How to Summon Clauneck

In this article I will teach you how to summon Clauneck. Clauneck is a demon mentioned in highly revered grimoires, most notably The Secrets of Solomon, Grimorium Verum and Dictionnaire Infernal. His speciality is wealth creation, which has made him one of the most popular demons for many people to call upon.

Whether you’re in a financial crisis or want to easily increase your already stable income, Clauneck can increase your business saviness, help you receive a job promotion or uncover new earning opportunities you didn’t even imagine were possible. 

Grimorium Verum states that Clauneck “has power over goods, money, and finances”, “can bestow great wealth” and finally, “he is much loved by Lucifer”. Clauneck is entrusted by Lucifer with accessing the astral bank vault. His power within the demonic hierarchy is acknowledged by being listed as the first in the ordering of the eighteen servitor spirits.

This is a full process for summoning Clauneck that I’ve personally used with great success, as have many other magicians within the goetic demonology community.

1. Have a good reason to summon Clauneck

It’s not enough to simply call upon Clauneck and ask for money. Clauneck is very meritocratic, he will weigh your value right there, during the ritual. So you want to leave a good impression while communicating your desires to him and in your ritual preparation.

The first step is to provide him with a clear reason and ways that he can help you. So instead of saying “Clauneck make me filthy rich”, it’s better to say “Clauneck, help me become rich as a writer” or “Clauneck, help me earn the job promotion next Wendesday” or “Clauneck, help me utilize my knowledge in magic/fitness/cooking/whatever to become wealthy”.

Even better, pinpoint how much money you want to make. Instead of asking for “wealth” ask to become a millionaire or if you want to be less ambitious and more realistic lower it to earning 100 000 dollars or 50 000 dollars. The numbers are very subjective, but it’s also good to use some common sense in order to be taken more seriously.

So make sure that your ambition is in correlation with your abilities, desire, willpower and external circumstances. When the situation changes, you can summon Clauneck again and update your desire for the new situation you’re in. For example, if you live in a 3rd world country with very little opportunity to become wealthy, ask Clauneck to help you earn money online or to find work in a more affluent country instead of asking to become a billionaire.

Once your circumstances improve, increase your goal. Clauneck will take your desire more seriously and you will be better off because the leap from imagination into reality will not be as difficult. This is especially true for beginner magicians who are still learning how to channel significant energy into their rituals.

2. Use the proven formula for summoning demons

I explained at great length the demon summoning blueprint that should be followed in every ritual, regardless of whether you’re summoning Clauneck, Paimon, Zepar or some other demon. These are the steps explained in the blueprint:

  1. Know your goal
  2. Find a demon who’s power corresponds to your goal
  3. Enter a trance-state to communicate with the demon
  4. Once you’re in a trance state, communicate your desire to the demon and ask for assistance
  5. After having received the answer, end the ritual by asking the demon to leave and/or get on with the task you assigned it with

So you have your reason (goal) and you know which demon to summon (Clauneck). You can also check out my list of some of the best demons to summon for more ideas. Once you’ve made up your mind, it’s important to enter a trance state.

3. Enter the trance state

Entering a trance state involves changing your brain frequency from alpha or beta to a deep theta frequency. This is the frequency in which self-hypnosis, dreaming and astral projection happen. It’s considered to be a higher spiritual state in which the magician can communicate with spirits.

You definitely want to enter a trance state because it raises your chances of communicating with spirits. There are various ways to accomplish this. Depending on the magician’s preferences some of these methods can be used:

  • Ingesting intoxicating substances such as psychodelics or alcohol, often combined with ecstatic dancing, sometimes sexual relations as well. Think of Tantric and Dyonessian cults.
  • Using binaural or isochronic beats set to a theta brainwave frequency, combined with deep meditation.
  • Gazing at the sigil for extended period of time. This method can be used in combination with the other ones to improve its effectiveness or it can be done alone
  • Writing down the desire in a poetic form and reciting it
  • Using ritual items such as candles, a dagger, chalice, magic wand to increase the atmosphere of the ritual and the likelihood of entering the otherworldly dimension

You can create your own rituals by using one of these methods of combining them. This can take some experimentation until you find the best combination that works for you.

After all, some people can get into a trance easily, while others require more complex rituals. It depends on your mental powers, magical experience and how well you’ve trained your mind. Magicians who meditate often have an easier time summoning entities.

Once you’ve reached a trance state it’s time to summon Clauneck and communicate with him.

4. Summon Clauneck

Just like summoning any other Goetic demon, an honest approach works best. There is no formula set in stone that you have to follow completely.

Demons prefer an honest, from-the-heart approach from the magician rather than a mindless repetition of old evocations that other magicians came up with. So when you enter a trance state (you will know when you’re in trance because you’ll feel somewhat intoxicated and exuberant at the same time), tell Clauneck something along these lines:

“Mighty Clauneck, the guard of the astral vault, the master of wealth, I summon thee into my presence. Aid me in my desire to _______. I will heed your wise council, I will do as thy say, for you are Lucifer’s right hand and your power is great. Take me under your wing and show me the path to victory.”

These are my own words, but you can phrase this differently. It’s the meaning and the attitude that is important. Don’t lower yourself too much or you can end up being used by the demon. Alternatively, don’t act like a tyrannt, comamnding the demon to help against its own will. It’s best to find the middle ground where you have a respectful relationship that is also mutually beneficial.

Having said that, you can voice your desire out loud or silently. Demons are spirits, and they are able to read minds and our true intention. If you can channel your thoughts through inwardly expressed emotion it’s a viable path.

To increase your likelihood of summoning Clauneck, present an offering. Burning money in a sacrificial bowl is a great way to show the demon of wealth you’re serious and confident in your magic. Otherwise, you wouldn’t risk losing money when you need it the most. Or you can take a more moderate approach and burn wonderful incense, pour wine etc.

5. Communicate with Clauneck

Once you’ve evoked Clauneck you will feel his presence. He will give you a sign or communicate with you directly. It can happen through a visual, auditory or intuitive medium.

For example, it can be a visual sign such as a glowing sigil, or an extraordinary event like a great gust of wind appearing out of nowhere, the electricity in the house going on-and-off a few times… there are numerous examples that many magicians can attest to.

It can also be auditory signs, like actually hearing a voice of the demon communicating to you. Or he can decide to communicate through you, by implenting thoughts directly into your head or speaking through your own voice.

The intuitive medium can be as simple as implenting a direct understanding into your psyche without any outward signs.

In either case, you will know that your request has been heard and evaluated by Clauneck, and hopefully he will help you in the best way possible. Then you can end the ritual by storing the ritual items away, and getting your mind away from the ritual by going out for a walk or simply moving into another room for a while.

7. Make a pact with Clauneck

Remember that I said that it’s best to have a respectful and mutually beneficial relationship with a demon? So ask yourself how can YOU help the demon? Give something in exchange and Clauneck will be eager to help you because there’s something in it for him as well.

Tell Clauneck that if he helps you out, you will build an altar or a shrine to him in your home. Or that you will write and dedicate a book to him. I dedicated my first magic book The Warrior-Magician Manual to the demon Paimon for the powers he provided to me.

There are many other ways to help your guardian demon, so if you want to increase your chances of success think of something you could do before the ritual. Sometimes the demon will ask for it during the ritual so be prepared for that also.

Don’t make a pact that you aren’t comfortable with. Bargain if you must, but don’t get “way over your head” into a pact you can’t follow through. This can lead to bad consequences. Your word is everything.

8. Prepare physically and mentally

When you go into a ritual, go all the way. There’s no place for doubt. Your intention should be fully in the ritual, and only then can you be hundred percent confident it will work. Therefore it’s important to have a clear mind and to prime your body as well.

Fasting for a day before performing a ritual can be helpful for both. Don’t perform rituals on a full stomach, because the sluggishness  will interfere with your magic. Get a good night’s rest. Prepare all the ritual items and what you will ask before starting the ritual. Then you will feel more  confident and get the best result!

Final Word: How to Summon Clauneck

Clauneck is a very popular demon that has helped thousands of magicians improve their finances. To summon him requires clear intent, good will and passionate effort.

Also, after the ritual don’t expect Clauneck to do your work for you. Clauneck will open doors, reveal opportunities, make things fall into the right place so that you can prosper.

But you are still the main physical vessel through which his energies operate. You have to move in the right direction for your magic to manifest. So trust your intuition, take those chances that become available and you will become wealthier than you had previously imagined.

Want to receive the benefits of a Clauneck ritual faster and more effectively? Consider hiring me to perform it for you. I perform rituals for clients based on their unique circumstances and goals. If you’re interested I look forward to hearing from you!

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