How to Summon the Demon Ipos: Full Ritual Guide

In this article I will share with you instructions on how to invoke the demon Ipos in order to become more witty and bold. This is a relatively simple exercise that can be performed even by beginners in magick.

Many individual makes his/her life more difficult due to a lack of conviction and boldness. Then they attribute the difficulties to imaginary personal deficiencies or outright bad luck.

They see their colleagues who are more bold, confident and forthright put in the same or even a lesser amount of effort but get favored by their boss and promoted ahead of them.

They see friends and relatives who are neither more intelligent nor better looking attract more desirable romantic partners.

They see people leading adventurous lives while they’re stuck in a routine that provides little more than a sense of safety and a modicum of comfort.

Observing such occurrences can lead an already timid and awkward person to become even more so, and that is a dangerous game to play. As the Jewish wisdom states:

For to those who have, more will be given, and they will have an abundance; but from those who have nothing, even what they have will be taken away.

Matthew 13:12

Therefore, if you want to become a more successful person and live a better life, you must have a healthy amount of boldness. It is perhaps the most important trait you can have because it allows you to make use of opportunities that come your way or carve a path for yourself where there is none.

But in a social setting, boldness without wit can seem barbaric. It can lead to violence and bad reputation if a bold person lacks communication skills, as they pit themselves against the will of others.

Wit enhances boldness, because an apt communicator and observer of human nature makes for a terrifying opponent in the social arena and prizes are often handed to him outright in order to avoid his golden, yet potentially venomous tongue.

We who have the ability to engage with the demonic realm and ask for its favors are fortunate to have the demon Ipos at our disposal, for he can enhance both of these attributes within us. Ipos is described in The Lesser Key of Solomon:

He is an Earl, and a Mighty Prince, and appeareth in the form of an Angel with a Lion’s head, and a Goose’s Foot, and Hare’s Tail. He knoweth all things Past, Present, and to Come. He maketh men witty and bold. He governeth 36 Legions of Spirits.

It is true, Ipos can also be evoked for divinatory purposes, but let us leave that ritual for another time and focus on the ‘maketh men witty and bold’ portion of his influence. I will be honest from the get-go and say that the effects of this invocation ritual are not permanent.

For those who are unaware of what an invocation means, it is a ritual for bringing the demon’s essence within oneself in order to assume his powers and attributes. In comparison, an evocation summons the demon outside ourselves to perform a certain task or influence events and reality at large.

Since the effects aren’t permanent, the ritual can either be repeated on a regular basis in order to maintain the demon’s influence within us, or it can simply be used as a stepping stone in development of one’s own internal boldness and wit.

In other words, after the invocation the magician will feel more bold and witty and a certain amount of success will come from it. This experience will help him transform his identity and continue behaving in that way even after the effects of the invocation have subsided.

Now that we have this preliminary information out the way, here are the instructions for the Ipos invocation.

Ipos Ritual Invocation

Materials Required:

  1. Sea salt.
  2. Four black or red candles.
  3. Incense of wormwood and mugwort.
  4. A cushion for sitting in a meditative posture (optional, if you are flexible enough to sit cross-legged on the floor without support you may do so instead).
  5. A chalice filled with spring water or red wine.
  6. A ceremonial dagger.
  7. Your grimoire or diary (optional)

Setting Up:

  1. Choose a location free from disturbances.
  2. Draw a circle with the sea salt.
  3. Set the four candles at each cardinal point within the circle.
  4. Place the cushion at the circle’s heart.
  5. Position the chalice and dagger beside the cushion.


  1. Candle Lighting: Ignite the candles, moving counter-clockwise from the east. Recognize each flame as an anchor to the ethereal plane.
  2. Initiation of Meditation: Find comfort on the cushion and shut your eyes. With every breath, move deeper into a rhythmic state of relaxation. The scent of the burning incense should guide your senses into a more profound trance, disconnecting you from physical constraints.
  3. Invocation Chant: Using the ceremonial dagger, symbolically etch the air with Ipos’s sigil, intoning: Ipos, essence of audacity and intellect, to thee I reach. Due to the complex design of the sigil, etch only the straight lines.
  4. Meditation and Visualization:
    • Realm Transition: Envision yourself at the edge of a vast, obsidian-black abyss. This isn’t just any void; it’s the meeting point between your essence and that of Ipos. The sheer depth calls to you, inviting you to step forward.
    • Descent into the Abyss: Imagine yourself slowly descending into this endless chasm, each level taking you further into the realm of Ipos. As you delve deeper, feel the darkness engulf you and listen for voices from within it.
    • Encounter with Ipos: Sinking deeper into the abyss, visualize a magnificent fortress of shadow and flame. Herein dwells Ipos. As you approach, the spirit manifests — neither entirely beast nor human, but an amalgamation of forms that signify cunning and confidence. The creature, enveloped in an aura of vibrant energy, stands before you. Reach out and allow it to merge with you, feeling every facet of its essence — the audacity, the wit, the strength — intertwining with your spirit. This can be a pleasurable and intense process, allow it to unfold for as long as it takes.
    • Assumption of Power: Now, visualize your merged form rising through the abyss, absorbing the surrounding energies. As you ascend, feel yourself transforming, with the newfound essence of Ipos empowering your very core.
  5. Affirmation and Sealing: Gently open your eyes, focusing on the chalice. As you sip the water (or wine), perceive it as a final act of merging, a ritualistic affirmation of the transformation you’ve undergone. The liquid is a pact, the bond that ensures Ipos’s essence is now a part of you.
  6. Concluding the Ritual: With a newfound sense of completeness, bring yourself back to the present. Extinguish the candles, moving clockwise from the east. If you’d like, document your journey, insights, and transformations within your grimoire.

Final Thoughts

For some practitioners this is a pleasurable invocation, while others have reported feeling a lot of anger and even a desire for revenge manifesting.

Although this is understandable because you will be looking back on your weaker self and its experiences from a place of newfound strength, I advise that you don’t act blindly and lash out at people.

Use your boldness and wit in a calm manner, control your strength and use it to your advantage. As mentioned earlier, you can perform this invocation ritual whenever you feel it is necessary.

Lastly, if you desire an even greater and more long lasting effect, you can hire me to perform a more intense and elaborate Ipos ritual for your benefit. See you on the other side!

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