The Complete List of Divination Methods (Ancient & Modern)

Divination has been used by occultists, witches, and priests since the dawn of humanity. It’s not just about predicting the future; it’s also a tool for observing events, places and people from a different perspective and acting upon the received revelations.

Whether through tarot cards, runes, or the stars, we seek to connect with the deeper currents of fate and choice. As someone who walks this path, I see divination as a way of uncovering the truth by tapping into the energetic currents that are invisible to our ordinary senses, but are in fact the building blocks of our reality.

That’s not to say that I believe all divinatory methods are equal, nor is there a need to become proficient in all of them, of course. Some are unfeasible for people living in urban, modernized areas. Others are difficult to comprehend due to cultural differences.

My main expertise is demonology and ceremonial magic and preferred approach to divination is the following:

  1. Invoking a divinatory demon such as Astaroth or Gaap
  2. Whilst under the demon’s influence utilizing tarot reading, runes, scrying and automatic writing, or a different configuration of methods to divine on the topic of interest.

Demons hold far greater knowledge of things both visible and invisible, of the past and the future than we do. Therefore, by performing an invocation during a session the results become far more precise. Also, incorporating multiple methods to see if they align or not is useful for separating truth from falsehood. The methods that I metioned are my personal preference, and you might wish to use completely different methods found on this list.

It’s also worth noting that divination works best when it’s focused on the fortunes of a particular person. That can be the practitioner or someone else, such as their client, rather than attempting to divine into grand events that involve thousands or millions of people. The complexity and ambiguity of results will inevitably increase with the introduction of more variables.

With that said, here is a comprehensive list of the top 100 divinatory methods:

  1. Astrology: Interpreting celestial bodies’ movements for divination.
  2. Augury: Predicting the future by observing birds.
  3. Cleromancy: Casting lots or dice for divination.
  4. Extispicy: Examining the entrails of sacrificed animals.
  5. Haruspicy: Specifically focusing on the liver for divination.
  6. Omens: Interpreting natural phenomena as signs.
  7. Oracles: Consulting divine intermediaries for guidance.
  8. Palmistry: Reading the lines on a person’s hand.
  9. Runes: Using inscribed stones or pieces of wood.
  10. Scrying: Using reflective surfaces for visionary insights.
  11. I Ching (Yi Jing): Ancient Chinese coin or yarrow stick divination.
  12. Tasseography: Interpreting patterns in tea leaves.
  13. Bibliomancy: Using random book passages for divination.
  14. Pyromancy: Divination by interpreting fire.
  15. Alectryomancy: Using a rooster to select grains.
  16. Omphalomancy: Predicting the number of children by the umbilical cord.
  17. Rhapsodomancy: Divination through random poetic verses.
  18. Belomancy: Divination through the use of arrows.
  19. Ifá: Yoruba divination using objects to create patterns.
  20. Geomancy: Interpreting marks on the ground or patterns in dust.
  21. Hydromancy: Water divination techniques.
  22. Necromancy: Communicating with the dead for divination.
  23. Moleosophy: Interpreting the significance of body moles.
  24. Myomancy: Divination by interpreting the behavior of rats or mice.
  25. Oinomancy: Divination by observing patterns in wine.
  26. Ornithomancy: Divination by the flight patterns of birds, similar to augury.
  27. Phrenology: Analyzing skull shape to predict personality traits and future.
  28. Plastromancy: Turtle shell divination, especially in ancient China.
  29. Psychometry: Gaining insights by touching objects.
  30. Rhabdomancy: Using rods or sticks for divination, including dowsing.
  31. Spatilomancy: Divination by animal droppings.
  32. Stichomancy: Divination by randomly selecting text, similar to bibliomancy.
  33. Theriomancy: Divination through the behavior of wild animals.
  1. Alchemy: Seeking divine truths or predicting the future through chemical experiments.
  2. Astrological Geomancy: Combining astrology and geomancy.
  3. Chiromancy: Detailed palm reading, focusing on line interpretations.
  4. Dactylomancy: Using a ring suspended over a board for divination.
  5. Demonology: Gaining knowledge from demons or spirits.
  6. Dream Interpretation: Analyzing dreams for messages or predictions.
  7. Kau Cim: Chinese fortune telling using bamboo sticks.
  8. Lithomancy: Using stones or gems for divination.
  9. Numerology: The significance of numbers in predicting future events.
  10. Oneiromancy: A form of dream interpretation, prevalent in medieval times.
  11. Tarot Reading: Using tarot cards for insight and predictions.
  12. Urim and Thummim: Priestly divination in ancient Hebrew culture.
  13. Xylomancy: Interpreting fallen wood patterns.
  14. Anthropomancy: Reading human entrails, now obsolete and condemned.
  15. Astragalomancy: Using knucklebones or dice for divination.
  16. Axinomancy: Using an axe head for divination.
  17. Catoptromancy: Mirror divination, a form of scrying.
  18. Ceromancy: Wax divination, interpreting the melted wax in water.
  19. Cromniomancy: Divination using onion sprouts.
  20. Daphnomancy: Burning laurel leaves to listen for crackling as a sign.
  21. Gastromancy: Ancient voice divination, often through trance states.
  22. Ichthyomancy: Using fish entrails or behavior for predictions.
  23. Lampadomancy: Divining by interpreting the sound or pattern of pebbles dropped into a water-filled basin.
  24. Margaritomancy: Divination using pearls.
  25. Metoposcopy: Analyzing the lines and wrinkles on the forehead.
  26. Oculomancy: Divination based on the appearance of the eyes.
  27. Onychomancy: Reflecting sunlight off the fingernails to observe prophetic symbols.
  28. Oomancy: Divination by observing eggs, especially the whites dropped in water.
  29. Papyromancy: Folding paper into shapes, then interpreting the forms and shadows created.
  30. Pedomancy: Reading footsteps or tracking for signs and omens.
  31. Pegomancy: Interpreting the bubbles and sounds made by a spring or fountain.
  32. Phyllorhodomancy: Divination by the sound of rose petals clapped in the hand.
  1. Aura Reading: Interpreting the colors and shapes of a person’s energy field.
  2. Automatic Writing: Writing produced without conscious thought, believed to be spiritual or psychic in origin.
  3. Channeling: Mediums communicate with spirits to convey messages or predict future events.
  4. Crystal Gazing: A form of scrying using a crystal ball.
  5. Energetic Healing: Divining information about a person’s physical or emotional state through their energy.
  6. Feng Shui: Using the layout and design of spaces to affect the energy and fortune of those spaces.
  7. Graphology: Analyzing handwriting to determine character or predict future outcomes.
  8. Horary Astrology: Creating and interpreting a chart for the moment a question is asked.
  9. Iridology: Examining the iris to predict health issues.
  10. Numerology: The study of numbers to determine their mystical or divine significance.
  11. Psychic Surgery: Claimed medical healing that involves the psychic removal of diseased body tissue.
  12. Remote Viewing: Psychically perceiving a distant or unseen target.
  13. Spirit Board: Using a board marked with letters, numbers, and other symbols to communicate with spirits.
  14. Taromancy: A broader term for divination using cards, including tarot.
  15. Technomancy: Using technology as a medium for divination.
  16. Telepathy: Transferring thoughts or feelings between people without the traditional senses.
  17. Thermography: Interpreting patterns in heat or energy as a form of psychic insight.
  18. Astrocartography: Analyzing how planetary positions at the time of birth influence one’s life path across different geographic locations.
  19. Biorythm: Tracking physiological cycles to predict personal effectiveness, compatibility, and the future.
  20. Chakra Reading: Assessing the state of the chakras, or energy centers, for insights into physical and emotional wellbeing.
  21. Digital Divination: Using algorithms and software to interpret random digital output for divinatory purposes.
  22. Face Reading: Analyzing facial features to predict character and destiny.
  23. Gyromancy: Walking in a circle until dizzy, then interpreting the resulting fall or patterns.
  24. Heliomancy: Divination by interpreting the sun’s reflection, particularly its movements and the shapes of the reflected light.
  25. Intuitive Counseling: Offering guidance based on intuitive feelings rather than traditional counseling methods.
  26. Kinetography: Interpreting motion or activity for divinatory insights.
  27. Lucid Dreaming: Controlling dreams to receive messages or solve problems.
  28. Morphic Resonance: Using the concept of collective memory and patterns from the past to predict future patterns.
  29. Numeroscopic Readings: Combining numerology with personal energy readings for a holistic divinatory approach.
  30. Photoreading: Claimed process of absorbing information from written materials at a glance.
  31. Quantum Healing: Using the concepts of quantum mechanics to diagnose and heal, often revealing life paths or destinies.
  32. Radiesthesia: Using pendulums or dowsing rods for divination, including health diagnoses.
  33. Synchronicity Exploration: Interpreting meaningful coincidences for guidance or prediction.
  34. Voice Vibrational Analysis: Analyzing vocal tones and frequencies for psychic insights or to predict future events.

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