How to Summon Mammon for Money and Power

Mammon is the quintessential demon of wealth. He was one of the deities worshiped by Phoenicians, arguably the wealthiest state of the ancient world.

Mammon guides those with interest in trade, banking, marketing and other forms of powerful wealth acquisition. He will reveal himself and support only a magician who constantly dreams of worldly riches, whose favorite color is gold.

Mammon is one of the first demons that I summoned and he provided me with some of the best results out of the bunch. I went from making $500 in passive income to over $2000 in as little as 2 months without doing any extra work.

My prediction at that time was that it would take me more than a year to get to that point. For the sake of comparison, my friends who are in the same line of business are still stuck at the point from which I departed to greater heights. The only difference between us was that I summoned Mammon.

So treat this demon with respect and you may just get what you wish for. This ritual can be used to summon Mammon:

Mammon summoning ritual

Overview of the ritual:

As I explained in my The Warrior-Magician Manual, magical rituals are threefold.

First part is creating a clear goal and finding a spiritual entity whose powers align with that goal. So if you want to make $5000 a month, you would summon Mammon. If you want to read more books and obtain various knowledge a demon like Astaroth or Furcas might be a better choice.

The second part of the ritual is getting into a state of trance. In othe words, you need to get in a mental state in which you can communicate with the entity. While you’re in a regular, everyday state of mind, you’re not aligned to the same frequency as spiritual entities. But when you attune your vibratory state with theirs by switching to theta or gamma brainwaves you will be able to see, feel, hear or experience the magical event in some other fashion. Magicians use candles, a sword, dagger, wand, ceremonial robes, sigils, mantras, chants and at times psychodelics and wine for this purpose alone. I like to keep things simple by using only sigil magic and chanting, and I find it to be just as effective as more complex ceremonials.

So once you’ve completed the second part and got into a trance, Mammon should appear before you in some way. Everyone’s experience is subjective and therefore different at this stage. In this third part of the ritual it’s time to communicate your desire to Mammon and ask him for help through a specific Mammon prayer or in your own words. When you’re satisfied with your exchange, send Mammon on his way and close the ritual.

Now I will share with you the step-by-step instructions for performing the ritual. You don’t have to follow these steps 100%. But this is what I did and it was highly successful. The most important is getting into the trance state, and this is the part you can get creative with. If you can do it in some other way, feel free to do so. Without further ado, these are the steps:

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Have a clear goal for Mammon to help you with. Don’t just say “I want to be rich.” Make it more precise. Do you want to own a castle? Or perhaps a brand new car, a larger paycheck, ultimate financial freedom? Pick one or more goals that are on the same wave-length. Also, make sure that it’s something you ACTUALLY want, not just a crazy idea that popped into your head. This is often the problem with summoning demons that I also have. So it has to be something you genuinely want AND are capable of receiving. Believe it or not, many people are not ready to make a drastic change in their lifestyle, so the combination of desire and fear can lead to diminished results. It’s better to build up slowly then to take huge leaps forward that you’re not prepared for.
  2. Now it’s time to get into a trance. I highly recommend you meditate for 30-60 minutes. Take the first 20 minutes or so of your meditation to repeat Mammon’s enn: “Tasa Mammon on ca lirach” This mantra will invite Mammon into your consciousness. After doing so, imagine being in Mammon’s presence. Be completely physically relaxed and simply observe the sensations that arise or visions that enter your mind. I found myself in front of a large palace guarded by a long line of giants. I was surrounded by people bowing to these Guardians. Maybe you will have a different vision. After this intense experience, draw Mammon’s sigil on a piece of paper. This will channel your physical intent into summoning Mammon, not only your psyche. Now pick up the piece of paper with your dominant hand and gaze at it. Channel your energy into the sigil in order for Mammon to appear. Chanting his enn (Tasa Mammon on ca lirach) can be helpful at this point as well. As you continue to channel energy, you might feel Mammon’s presence in your room or in your body. Tingling sensations on your skin, strange noises, warmth or coldness in the extremities are all common at this stage of the ritual.
  3. You’ve evoked Mammon! Congratulations. But this is the crucial part of the ritual. You must communicate your desire and ask Mammon for help. First of all, never act like a beggar, never say please, please, please. You are the Creator of Mammon at this point in Time. You are in some ways at the top of the hierarchy, and Mammon is there to help you as a knight would help his Lord, not as a Lord throwing a few coins to a beggar on the street. Treat every demon you summon with respect, but never place yourself below the demon, otherwise it will take control of you instead.
  4. Once you’ve communicated your desire, close the ritual by saying something along these lines: “Thank you Mammon for your assistance! Now go forth and provide me with _______. Hail Mammon!” Don’t worry if Mammon doesn’t respond to your request in the form of a sound or vision. Advanced magicians can more easily get into a deep trance during which spirits reveal themselves in physical form. Others will get only a glimpse of the supernatural here and there. Much training is required to develop this skill. But the important thing is to actually perform the ritual and be hundred percent confident that it worked, and in most cases it does if you follow the guidelines that I’ve just shared with you.

Final Words (+ Bonus Tip)

Mammon is a powerful demon of avarice or greed. That’s what Christians and Jews made him out to be! He was a perfectly respectable spirit in ancient times, worshiped by wealthy merchants and mighty land owners. He’s considered the Ambassador to England because of England’s reputation as the modern bastion of the merchants.

Magicians have always sought his advice and assistance in financial matters. Because he is so willing to respond, his reputation is still as good as it was during antiquity.

Order a Mammon ritual:

Want to receive the benefits of a Mammon wealth ritual faster and more effectively? Consider hiring me to perform it for you. I perform rituals for clients based on their unique circumstances and goals. If you’re interested I look forward to hearing from you!

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