invocation. Feel free to use it as it is, or modify it to suit your request better:

Great Metatron, Heavenly Scribe, write down my future with your illuminated mind.

Bestow upon me the powers of Air, so that I might reach the heavenly peak in greater time.

Show me the Light of your Ways through meditation in every minute of every waking hour.

Lead me through a celestial journey to the Heavenly Father before the sunrise.

Great Metatron, I devote myself to your power and wisdom.

Metatron (repeat “Metatron” as a mantra for as long as you feel comfortable)

This prayer can be used multiple times but you may find that you only need to use it once. As you can see, it’s a bit poetic and cryptic, but not entirely. You can be poetic or you can be more straightforward in your angelic prayer. Sincere effort is the vital ingredient, everything else serves a decorative function.

Deeply Contemplate an Angel

The Judeo-Christian mystical tradition places a large emphasis on contemplation. That is, thinking deeply about a symbol, a spirit, a passage in a holy text etc. Deep contemplation can be used to summon an angel as well. Ponder the nature of angels or a specific angel you wish to summon.

To use Metatron as an example, read about his significance in the holy texts, the Kabbalistic ideas about him and why he is known as the Heavenly Scribe. This would give you some ideas about his nature. Then you can get into meditation and let your mind weave a new identity for Metatron, as it naturally combines these ideas with his sigil.

As you sit in a relaxed position you will reach a deeper state of mental concentration and all of this focus you put into learning about Metatron can form a vision or a significant inner experience of the angel.

I can’t provide exact step-by-step guide because this is a subtle and intuitive process, from learning about a spirit to forming and receiving a vision while in a state of deep relaxation. It is up to every practitioner to find his own way with this method.

Final Word: How to Summon an Angel

Angels are beautiful, all wise and benevolent spirits. They are the intermediary spirits that connect us to higher regions of consciousness by which we can reach the spiritual planes that are inaccesible to regular human consciousness.

They can also help in more practical ways by removing physical ailments, improving certain skills and much more. Archangels are the angels that can be summoned with various methods.

The greatest method for summoning an angel is sincerity. A magic sigil ritual, a deep prayer, mantra meditation and contemplation are all valid ways to invoke or evoke an angel.

But it’s not enough to just go through the motions. We use these methods to direct our energy in a particular direction. In other words, it’s important that the summoner is emotionally invested in the process. Only then might the angel feel the need to validate the request.

So I hope this helps. Do you have experience with summoning angels, or perhaps some questions? Feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

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