How to Summon Lilith: The Black Candle Ritual

Lilith, the mother of demons is one of the most famous spirits to walk our planet. If you’re wondering how to summon Lilith this is the guide for you. I will reveal the Black Candle Ritual, a simple and quite effective way for getting in contact with Lilith.

Lilith’s occult significance

According to mythological accounts Lilith was the first wife of Adam. However, she wouldn’t subjugate herself to him. This was the first rebellion of the female principle against the masculine principle.

She was thrown out from the Garden of Eden and had to fend for herself. She went into the desert where she met Samael (Satan) and with this fallen angel had many demonic children. This is why she is known as the mother of demons.

Lilith is also integral in the Qliphoth or the Tree of Death, a LHP initiatic system of Kabbalah, ruling over the region Gamaliel.

To Gamaliel, Lilith is attributed and “is the grand lady of all demons. The demons are sometimes considered to be the children of Lilith and is said to be the woman who comes to men in their dreams.”

Why summon Lilith

There are some good reasons to contact Lilith if you’re a magician or an initiate on the Left Hand Path.

  1. As a mother of demons, Lilith’s influence can be used to contact other spiritual entities more successfully, especially succubi and incubi.
  2. When invoked, Lilith can provide the magician with demonic attractiveness.
  3. Lilith can be a very potent love companion in the astral realm and the dream state.
  4. Lilith must be contacted on the intiatic path of Qliphoth when Gamaliel is reached.

If any of these reasons appeal to you, the following ritual might be of good use!

How to Summon Lilith

  • The Black Candle ritual should be performed between 2 AM and 3 AM
  • Find a quiet and desolate outdoor space, preferably in a rural area, a forest, old ruins etc.

In his highly revered book Qabalah, Qliphoth and Goetic Magic, occultist Thomas Karlsson explains:

An effective way to contact the Lilith Qlipha is to go out in the wild at night and meditate on the shadows and the darkness where objects are no longer visible and instead blur into a dark mist. This is where Lilith can be found. This darkness is her womb, and this is the goal of the magician’s invocations. Countless incantations have been used in attempts to banish Lilith, but for dark magicians in all ages invocations to contact her have also been created. If the following formula is chanted thirteen times, Lilith is supposed to appear:

marag ama lilith rimok samalo naamah

During contact with the Lilith Qlipha an abstract idea or a strong emotional impulse might be received. In other instances, the magician might encounter the demon ruler of the Qlipha or enter the Qliphotic tunnels.

I’ve found this incantation alone is not enough to produce the desired effect. Additional steps are required:

  • draw a magic circle on the floow with salt and stand in the middle of it
  • Light a black candle (etch Lilith’s sigil on the candle beforehand)
  • Hold it in your right hand while holding your left hand stretched upward with palm facing the sky
  • After chanting the incantation 13 times in this position, sit on the ground
  • With closed eyes meditate on Lilith’s black flame moving from the root chakra through the spine up to your crown chakra
  • Focus on the black flame’s piercing power in the third eye region until you see bright light and Lilith appears in her desired form

As with any demonic summoning, it’s not in our power to demand how the demon will appear. This highly depends on our magical powers and also the will of the spirit. Therefore, Lilith may appear as a vision, voice, human, animal, feeling, higher intuition etc.

This ritual doesn’t distinguish between invocation and evocation. It is left to Lilith’s preference to appear internally or externally to the magician.

Final Word on Lilith Summoning

Lilith, one of the great ancient demons has been a constant presence in our culture. The demonic feminine that would not bow down to any man, instead producing sheer ecstasy of a dark nature. This is the type of energy that you will be dealing with when summoning Lilith. This is both a dangerous, thrilling, dark and creative energy, so much so that it spawned all the demons in the beginnings. Hopefully this ritual allows you to access and revel in some of these thrills yourself.

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