How to Summon Satan: Complete Ritual Guide

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Many magicians have attempted to summon Satan. Many have failed. Others succeeded but with mixed results. How can you summon Satan with “mixed results” you ask? Well, let’s put it this way:

The point of summoning any demon or other supernatural spirit is in order to get something from the interaction. So you need to be able to “control it” or at least be on equal footing.

The worst thing that can happen when working with spirits is allowing them to control or manipulate you. So the more powerful the spirit is, the greater the chance that you will fail to control it, that you will become its victim.

This is why magic is an operative skill that requires self control and power. Therefore it’s best to start with summoning minor spirits at first, and gradually go up the hierarchy as you become more confident in your magical abilities. Those who attempt to summon demon kings like Paimon, Lucifer and Asmodeus on their first try will either:

  1. fail to summon the spirit because it’s not interested in working with a weak individual
  2. be overwhelmed by the intensity of the energy and won’t be able to utilize it in any useful manner
  3. will get controlled by the spirit and it will be hard to shake it off, which can be unpleasant

So if that’s the case for demonic kings from grimoires such as Ars Goetia and Grimorium Verum, it’s even more so when it comes to Satan. Satan is at the top of the Hell’s hierarchy. You will need an exceptional ceremonial magician and an exceptionally delicate ritual and ritual preparations to get Satan’s ear, and more importantly to get on his good side.

Now, you might be thinking:

What about all those Satanists who pray to Satan and get into communion with him easily? They perform Black Masses, chant, pray etc. They’ve sold their souls to the Devil quite literally, and feel various effects, benefits or otherwise.

Well, if you want to sell your soul to the Devil, that comes with serious reprecutions that will last for eternity. This isn’t difficult to do. Simply find a local group of Satanists to perform Black Masses or other devotional acts. If you don’t have the opportunity to do so, pour all your energy into a sincere plead to Satan to give you whatever it is you desire and offer your soul as compensation.

Here is one way to do it:

Satan, I devote myself to your power and infernal light. Give me ____________ in this life and I will serve you in Eternity.

Many rockstars, businessmen and politicians can Satan for their worldly success. But, there is always a give-and-take balance and they will have to pay for those benefits with interest.

How a magician will summon Satan and other spirits

This is why the approach of the magician is more intelligent. He doesn’t sell his soul to any spirit, he’s too good of a bargainer to make such a lousy deal. A magician will rather manipulate the subtle energies of the Universe to get his way and if he has to trade something, he’ll make a mutually beneficial deal with the spirit.

For example, instead of selling his eternal life for hedonistic pleasure in the here-and-now, a magician can often appease a spirit by spreading the good word of his powers, performing a sacrificial act during the ritual or creating a shrine or an altar to the spirit that will remain in place for an X amount of days.

You see, many spirits are like companies looking for Instagram influencers. They want to find new clients to work with, because they need them in order to act in this world. And they enjoy using their powers in this world much more than being stuck in the infernal madhouse of Hell or the celestial waiting-room of Heaven.

Satan is no different. Satan wants to act in this world, but he’ll also take as much as he can from his clients. If you offer your soul, he’ll take it, just like many car salesmen will take $100 000 for a car that is worth $10 000 if you offer that much. So play smart. Remember, it’s all a game.. until it’s time to pay.

So how do you summon Satan successfully and intelligently? I will present two rituals. The first ritual is for a sole practitioner, the second is a group ritual that is supposed to open the gates of Hell and allow Satan and lesser spirits to enter this realm at the behest of the magicians.

Satan Summoning Ritual #1

1. Psycho-Physical Preparation

This ritual can become very taxing on the mind and the body. The energy required to summon Satan is quite severe. That’s why I recommend this ritual only to more experienced magicians.

First of all, you need to build up the energy in your astral body. While there are many ways to do so, my prefered methods are:

  • Sexual abstention – preserve your sexual energy for at least 7 days before the ritual
  • Fasting – 3-day water fast before the ritual
  • Qigong breathing into the Dan Tien (the main lower energy center in the body)

I recommend the following Dan Tien breathing routines. Perform them in this order (in the morning and before bed):

After doing this routine along with preserving your sexual energy for 7 days you will have a great build-up of energy. It’s not abstract at all, you will actually feel like you have endless energy, confidence and power. You will also notice that you require less sleep than usual.

Solitude and leisure are also recommended. Try to do these preparations and the ritual while on vacation or while you can stay at home and don’t have to be around people. Reduce communication in person and on devices. You will want to be alone and undisturbed.

2. Preparatory mantra meditation

Before the summoning ritual, it’s beneficial to meditate on Satan to open up the energy currents between the physical and spiritual plane.

Transcendental Meditation (TM) has Satanic influences and can be used for this purpose. Simply repeat a mantra silently for 20 minutes. Here is a list of mantras for beginners, pick one that resonates with you and stick to it:

  • aham prema
  • om namah shivaya
  • aum (om)
  • om gam ganapataye namaha
  • sat nam

Perform this meditation in a seated position after Qigong practice in the morning and before sleep. The Qigong practice should take you about 10-15 minutes. Followed by this meditation, your energetic practice will be about 30-40 minutes in the morning and 30-40 minutes before bed.

3. Fasting

The reason why fasting is such a huge part of spirituality is because it takes the mind off of physical worries. Digestion requires a lot of blood and energy, which gets redirected from the brain and other vital organs. \

When the stomach is empty, all of that energy can be used for spiritual purposes, improved concentration and wakeful activity. You will experience hunger on the first day of a water fast, but the next 2 days will be much easier as the body adapts. Drink plenty of water or lemonade during this period, but abstain from all other substances.

Of course, the exception are people with a medical condition that requires a specific dietary regimen so definitely consult your doctor if needs be. Generally though, occasional 3 day water fasts are quite safe and even beneficial for most people.

4. The necessary ritual items

To perform the Satan summoning ritual, you will need the following items:

  • Black/dark or red/burgundy ceremonial magician robes
  • Ritual dagger
  • 4 black candles and 1 purple or red candle
  • Red paint, chalk or powder to draw a protective circle and pentagram on the floor
  • A blindfold (it can be a basic piece of clothing)
  • Incense

Most of these items can be purchased online, through retailers such as Amazon, Etsy, Ebay etc. If you have a local occult shop that might be a good option as well.

5. The Ritual

By the time you’re ready to perform this Satan summoning ritual you’ve already:

  • prepared energetically by practicing Qigong, sexual energy retention and fasting
  • collected the necessary ritual items from the above list

Now it’s time to utilize your energy to summon Satan and get all the things you want out of life faster and with utmost certainty of success. Here is a step-by-step guide to follow:

1. Perform this ritual in an isolated setting at night after midnight. Some suggestions: a basement, a room in your home or a remote outdoor area like a forest clearing, abandoned ruins etc.

2. Gather your ritual items

3. Put on your magical garments

4. Announce the ritual with the following opening statement:

Gloria autem satanas in actum. Gloria autem satanas in sopore iacent. Oceanum est anima mea. Cor meum flamma infernalis. Ignis in aqua ut una gloria Evocatio Satanae.

5. Light the incense

Light multiple incense sticks and spread them across the area of the ritual.

6. Draw the pentagram and magical circle

Draw a large and proportional downward-facing pentragram and surround it in a circle of the same color. The pentagram should be large enough that you can stand or sit on the floor in its inner center.

7. Light up and position the candles 

Light up and place the red candle on the lowest, 5th point of the pentagram. The 4 black candles should be placed on the other 4 points.

8. Stand in the middle of the pentagram 

Point the dagger and focus your energy at each point/candle of the pentagram, starting from the one on the left/west (the red candle point is the final point) while repeating 3 times:

Point #1: Satanas ab Occidente

Point #2: Satanas septentrionalem a stella

Point #3: Satanam aquilone tellus

Point #4: Satanas orientis

Point #5: Satanas de internus regionis

Feel your energy draining, leaving your body from the end of the dagger as it charges each point on the pentagram.

9. Meditate in the middle of the pentagram blindfolded

Sit in the middle of the Pentagram. Fill the energy continuing to build up inside the circle, moving from the candlelight, encircling you in its astral plane. Feel the air flexing, the currents of new energy dancing around you as if a new entity was forming all around you, engulfing you in its presence.

To make the manifestation more powerful repeat this particular chant:

Iam non sum in lumine.

6. Communicate with Satan

After an exhausting period of meditation and chanting Satan will manifest in one form or another. Depending on the magicians natural predispositions and talents, this will occur as a vision, a sound, a feeling of immense mental clarity, purpose, intuition, an urgency to communicate a message (Satan will share his wisdom through your voice) etc.

Some communication will occur. It is up to the magician to stay present and in control during these moments and respond to the challenge. Now is your time to communicate your desire to this great spirit. To strike a pact. To get what exactly what it is you seek. Whether that’s worldly success, wealth, influence, physical powers, spiritual elevation or something entirely different.

This is your moment. Seize it! Because this is such a personal moment, I will refrain from saying more. You will need to act intuitively at this stage and make the best of the opportunity.

7. End the ritual

At the end of this exhausting ritual, you may remove the ritual items and store them in a safe location. Take some rest and don’t perform any magical rituals, meditation or anything related to such activites for at least 3 days.

Go on with your life in accordance to the bargain you’ve made or in the usual matter. Whatever deal you’ve struck will come to fruition, sooner or later.

Final Word: How to summon Satan

Summoning Satan involves 5 stages: 

  • cultivation of energy
  • preparation of ritual items
  • finding an isolated ritual setting
  • performing the ritual
  • communicating your desire to Satan and striking a mutually beneficial pact

It’s important to remain lucid and make a good pact. Write down your desires and what you’re willing or not willing to give up for them to come true. When Satan appears (and he will!), you should be well-prepared to share your desires in a clear and articulate way and offer something of value in return. If you follow this ritual to its completion, I’m confident you will make it happen.

As I mentioned previously, there is also a group ritual for summoning Satan. Well, technically speaking, for opening a portal to Hell, but it can be used for the same purpose. Learn more about here: How to open a portal to Hell

Disclaimer: All content is provided for fun and entertainment purposes only.

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