How to Summon Marbas: Full Demon Summoning Ritual

There are many good reasons to summon Marbas. This is his description from Ars Goetia:

The 5th spirit is called Marbast – he is a great presedent, and appeareth at first in ye forme of a great Lyon: but afterwards putteth on humane shape at ye Request of ye Master. he Answareth truly of Things hidden or secreet, he causeth deseases and cureth them againe & giveth great wisdome & knowledge in mechanicall arts & changeth men into other shapes. He governeth 36 Legions of spirits.

So to break this down, Marbas can offer these useful services to a worthy magician:

  • reveal hidden and secret things – perhaps about your relationships, vocation, politics, dangers that are lurking for you around the corner..
  • cause diseases – If you have an enemy, sending Marbas to cause him physical pain would definitely constitute a black magic ritual
  • cure diseases – Suffering from a chronic illness? Marbas might be able to help you instantly or by guiding you to find the cure.
  • knowledge of mechanical arts – Marbas is like a patron saint (or demon) of engineers, programmers, doctors (they’re mechanics of the human body) and related fields of work. If I was participating in any of these vocations, I’d definitely want Marbas to be on my side especially for large projects that require extra ingenuity.
  • change men (and women) into other shapes – This relates to not only changing physical appearance but also style of conduct, personality, lifestyle etc. You’ve probably noticed that some people are like chameleons, like David Bowie for instance. Changing their style with ease. There are also those who can move from one profession to an entirely different one with ease, just as they can change friends, place of living, even gender. If you want to become something entirely different than what you are at the moment, Marbas can facilitate that change.

SO there are PLENTY of reasons to evoke Marbas.

As always, I only provide summoning rituals that have worked for myself in the past. Evocations are very personal affairs. They require an investment of energy and focus. As the Chinese (or was it American?) saying goes: Energy flows where attention goes.

The point of summoning Marbas is to direct your attention to one or multiple goals in an almost super-natural way, by activating the enormous, dormant potential of your subconscious mind.

A demon as a spiritual entity is a powerful segment of your mind that is not being used by your regular consciousness, but can be very powerful when awakened. Even to the point of creating supernatural change in your own life and the world at large. After all, the nature of reality is a ceaseless mystery, and we can only guess to what degree our minds are responsible for the way it manifests.

So with that being said, this is how you can summon Marbas and without having to use too many ritualistic items. In fact, you’ll only need a candle:

1. Light a candle

Light a candle with a warming scent (vanilla for example) and place it on the floor in front of you.

2. Sit in a cross-legged position on the floor

This is the most common meditating position. But it’s also very helpful for conducting this ritual. As is stated in Ars Goetia, Marbas appears as a great lion. By sitting cross legged you will be on an equal eye-to-eye height. This will make communication easier. If you can’t do so for a medical reason or because you’re floating in space then make best with what you have.. a chair will do.

3. Stare at the candle light

Stare at the light for 20 minutes. Try to blink as little as you have to. Then close your eyes. The light will still partly be present even with your eyes closed. This is important, as the light will aid you in visualizing Marbas.

4. Evoke Marbas

With your eyes closed and the light still flickering in the darkness of your consciousness, the time is ripe to evoke the demon:

“Marbas, Great Powerful Lion, I summon thee into my realm of thoughts and visions. Reveal yourself and render your services to me.”

At this point you may feel a change in your state of consciousness, such as tingling sensations or waves of pleasure.. or doom. The light will appear to take the shape of a lion.

Note: Keep in mind that your eyes should be closed throughout the evocation. If you didn’t manage to get the light to stay in your vision from looking at the candle the first time, repeat that process for as long as is necessary.

5. Chant to Marbas

After you’ve made it clear that you want to summon Marbas, facilitate his manifestation with this chant:

Latin: “Agios o Marbas, Agente ex Ghagiel—Salve Barbuel”
English: “Numinous is Marbas, Emissary of Ghagiel—Hail Unto Barbuel.”

For clarities sake, let me mention that Barbuel is the other name for Marbas. You can also use either the Latin or the English version. Keep chanting as the lion forms in your mind’s eye.

Alternatively, you can chant his demonic enn: “Renich tasa uberaca biasa icar Marbas”, as heard in this video:

6. Communicate your desire

Once you feel Marbas is present, he will talk to you. I don’t know what he’ll say, as every summoning is different. But regardless of that, your goal here is to communicate your desire in a clear way.

If you need assistance with developing a mobile app that will make you rich, say it. If you want help with curing your chronic digestive issues, say that. If you want both, say both.

But make sure you don’t go overboard. Again: “Energy flows where attention goes.” What happens if your attention is set on more goals than you can handle? Energy disperses. Prioritize to get the best results for the things you care most about.

7. Stay in control at all times

After you’ve made your desire clear, present it as a polite request for help. Make sure that the demon knows you are in charge. You are the top of the hierarchy, his Creator. He is powerful indeed, but you are the one who’s responsible for his manifestation.

You are not a slave, you are the master in this relationship. But as a master who doesn’t want a slave revolt, you should be polite and treat Marbas or any other demon you summon as a colleague or a friend, rather than a rude superior.

My point is this: stay in charge. Otherwise you can run into psychological issues where you suspect that the demon is controlling you in a negative way instead of helpin you accomplish your goals.

This can happen when performing an invocation where you invite a spiritual entity to act through you instead of alongside you. An evocation keeps your Self and the entity at a safe distance.

8. End the ritual

Once you’ve communicated your desire and asked Marbas for assistance (with a polite, yet royal attitude), and received a satisfactory answer, you can now close the ritual. Tell Marbas to continue serving you until the task(s) are complete. Then tell him that he’s free to go and do his duty.

Some advice on conducting magic rituals:

Much of the wording that I’ve used can be changed. In fact, I encourage magicians to craft their own conversations with spiritual entities instead of blindly relying on grimoires or any other instructive texts.

Instructions are fine, but you’re not a Medieval priest conducting a ritual in secrecy in fear of the Inquisition or the illiterate villagers. So for example, if you don’t believe in Yahweh, there’s no point in reciting a summoning ritual or protection ritual mentioning Yahweh. And these types of Yahweh rituals are found throughout popular Medieval and Renaissance grimoires.

Evocations and invocations are personal, therefore subjective. You’re tapping into YOUR CONNECTION with the demon that’s residing as a potential in YOUR mind. If your mind isn’t conditioned to believe in Yahweh as the supreme ruler of the Universe, it will do very little for you to make him part of the ritual.

The instructions from other occultists can help facilitate the right atmosphere for the demon or angel to occur. But they can also be detrimental if you can’t make the distinction between what is helpful to you and what is simply a dispensable formality.

Want to receive the benefits of a ritual faster and more effectively? Consider hiring me to perform it for you. I perform rituals for clients based on their unique circumstances and goals. If you’re interested I look forward to hearing from you!

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