How to Summon Forneus: Evocation Ritual Guide (6/27/2023)

In this article I will share with you simple instructions on how to summon Forneus.

I’ve mentioned Forneus in the demons of protection article because he can improve a person’s reputation and completely change the mind of their enemy so that hostilities may cease and friendship ensue.

Additionally, Forneus can be summoned for becoming a wonderful speaker AND for enhancing language acquisition.

So whether you need a better reputation with someone or in general, or to become a better speaker and communicator or perhaps wish to become a polyglot, summoning Forneus could be of great use to you.

But note that if Forneus appears as a vision while you are in a deep ritualistic trance it can be a daunting experience. As some magicians can attest, Forneus often appears as a sea monster, a Lovecrafteian kind of Leviathan figure. When he does, the entire ritual space can seem like a nightmarish place.

But keep in mind that this is only an unfortunate appearance and not the esssence of this demon, for he is in fact entirely benevolent. If Forneus does appear to you in this form during the ritual you should state your reason for summoning him politely and without fear so that you may be respected and seen as a worthy equal.

Another thing worth noting is that Forneus can attract negative energies during the summoning which are not his own. This is why taking extra precautions such as the inclusion of elemental guardians is useful. You will find this and more in the following instructions:

How to Summon Forneus

1. Ritual Space

Commence after midnight. To purify your chosen area, burn a blend of myrrh and asafoetida, renowned for their potent purification and banishing properties.

2. Altar

Set up an altar at the center of your space, draped with a black cloth symbolizing the underworld. Place a chalice filled with seawater (if unavailable use salt water instead) to honor Forneus’s aquatic aspect. Position your athame and a wand made of yew, a tree linked with death and the underworld, on the altar.

3. Elemental Guardians

Arrange five black candles in a pentagram formation around your altar, each symbolizing the elemental guardians (earth, air, fire, water, and spirit). Inscribe the symbols of the elements on the candles. In this particular evocation, these forces provide an elemental balance and act as watchers to prevent any unwanted energy disruptions.

4. Sigil of Forneus

Inscribe Forneus’s sigil on a copperplate or slab. Place this sigil at the center of your altar. Copper, known for its conductive properties, serves as a spiritual bridge to the demonic realm.

5. Sacred Circle

Using your athame, draw a single circle around your altar. Envision this circle as a sacred boundary between the mundane world and the underworld of demonic energies.

6. Candles and Incense

Light each candle while calling upon the elemental guardians to oversee your work. Light a blend of frankincense and sandalwood incense to attract Forneus’s presence.

7. Shadow Trance

Focus inwardly, visualize yourself sinking into a trance that merges your energy with the underworld. This is a fundamental step for a successful evocation (more in-depth instructions below).

8. Forneus’s Call

Chant this modified Forneus’s enn: “Senanok Forneus ayer.” Repeat until you sense the atmosphere shift, signaling the Great Marquis’s attention.

7. Evocation of Forneus

Hold your wand high and command: “By the infernal powers, I call you forth, Forneus. Rise from the abyss and make your presence known within this sacred space.”

8. Communion with Forneus

Upon feeling Forneus’s energy, hearing him, or perhaps seeing, state your desire clearly. Maintain respect throughout this interaction to ensure Forneus’s cooperation.

9. Departure of Forneus

Express gratitude and request Forneus’s peaceful retreat back to his realm.

10. Breaking the Circle

Visualize the energy of the circle returning to your athame, signifying the closure of your temporary gateway to the underworld.

11. Post-Ritual Grounding

After the circle is closed, touch something physical to ground yourself and aid your transition back to normal consciousness.

12. Cleansing Post-Ritual

To cleanse the ritual area and yourself of residual energies, smudge the area with sage or take a cleansing bath infused with sea salt.

13. Reflection and Noting Down Experiences (optional)

Lastly, spend some time reflecting on your experience and note down any signs, messages or feelings you encountered during the ritual for future reference.

Copper Alternatives

Copper is a highly conductive material, both physically and spiritually, making it a preferred medium for inscribing sigils. However, if you are unable to obtain a copper slab, you can consider these alternatives:

  • Parchment Paper: Parchment paper has a long history in magic rituals. You can easily inscribe Forneus’s sigil onto the paper using consecrated ink or blood for a more personal connection.
  • Wood: A flat piece of wood, particularly one from a yew tree, can also serve as a suitable medium. Wood connects us to the energies of nature and the underworld, amplifying the ritual’s effectiveness.
  • Stone: Carve the sigil into a flat stone or piece of slate. Stones are imbued with grounding energies that can strengthen the ritual.

Shadow Trance Induction

A shadow trance is a deep meditative state where your consciousness is attuned to the energies of the underworld and the demons that reside within. Unless you’re naturally gifted it will require some practice to get good at it. So here are some further instructions that could be of use to you:

  • Physical Relaxation: Start by sitting comfortably near your altar. Close your eyes and take deep, slow breaths. Consciously relax your body, starting from your feet and moving up to your head.
  • Mindful Breathing: Focus on your breathing, allow any thoughts to drift by without engaging with them. This helps to clear your mind and prepare it for the journey ahead.
  • Visualization: Visualize yourself standing at the entrance of a dark cave or abyss. As you continue to breathe slowly and deeply, imagine yourself descending into the darkness.
  • Merging with the Underworld: As you journey deeper, feel the energies of the underworld merging with your own. You might experience a sense of weight or a subtle shift in your awareness. This signifies your successful entry into the Shadow Trance.

Don’t be disheartened if you don’t feel anything at first. Persistence and patience are key in these occult undertakings.

Final Thoughts

I hope you will find this ritual helpful in both acquiring help from Forneus and expanding your experience and prowess in magick.

This is a modified version of a more complex ritual that I perform for the benefit of my clients. If you’d like me to summon Forneus (or some other demon) for you, consider hiring me to do so.

For a small token of appreciation you can enjoy the benefits of a demonic connection without having to do any of the difficult ritual work yourself. Talk to you soon!

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