How to Summon Orobas: Working With Orobas Guide

Orobas is one of the safest demons that you can summon and work with. Orobas is described in popular grimoires, most notably Pseudomonarchia Daemonum and Ars Goetia. Here’s the description that will be useful when summoning him:

Pseudomonarchia Daemonum:

Demon Orobas is a great prince and he appears in the form of a horse. Upon your request Orobas will take on human shape. This spirit talks about Divine things and gives true answers of things concerning the present, past and future.

Orobas is faithful and deceives none, nor tempts anyone. He gives dignities and prelacies, and the favours of friends and enemies. This spirit rules over 20 legions of spirits.

Ars Goetia:

Orobas can discover all you want to know about the past, present and future. He gives dignities, prelacies and the favour of friends and enemies. He is a good natured spirit.

Reasons for Summoning Orobas

Based on Orobas’ attributes and powers, he can assist the magician with:

  • divination (discovering past, present and future events, secrets and so forth)
  • receiving dignities (raising social status through fame, financial success, job promotions, character improvements..)
  • favour of friends and enemies (self-explanatory)

I’ve had success working with Orobas in all three of these spheres. Your summoning ritual should reflect the desired outcome. So there are three different rituals that I’ve used with success in order to summon Orbas and I’ll share them now.

Orobas sigil

1. Divination

You might be seeking knowledge that will improve your life in various ways, or simply to become more enlightened on a given topic. Orobas can reveal new layers of perception, help you discover books and documents, as well as give you visions of the past, future or present events through dreams or trance states.

To summon Orobas for divination you will need a wand and a scrying mirror or a crystal ball. The wand is used to charge the mirror/ball so that Orobas can use them as gateways. Draw Orobas’ sigil with a pen or a similar drawing tool on your dominant hand. Hold the wand in this hand and extend it, pointing the wand at the mirror/ball.

Feel the energy moving from below the navel, up through the spine, to the top of your head, then moving down to the tongue (keep the tongue on the upper palate, try to say the word “Larry” and it will come to the right spot), and then through the hand, the wand and into the mirror/ball. The wand doesn’t have to touch these objects, but it should be relatively close.

Charge the mirror/energy ball with your eyes close, feeling the energy moving into the object and the object becoming brighter and brighter, more energetic as if you were opening an energy gate.

Now gaze at the mirror/ball until certain visual or inspirational effects take place. You might see certain shapes appear within them that you will need to decipher. Or you will feel inspiration/direct knowledge come into your mind about certain events you were wondering about.

Once you’re done, thank Orobas for his assistance and cover the mirror or crystal ball with a piece of cloth until further use. Store the wand in a safe place as well.

2. Receive Dignities

Orobas is a beginner friendly demon, very safe to work with and the rituals are safe and fairly simple as well. This summoning ritual will entice Orobas to help with improving your social status.

All you need to do is meditate until you feel waves of energy blasting your third eye (the part between your eyebrows) and then asking Orobas for help with this particular task. You can accomplish the energy blasting effect by meditating while focusing your attention on your third eye.

Inhale and exhale peacefully, but every time you exhale, imagine that you are breathing into the third eye until you receive this effect, which is the first step in opening the third eye chakra and receiving spiritual  visions and being able to communicate with spirits.

When you reach this stage, simply ask Orobas. “Demon Orobas, I summon you to help me with ________” You will likely feel a surge of energy move throughout your body as you say these words. This is the encouragement coming from Orobas himself and it means that you will receive his assistance in the upcoming days, weeks or however long it takes to make your desire manifest in reality.

3. Favour of friends or enemies

If you want to improve your relationship with someone Orobas can definitely help. He can elevate your friendship to a higher level or mend broken relationships and make peace with your foes. However, Orobas doesn’t help with love, relationships and dating (these demons do). For that sort of thing it is better to summon Zepar and Sitri.

This ritual involves sigil magick and writing a poem. Write a poem that symbolizes the change in relationship you desire. You will recite this poem to Orobas. Orobas is known as a poetical demon, a horse turned man, a man turned horse.

His shapeshifting is congruent with poetical/mythical transformations that occur in many ancient poems, from Homer’s Odyssey to Milton’s Paradise Lost. It doesn’t have to rhyme either, so don’t worry about reaching any genius levels of poetry if you’re not capable of it at the moment.

Draw a sigil of Orobas and light a candle. Make sure it’s the only source of light in the room. Then recite the poem from a piece of paper and burn it afterwards, along with the sigil.

It’s recommended to meditate beforehand to have mental clarity and tranquility in order to perform this and every other ritual. If you’re overwhelmed by everyday thoughts it can reduce the effects of the ritual or make them null. So get into the right mental state before any magical operation.

Final Word: How to Summon Orobas

So I hope this helps you summon Orobas. Use one or multiple rituals, depending on your goals, and I’m sure you will have some success with him, even as a beginner magician.

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