How to Summon Gaap: 3 Powerful Rituals

In a previous guide on Gaap I elaborated upon his powers and attributes, as well as some items that can be used in a ritual setting to summon him.

Being that Gaap has many diverse powers, he can be summoned through different rituals to activate each of them more precisely.

I’ve decided to share instructions for three such rituals that are relatively straightforward. They’re simple enough to be performed by beginners in demonic magick AND powerful enough to actually garner Gaap’s attention and entice him to act.

Gaap Ritual for Causing Love or Hatred

For a ritual specifically designed to evoke Gaap to cause feelings of love or hatred in one person towards another (whether it be yourself or someone else), you should align your approach with Venusian influences.

Below, you’ll find two pathways within the ritual framework: one for invoking love and the other for inciting hatred, with specific adjustments to reflect the intention of the working.

This is in fact black magic, especially the latter, so be sure that it doesn’t go against your religious and moral sentiments. Other than that, it’s a fairly safe ritual to conduct if the steps are followed correctly.

General Preparation (Applies to Both Love and Hatred)

  • Sacred Space Preparation: Choose a location where you feel secure and can work undisturbed. Cleanse the area and yourself to ensure a pure environment.
  • Protective Circle and Sigil: Draw a protective circle with salt and place Gaap’s sigil at the center. This serves as the focal point for the ritual.
  • Ritual Components Gathering: Regardless of the intended outcome, prepare offerings that resonate with Venus, such as roses for love or thorns/dried roses for hatred, to align with the nature of your request.

Invocation for Love

  1. Color Scheme: Opt for bright red or green candles to symbolize love and Venusian energy. These colors promote feelings of affection and harmony.
  2. Gemstones: Use rose quartz or emerald, as these stones are traditionally associated with love and the heart, enhancing Venusian influences.
  3. Incense: Choose scents like rose or vanilla, which are known for their ability to attract love and positive emotions.
  4. Offerings: Present fresh flowers, particularly roses, as an offering to Gaap, symbolizing your request for love. Sweet foods or honey can also be offered as symbols of attraction.

Invocation for Hatred

  1. Color Scheme: Use dark red or black candles, as these colors can represent the severance of bonds and the incitement of discord.
  2. Gemstones: Consider using onyx or black tourmaline, which can help to block or sever emotional ties, aligning with the intent to foster feelings of aversion.
  3. Incense: Opt for more intense scents like patchouli , which can be associated with the severing of connections and the creation of emotional barriers.
  4. Offerings: Offer dried or withered plants, emphasizing the end of affection and the growth of disdain. Sour or bitter foods could symbolize the nature of the feelings you wish to invoke.
  5. Invocation Focus: Your words should be firm and clear, focusing on the dissolution of bonds and the arousal of negative feelings. It’s crucial that you articulate the reasons for this request and the desired outcome of distancing or discord.

Regardless of whether you’re performing the ritual for love or hate, you should have photos of the people in question or some personal item(s) that belong to them.

Step 1: Entering the Ritual Mindset

  • Preparation: Before entering your sacred space, take a moment to ground and center yourself. This might involve deep breathing exercises, a short meditation, or reciting an affirmation that aligns your spirit with your intent.
  • Circle Casting: As you draw your protective circle, visualize a barrier of light forming around you, shielding you from any external influences. This circle is not only a protection but also a container for the energies you will raise.

Step 2: Opening the Ritual

  • Candle Lighting: Begin by lighting your candles, starting from the east and moving clockwise. As you light each candle, call upon the element it represents (air, fire, water, earth) to witness and support your ritual.
  • Incense Offering: Light your incense as an offering to Gaap, letting the smoke symbolize your messages and desires reaching him. As the smoke rises, envision your intentions blending with Gaap’s energies.

Step 3: Invoking Gaap

  • Sigil Activation: Focus intently on Gaap’s sigil. Trace it with your finger or a ritual tool like a wand or an athame, and visualize it glowing with energy, activating its connection to Gaap. As you do this, recite Gaap’s enn or a personal invocation that clearly states your intention to summon him into your space.
  • Place the Photo(s) and/or Personal Items: Place these near the sigil so that the energies you summon can be directed towards the right persons.
  • Direct Invocation: Speak directly to Gaap, using respectful and clear language. Declare your intent, whether it’s to foster love or to sow discord, and ask for his guidance and assistance. Be specific in what you desire, and visualize the outcome as vividly as possible during this time.

Step 4: Strengthening the Connection

  • Offering Presentation: One by one, present your offerings to Gaap. For each offering, explain its significance and how it aligns with your request. For example, if presenting a rose quartz for love, you might say, “I offer this rose quartz as a symbol of the love I seek to manifest. May its energy amplify my request and please you, Gaap.”
  • Energy Raising: To further strengthen the ritual, you can raise energy by chanting, drumming, or dancing around the circle. This energy is then directed towards the sigil of Gaap, charging it and your ritual space with your intent.

Step 5: The Request

  • Visualization: Close your eyes and visualize the outcome of your ritual in as much detail as possible. Feel the emotions associated with the successful completion of your request, whether it’s the warmth of love or the coolness of detachment.

Step 6: Closing the Ritual

  • Thanksgiving: Express your gratitude to Gaap for his presence and assistance. Acknowledge the offerings given and the energy spent as tokens of your respect and desire for his aid.
  • Circle Dissolution: Begin at the north and move counterclockwise, thanking and releasing each element. Extinguish the candles in reverse order of lighting them, signifying the closure of the sacred space.
  • Sigil Disposal: Depending on your tradition, you may choose to keep the sigil as a talisman, burn it to release its energies, or dispose of it in a way that symbolizes your intent moving forward.

Step 7: Grounding and Cleansing

  • Grounding: After the ritual, it’s important to ground yourself to return any excess energy to the earth and to reintegrate with your normal state of being. This can be done by eating food, drinking water, or placing your hands on the ground.
  • Cleansing: Perform a final cleansing of yourself and the space to ensure no residual energies remain that could influence you or your surroundings in unintended ways.

Gaap Ritual for Making a Person Insensible/Ignorant (Black Magic)

This ritual utilizes Gaap’s Saturnian limiting energies to obstruct or cloud someone’s understanding and awareness. The effects of this ritual are temporary and may last 2-3 weeks with varying intensity. They can also manifest as headaches/migraines, thus the effect would likely seem natural to the person, despite of the unusual laps of judgement made during this time.

Pre-Ritual Preparation

Setting the Stage

  • Timing: Choose a time during a waning moon, ideally on a Saturday, to align with Saturn’s energies of reduction and constraint.
  • Space Preparation: Your ritual space should be quiet, secure, and free from disturbances. Cleanse the area with sage or salt water to purify it from any lingering energies.
  • Altar Arrangement: Cover your altar with a black cloth. Arrange symbols of Saturn (such as lead, a sickle, or images of the planet) along with Gaap’s sigil at the center. Place the target’s photograph or personal item before the sigil.

Gathering Ritual Components

  • Candles: Secure black candles for grounding and focus. If possible, also include a dark purple candle to represent mastery and control over the situation.
  • Gemstones: Black tourmaline for protection against backlash and hematite for grounding the ritual intentions.
  • Incense: Prepare cypress, myrrh, or patchouli incense to set the atmosphere conducive to Saturn’s energies.
  • Herbs: Collect nightshade, poppy seeds, and vetiver.
  • Additional Items:
    • A piece of parchment paper and a black ink pen for writing out your intention.
    • A small wooden box or container to symbolize the containment of the target’s cognitive clarity.
    • Black yarn or ribbon for binding.

Ritual Actions

Opening the Ritual

  1. Circle Casting: Begin by casting a protective circle using the black ribbon, walking deosil (clockwise) and envisioning a barrier that shields you from any external influences while keeping your ritual energy contained.
  2. Candle Lighting: Light the black candles, focusing on your intent to obscure and limit. As you light the dark purple candle, invoke Gaap, asking for his aid in your working.

Invoking Gaap

  1. Sigil Activation: Concentrate on Gaap’s sigil, tracing it three times with a wand or athame while chanting his enn. Visualize the sigil glowing with a purple light, signifying its activation and Gaap’s attention upon your ritual.
  2. Intention Setting: Write the target’s name and your specific intention (e.g., to cloud their understanding of a specific matter or in general) on the parchment paper. Fold the paper away from you, symbolizing the distancing of cognitive clarity from the target.

Core Ritual Work

  1. Herb Offering: Sprinkle the herbs over the parchment paper, each while stating how they contribute to the clouding of intellect (e.g., “Nightshade, veil the sight; Poppy, dull the mind”).
  2. Binding: Use the black yarn or ribbon to bind the parchment paper, chanting, “Bound by Gaap, obscured by night, [Target’s Name]’s clarity now takes flight.”
  3. Incense Burning: Light the incense, allowing the smoke to waft over the bound parchment and the photograph/personal item. Envision the smoke as Gaap’s breath, enveloping the target in a fog of confusion and forgetfulness.
  4. Containment: Place the bound parchment and the target’s personal item inside the wooden box. Seal the box, declaring, “Contained within, the mind is bound, by Gaap’s incursion not to be found.”

Closing Actions

  1. Energy Sealing: With your hands over the box, visualize a dark sphere encapsulating it, sealing the ritual’s intent within. Affirm that the target’s intellect is now under the sway of your intent, clouded as per your wish.
  2. Thanks and Release: Thank Gaap for his assistance. Carefully extinguish the candles, starting with the purple one and then the black candles, signifying the end of the ritual.
  3. Circle Opening: Walk widdershins (counterclockwise) to open the circle, visualizing the protective energy dissipating and returning to the earth.
  4. Disposal: Bury the box at a crossroads or a secluded natural spot where it is unlikely to be found, symbolizing the burying of the target’s cognitive clarity and awareness.

Some Additional Suggestions

In the days and weeks following the ritual, pay close attention to any changes in the behavior or cognitive abilities of the target. Note any feedback or comments from them or others that may indicate the effectiveness of your working. Changes might be subtle and gradual, reflecting the nature of Gaap’s slow but inexorable influence.

Also, consider performing a smaller, reinforcing ritual during each subsequent waning moon. This could involve simply lighting a black candle, meditating on the sealed box (if you haven’t buried it yet), and reaffirming your intention to keep the target’s intellect clouded. This reinforces your intent and maintains the energetic pressure on the target.

You might also want to pay attention to transits and planetary hours that correspond to Saturn. Conducting your ritual work or reinforcement during these times can leverage the natural flow of Saturnian energy to bolster your efforts.

After the disposal of the box, perform a cleansing bath for yourself. This can help to remove any residual energies from the ritual. After all, this is a black magic ritual. Incorporate salts, protective herbs like rue or hyssop, and a few drops of a protective oil like frankincense or myrrh into your bath.

Gaap Ritual for Enhancing Knowledge & Intellect

This ritual is aimed at enhancing the practitioner’s own intellectual prowess, particularly in the realms of philosophy (this includes occult teachings) and the liberal sciences. Invoking Gaap for this purpose requires ceremonial precision so if you’re to use it, be sure to follow the steps in their entirety.

Pre-Ritual Preparation of Tools & Space

  • Athame Consecration: Begin by consecrating your athame (if not already consecrated) under the light of a new moon. Pass it through incense smoke, preferably lavender, and visualize it glowing with a bright, silver light, charging it with the power to direct Gaap’s energies.
  • Scrying Mirror Preparation: Cleanse your black scrying mirror with moon water. While cleaning, chant an invocation to Gaap, asking for his guidance and clarity in revealing the hidden knowledge you seek.
  • Candles: Three black candles. Their flames symbolize the light of knowledge piercing through the darkness of ignorance.
  • Incense: Frankincense or sandalwood.
  • Timing: Choose an hour ruled by Mercury for its association with intellect and communication, yet remember that the focus is on Gaap’s mastery and dominion over knowledge.
  • Sacred Space: Select a secluded area where you can work undisturbed. Cleanse this space with sage or salt to purify and consecrate it for your work.

Crafting the Magic Circle and Triangle

  • Circle Drawing: Using salt or a stick of consecrated willow if the ritual is conducted on sand or dirt, draw a large magic circle on the ground around your working area. Within this circle, inscribe Gaap’s sigil at the four cardinal points.
  • Triangle of Manifestation: Outside the circle, towards the East, draw a large triangle. This will serve as the space for Gaap’s manifestation. Place the black scrying mirror within the triangle, facing up, to capture the essence of Gaap’s presence and facilitate direct communication. Place and light a black candle on each of its points.

The Invocation and Blood Offering

  • Demonic Incantation: Holding the athame, recite a powerful incantation to call Gaap. Use a commanding yet respectful tone:
    • “Gaap, grandis spiritus noctis, ego voco te. Per sanguinem et verbum, per magnum et parvum, aperi portam scientiae absconditae.” (Translation: “Gaap, great spirit of the night, I summon thee. By blood and word, by great and small, open the gate of hidden knowledge.”)
  • Blood Offering: Prick your finger with the tip of the athame, allowing a few drops of your blood to fall onto each of Gaap’s sigils placed within the circle. As you do so, declare your dedication to the pursuit of wisdom.

Channeling Gaap through the Scrying Mirror

  • Mirror Gazing: Sit comfortably in front of the scrying mirror within the triangle. Gaze into the mirror, allowing your eyes to lose focus. As the mirror begins to cloud with spiritual energy, envision Gaap’s form taking shape.
  • Direct Communication: Once you feel or see Gaap’s presence, speak your requests directly into the mirror. Ask for the knowledge you seek, whether it be occult secrets, philosophical understanding, or mastery over the liberal sciences or improvement in your general intellectual capacities. Listen intently for responses, which may come as visions, thoughts, or auditory messages.

Sealing and Closing the Ritual

  • Gratitude and Farewell: Thank Gaap for his presence and any insights provided and erase the circle and triangle.
  • Scrying Mirror Closure: Cover the scrying mirror with a dark cloth, sealing the portal through which Gaap communicated. Store it in a safe place until its next ritual use.

Post-Ritual Actions

  • Reflection and Journaling: Record any visions, messages, or insights received during the ritual. Reflect on their meanings and potential applications in your pursuit of knowledge.
  • Athame Cleansing: Cleanse your athame again in incense smoke.
  • Continued Practice: Engage in daily meditations focusing on Gaap’s sigil and the insights gained. This practice will strengthen the connection and integration of new knowledge.

Final Thoughts

These rituals are potent enough to elicit a response from Gaap and they’re simple enough to be performed by beginner and intermediates in demonic magick.

With that said, if you lack the time, willingness or ritual items, I will be glad to perform a ritual on your behalf. Check out my Ritual for Hire service. As long as the page is active you can be sure that I’m accepting new clients.

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