How to Summon Astaroth

So you’re interested in summoning Astaroth, the Grand Duke and Treasurer of Hell? In this article you will learn who Astaroth actually is, what to expect from him, and two summoning rituals that have worked for myself and magicians that I’ve shared these instructions with in the past.

Who is Astaroth?

Astaroth is a demon that evolved from the ancient Phoenician mother goddess of fertility Astarte, and the Akkadian goddess of war and sexual love Ishtar. He is one of the three supreme evil demons along with Beelzebub and Lucifer in Grimoire Verum and Grand Gimoire, which date from about the 18th century.

Astaroth loves to complain to those who are willing to listen about how he was unjustly punished by God along with other Fallen Angels. This could be in order to deceive the magician, with the goal of extracting his energy.

Make sure to stay in control at all times instead of subjugating yourself to the demon. This is always a good rule to follow, regardless of the demon you’re trying to summon.

Astaroth’s appearance

Astaroth often appears as either a beautiful or an ugly angel or prince, riding a dragon and holding a snake in his left hand. He also has terrible breath. On the other hand, some magicians saw a beautiful demoness instead.

Keep in mind that the appearance of the demon is closely linked with the preconceived notion that the summoner has of the demon. Astaroth is particularly ambiguous since he’s evolved from an ancient goddess, providing him/her with multiple forms of manifestation. Therefore, Astaroth has revealed himself to many magicians as a beautiful women instead.

But regardless of the appearance of the demon, the behavior, benefits and the dangers associated will the demon will be similar in every case.  When summoning Astaroth, it’s important to hold a silver ring in front of your face to protect yourself from his vile breath, which can otherwise cause serious physical ailments.

Why summon Astaroth?

Astaroth is the teacher of all the sciences especially skilled in the liberal sciences. He is also the keeper of secrets throughout time, knowing past, present and the future.

Astaroth can help you:

  • Obtain knowledge and secrets on any topic that requires study and research
  • Inform you of events that happened in the past or will happen in the future. Astaroth is often invoked in necromantic divination rituals for this purpose.
  • Make you invisible and lead to hidden treasures.

Dangers to avoid

The first risk is health related. You must keep a silver ring close to your face when you’re summoning Astaroth to protect yourself from his putrid and corrosive breath.

Astaroth also encourages slothfulness and laziness so be sure to thank him and finish the ritual properly. Avoid having his presence linger on longer than necessary.

As long as you’re respectful to demons and take the preliminary precautions as mentioned here, you have nothing to fear as their primary intent is never to harm the summoner.

Best time to summon Astaroth

According to before-mentioned grimoires, the best time for summoning Astaroth is on Wednesdays between 10 and 11 pm. This is the most opportune time to ask questions about the past, present and future.

With this preliminary information in mind, here are the 2 best rituals for summoning Astaroth:

The Candlelight Invocation

  • Light a candle and turn off all the other lights
  • Stare into the candlelight and quiet your mind
  • Recite an invocation. One that I’ve used successfully is: “Hail Astaroth! Seeker of Wisdom and Keeper of Time! Mighty Duke, I humbly invoke you from the depths of Hell into the Realm of Man. Hear the prayer of Your servant and friend! Lend me your powers at this time! Reveal yourself in the flames before me! Hail Astaroth! Hail Astaroth! Hail Astaroth!
  • Repeat for as many times as you think is necessary
  • Continue to stare into the candlelight. Begin visualizing energy emanating from the light and pouring itself into you.
  • Place your hand with a silver ring under your nose
  • Close your eyes and let the energy you’ve received visualize itself as Astaroth.
  • Once Astaroth has appeared in your mind either as a male or a female demon, explain your situation to the demon and humbly ask for the answers or powers you want and for what purpose.
  • When you’re done, end the ritual along these lines: “Thank you mighty Astaroth for lending me your powers and knowledge. I must end the ritual. But let our friendship extend beyond the limitations of time and space. Hail Astaroth!”
  • Blow out the candle and go into another room. Sit or lay down for a while and think about the whole experience.

The Seventh Circle Invocation

  • Sit in a lotus meditation pose on the floor
  • Carry a silver ring on any finger
  • Meditate until your mind is empty and relaxed
  • Visualize a large, dark citadel, monastery or cathedral
  • Walk around it seven times counter-clockwise (notice the walls, windows, any special features, the main gate..) while silently repeating “Hail Astaroth”
  • As you reach the main gate on your seventh circle, enter inside
  • You will find yourself on a dark stairway spiraling downwards
  • As you go down the dark stairway you will notice a fiery, infernal light emanating from below the stairway
  • Go through the portal and you will find yourself in a peaceful, green, endless field
  • Astaroth will be on the field, approach him while visualizing yourself keeping the silver ring under your nose and greet him humbly
  • Now is your chance to ask Astaroth all you wanted to know and to receive his well-informed answers
  • Once you’re ready to end the ritual, go back into the portal, up the stairways and walk around the dark citadel/cathedral CLOCKWISE 7 times, less or more.
  • Slowly open your eyes
  • Reflect on your experience

Final Thoughts on Summoning Astaroth

Astaroth is a powerful demon with a significant historical influence. Entire civilizations bowed to his different manifestations in centuries past. Be respectful and considerate when invoking him and you will reap the benefits. Immense knowledge, power, protection from harm (invisibility) and hidden treasures are all within reach of those who form a good relationship with this unique entity.

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