How to Summon Zagan (Full Ritual Instructions)

Zagan is a powerful demon mentioned in ancient and modern grimoires, most notably Ars Goetia, Pseudomonarchia Daemonum and Dictionnaire Infernal. If you wish to summon his, this ritual may be useful. Before I lay down the instructions, it would be wise to read and elaborate a bit on his description from the Ars Goetia:

The Sixty-first Spirit is Zagan.

He is a Great King and President, appearing at first in the Form of a Bull with Gryphon’s Wings; but after a while he putteth on Human Shape. He maketh Men Witty. He can turn Wine into Water, and Blood into Wine, also Water into Wine. He can turn all Metals into Coin of the Dominion that Metal is of. He can even make Fools wise. He governeth 33 Legions of Spirits, and his Seal is this, etc.

4 Good Reasons for Summoning Zagan

From this description we can see that Zagan can be helpful if you need to:

  • He maketh Men Witty = Become a better writer, conversationalist and overall communicator.
  • Turn Wine into Water, Blood into Wine, Water into Wine = This is not to be taken literally. Drinks and liquids in magical texts are symbolic of one’s state of mind. Water in this instance stands for a calm and collected mind, Wine stands for aroused emotions and “raised spirit” gained by drinking such an intoxicating substance, and Blood stands for a passionate stance towards a practical goal.
  • Turn all Metals into Coin of the Dominion that Metal is of = Metals and Coins stand for bad and good luck in worldly and monetary pursuits. Zagan can help turn a crumbling business into a flourishing one, but this change has to occur within the same field. Though some have interpreted this part as a call to fraud and other illegal dealings, I believe the previous explanation is more likely.
  • He can even make Fools wise = Many demons can offer raised intuition and wisdom, even provide advice through symbolically charged dreams or as an actual voice in one’s head.

I would also add that Zagan offers excellent familiars. Familiars are spiritual helpers that can be issued instructions in practical, daily matters. Sometimes they appear in an animal form, but most of the time they are invisible companions who can “clear one’s schedule” so to speak, so that the summoner can focus on what truly matters in the given moment.

So if you require Zagan’s assistance in one of these matters, you may wish to summon him. Here is a Zagan summoning ritual with full instructions.

Zagan Summoning Ritual

1. Contemplate your request

Before conducting a ritual, be sure of what you need from Zagan. In the case that you enter a deep trance, you may have to state your request clearly while communicating with the demon. He might also ask something from you, a bargain or a pact so to speak.

How much are you willing to offer in exchange for your desire coming true? It could be a small sacrifice, perhaps spreading the word of his power and inviting others to conjure Zagan, or something else. In any case, make sure that you know what you’re getting into.

2. Prepare your ritual items

For this ritual you will need a pointed object that represents the element of fire. That can be a sword, a dagger or a wand. You will also need 4 black candles. Salt will be needed for creating the magic circle.

3. Memorize the following incantation

You will need to say the following incantation with great conviction at a particular point of the ritual, as I’ll explain later:

Mighty King and Presider of Hell, ruler of 33 legions, protector of unholy scriptures, bringer of chaos to unworthy and good fortune to us worthy, I now summon thee into my realm. I instruct thee to __________ (elaborate in your own words your request, respectfully).

4. Cleanse yourself and the ritual chamber

Before conducting the ritual ensure proper personal hygiene and cleanliness of the ritual space. The ritual can be performed outdoors and indoors, preferably at dawn. Abstaining from sleep this night is recommended, as is performing a one to three day water fast.

This is to ensure that your thoughts will be entirely set on the ritual at hand and in order to increase the chance of entering a deep trance, during which a more intense connection with Zagan may be established.

5. Perform the following ritual

With the preparations complete, you are set to perform the Zagan summoning ritual. Here are the instructions:

  1. Draw the magic circle with salt. It’s a simple circle that you can stand in comfortably. Salt is traditionally used as a spiritual enclosure for such circles to prevent other spirits from entering and to provide a boundary within which you can place various ritual items, such as candles in this particular ritual.
  2. Candle should be placed inside the circle, one to the East, one to the West, North, South. Light the candles.
  3. Use your sword/athame/wand to consecrate the circle by pointing in each direction as you chant Zagan’s enn: “Anay on ca secore Zagan tasa” – You can hear the right pronunciation in this enn chanting video
  4. When you’ve completed the consecration, point the sword/athame/wand upwards and recite the incantation from Step 3 with great confidence. At this point Zagan might appear, as a visual-auditory, intuitive or emotional presence. This is entirely subjective and depends on your personal experience and the demon’s wishes. At this point you might communicate with the demon and it might be an intense experience. If not, rest assured in the knowledge that you’ve completed your task and that things will happen accordingly.
  5. Sit at the center of the circle in the lotus/meditation pose and allow Zagan’s energy to envelop you as long as you’re comfortable.
  6. End the ritual by putting out the candles and destroying the magic circle. If the ritual was performed indoors, open the window(s) to let the energy out for at least 1 hour before entering the room again.

Final Word

Summoning a King of Hell is no small task. It takes skill and bravery. You are of course encouraged to try. If you are unable to perform this ritual or summon Zagan (or any other demon) by yourself for whatever reason, you can contact me and request a ritual. I will perform it on your behalf and you can reap the rewards faster and without any dangers to your own person. Till next time!

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