How to Summon Archangel Jeremiel

Archangel Jeremiel is the angel of visions, dreams and mercy. Jeremiel literally means “the mercy of God”. He is the angel to invoke into your life if you are suffering greatly or if you need help with receiving spiritual insight and knowledge. Much of that knowledge Jeremiel will send through dreams filled with symbolism and heightened emotions of love and kindness.

There are 3 ways to summon Jeremiel. One way is the subtle way of prayer. The second way is to use a chant or a mantra while meditating. The third way is a summoning ritual of theurgy or white magic.

Prayer is the simplest and therefore most suited technique for most people, but it’s usually not as fast or as effective. The second way, through meditation, is more precise and effective but it requires a greater level of concentration. The third way, a summoning ritual, is the most effective but it requires getting into a trance state and performing a ritual of ceremonial magic, something that most people are not familiar with (but don’t worry, I’ll provide you with full instructions).

In this article you will learn how to summon Jeremiel using all three of these methods, so you can experiment and choose the one you like best.

1. Summon Jeremiel with a prayer

You can pray as often as you like. Focus on the words and their meaning instead of just repeating the prayer automatically. Make it an intense emotional experience to invoke Jeremiel with greater success.

Prayer #1

Jeremiel, Gods mercy and love

Give your love to my soul

Give your health to my body

Give your knowledge to my mind

As I give my love to others

As I use my health to heal others

As I use my knowledge to teach others


Prayer #2

As I pray to God the Almighty

So I pray to you Jeremiel, his brightest soldier

Pressed between Heaven and Hell

The great divide of Good and Evil

I pray for a clear path and your protection

As I venture towards the Light


2. Summon Jeremiel with meditation

Meditation is an incredibly powerful spiritual technique. While it’s usually associated with Eastern practices, the West also has a great tradition of meditation involving prayer or repeating magical words and incantations.

For summoning Jeremiel, sit comfortably on the floor, on a chair or a sofa. Relax your body but keep your spine straight. Keep your tongue on the roof of your mouth. This will ensure proper posture so that you can concentrate better. Allow your breathing to become calm and let go of unnecessary thoughts. Then begin repeating the following words out loud as a chant, or silently as a mantra:

“Bergulis sentanas derisil Jeremiel”

Repeat for as long as you feel comfortable or until certain effects appear. You will likely experience flashes of light and perhaps visions. Then you will know that you have invoked Jeremiel into your mind and soul.

There are different grades or levels to this invocation. This is just the beginning. The more you use this meditation, the greater your connection with this angel will become. He might even become your primary Guardian Angel as you consciously develop a stronger bond.

3. Summon Jeremiel with a magic ritual

This is the more complex but also the most rewarding of all summoning techniques. Ceremonial magic in this context is theurgy, or white magic. Because we are not invoking any evil spirit, but an angel. This can be done only through the help of the forces of Light, so this ritual does not pose any danger to the magician.

Self-cleanse: Perform a 3 day water fast prior to the ritual. If you’re unable to do it because of health concerns, at least reduce your food intake and abstain from meat and other animal products. Also clear your mind of negative thoughts and influences, read positive and spiritual texts and pray.

Preparing the ritual: As the ritual approaches, take great care of your personal hygiene. Wear white cotton or linen robes or any clothes that are of a similar standard. The place where you perform the ritual should also be very clean and quiet. Make sure that you are alone so that your ritual is not disturbed by someone walking in, your phone ringing etc. It’s best to perform it indoors and at nighttime, though there is no precise time you must adhere to.

You will need the following ritual items: 3 white candles, a wand or a dagger, incense (Frankincense is the best choice), salt

Ritual Instructions:

  • First meditate to clear your mind of all thoughts. You should be perfectly calm and relaxed as you enter the ritual. Any thoughts about mundane reality and responsibilities should be gone for the time being.
  • Create a large magic circle and a smaller triangle next to it on the floor with salt. Salt is used to ward of evil spirits (that’s why you will be in the circle during the ritual) and to provide a boundary in which you will summon the spirit so that it can’t escape (the triangle)
  • Light the 3 candles and place them on each corner of the triangle
  • Draw Jeremiel’s sigil on a piece of paper. Light the incense and place it inside the triangle and on top of the paper (of course, make sure that you place the incense in a holder so that it doesn’t burn the paper)
  • Stand in the center of the circle and point your wand/dagger at the triangle and make a cross as you say the following incantation 10 times: “I summon thee, Jeremiel, warrior of God, bringer of Light and Compassion, bringer of Love and Mercy, I summon thee to serve me in my hour of need!”
  • If nothing happens, repeat it for another 10 times. If nothing happens, repeat for another 16 times. At this point Jeremiel will appear as a vision within the triangle, as a voice, as a strong emotion/intuition or as inspiration in your very soul. In either case, at this point you should close your eyes and let go of all inhibitions. Allow Jeremiel’s energy to work through you, leading you to speak, dance, sing, chant and do whatever else he desires of you.
  • When you allow Jeremiel’s energy to work through you freely within the confines of this ritual, you might gain great insights and knowledge. Be sure to remember them. Communicate your desires freely, ask Jeremiel for help with whatever it is you need. This is the time when your bond is the strongest and he is likely to acknowledge your request.
  • When the energy stabilizes, the ritual is at its end. Remove the ritual items, destroy the circle and the triangle and resume your daily activities safe in the knowledge that Jeremiel is now your worthy companion.

Final Word

Jeremiel is an incredibly helpful archangel and a friend. If you are able to summon him, he will be at your side helping in any way that he can. However, for him to be able to help you, it’s important to create that strong link between yourself and the spiritual world that he resides in. That is the purpose of these 3 techniques.

The summoning ritual should be performed only once. The prayers and the meditation can be performed on a daily basis to maintain and strengthen that link more and more.

So I hope these techniques will prove helpful to you in doing just that! Last but not least, if you need help with summoning any spirit to aid you in your life’s journey, you can request a ritual and I will do the hard work for you. See you on the other side!

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