How to Summon Aphrodite

Aphrodite is the ancient goddess of love and sensual pleasures. By summoning Aphrodite you can improve your love life in many ways. She can help you find the love of your life, she can make you more attractive to whomever you like and she can improve your current relationship.

Aphrodite can be summoned by visualizing her presence and channeling it into a scrying mirror. You can also create a sensual atmosphere with incense and essential oils, then use her name as a meditative mantra until you reach a deep trance state. When in trance, you will be able to communicate your desire to Aphrodite.   

Keep reading for a more in-depth explanation on how to summon Aphrodite:

1. The Scrying Mirror Method

Scrying mirrors are incredibly useful for evoking spirits. They serve as gateways or portals for spiritual communication. The method for summoning Aphrodite that I recommend is fairly simple but requires emotional engagement. It requires only one or two ritual items:

  1. Wand (optional)
  2. Scrying mirror

Wands are a great tool for channeling energy. So the scrying method involves visualizing Aphrodite in all her glory. Close your eyes and allow her image to appear. Use all your senses to conjure her in your minds eye. Once you’ve done that, use the wand or the palm of your hand to channel this imagery into the scrying mirror for as long you want.

Put serious emotion into this process. One of two things will happen. Either the visualization you had will appear in the scrying mirror or you simply feel an intense presence in the mirror. In both cases, you have summoned Aphrodite into the ritual space. You are now able to communicate with Aphrodite and share your desires and wants. You can now ask her for a favor in any love affair.

2. The Deep Trance Method

A deep trance is very effective, almost essential to any summoning endeavor. When you’re in deep trance you’re able to connect with the spiritual realm. However, in order to connect with a specific god, goddess, demon or other spirit, you also need to create a specific atmosphere that is conducive to summoning that particular entity.

When summoning Aphrodite, decorate the ritual space in soft, sensual or strikingly erotic colors, for example red or pink. You could wear a magical robe or clothes that are also gentle and sensual. A pleasurable fragrance can be created by using rose incense, perfume or scented candles.

You can also create a shrine to goddess Aphrodite, using her statue, jewelry, sea shells and various dedications. For example, you can write a poem or an incantation and place it on the shrine. In any case, all of these items are used to create an atmosphere that brings you closer to the goddess. This is the fundamental aspect of connecting with any spirit, which is why sacral architecture and places of worship are often very beautiful.

Once you’ve taken care of the visual aspect and the fragrance of your summoning space, don’t forget the auditory aspect. Sit or stand in the middle of the ritual space facing the shrine or any focal point of the ritual space. Close your eyes and chant or use as a mantra the name of Aphrodite, or use your own unique incantation.

Do this with great emotion, feel yourself conjuring the goddess, her energy and presence becoming all consuming. This will bring you to a trance state and align your energy with Hers, essentially invoking her presence into your mind. Now that you’ve summoned her, ask for any favors you require that are love related.

Final Word

Summoning goddess Aphrodite requires creating a suitable atmosphere and conducting a summoning ritual. I’ve provided you with two simple but highly effective methods. Also keep in mind that the fundamental principles outlined in this article can be used to get in communion with almost any spirit. Hope this helps!

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