4 Ancient Mammon Prayers for Money, Debt Relief and Wealth

Mammon, the demon of wealth and prosperity, offers his favor to those who pray to him with respect and dignity.

Carefully crafted prayers are a way to begin working with Mammon. These prayers can be repeated during rituals and when presenting offerings on an altar dedicated to Mammon. They can be used on their own as well if you don’t have any other ritual tools available, or as part of a Mammon attunement practice.

Some of the following prayers are in Latin, Ancient Greek, and Phoenician. They are from historical manuscripts and grimoires, showcasing that Mammon has been considered a benevolent wealth demon for centuries..

Each prayer aids in somewhat different financial aspects—from seeking prosperity and business success to securing financial protection and finding relief from debt.

Latin Prayer to Mammon for Financial Prosperity


Magnus Mammon, custos divitiarum et fortunae,
Humiliter tuam praesentiam in vita mea invoco.
Confer mihi sapientiam ad creandas et administrandas divitias,
Duc manus meas in conatibus prosperitatis et abundantiae.
Sit fluxus divitiarum et facultatum semper in favorem meum,
Et te honorem prudenti administratione lucrorum meorum.
Opportunitates afflue ad incrementum pecuniarium,
Et fortitudinem da ut eas sine haesitatione apprehendam.
Via mea luce aurea tua illuminetur,
In tuo nomine quaero prosperitatem pecuniariam,
Sic fiat.


Great Mammon, Guardian of Wealth and Fortune,
I humbly invoke your presence in my life.
Bestow upon me the wisdom to create and manage wealth,
Guide my hands in endeavors of prosperity and abundance.
Let the flow of riches and resources be ever in my favor,
And may I honor you with prudent stewardship of my gains.
Shower me with opportunities that lead to financial growth,
And grant me the courage to seize them without hesitation.
May my path be illuminated by your golden light,
In your name, I seek financial prosperity,
So mote it be.

Ancient Greek Prayer to Mammon for Business Success


Σεβαστέ Μάμμων, προστάτη του εμπορίου και της συναλλαγής,
Επικαλούμαι τη χάρη σου για την επιτυχία των επιχειρήσεών μου.
Χάρισε μου τη διορατικότητα να λαμβάνω σοφές αποφάσεις,
Και την τύχη να δω την επιχείρησή μου να ακμάζει.
Ας είναι οι προσπάθειές μου καρποφόρες και τα κέρδη μου να αυξάνονται,
Ως μαρτυρία της εύνοιας και της καθοδήγησής σου.
Ας είναι η φήμη μου στην αγορά γεμάτη ακεραιότητα και οξυδέρκεια,
Και ας επεκταθεί το δίκτυό μου με επιρροή και υποστηρικτικούς συμμάχους.
Με ευγνωμοσύνη και σεβασμό ζητώ την ευλογία σου για την επιχειρηματική επιτυχία,
Έτσι ας είναι.


Respected Mammon, Patron of Commerce and Trade,
I seek your blessing upon my ventures and endeavors.
Grant me the insight to make judicious decisions,
And the fortune to see my business flourish and expand.
May my efforts yield fruitful results and growing profits,
As a testament to your favor and guidance.
Bestow upon me a reputation of integrity and acumen in the marketplace,
And surround me with influential and supportive allies.
With gratitude and reverence, I ask for your blessing in business success,
So mote it be.

Phoenician Prayer to Mammon for Debt Relief


𐤌𐤌𐤍, 𐤋𐤇𐤌𐤉𐤀𐤄 𐤄𐤉𐤌𐤉𐤌,
𐤀𐤓𐤋𐤀𐤕𐤄𐤀𐤄 𐤄𐤀𐤉𐤔𐤋𐤄𐤉𐤀𐤄 𐤇𐤔𐤌𐤀𐤄 𐤋𐤁𐤃𐤉.
𐤉𐤔𐤅𐤋𐤉𐤀𐤌 𐤋𐤉𐤄𐤋𐤔𐤉𐤀𐤋𐤕 𐤀𐤋𐤀𐤋𐤀𐤌𐤉,
𐤋𐤅𐤉𐤀𐤓𐤓𐤌 𐤋𐤉𐤄𐤋𐤔𐤉𐤀𐤋𐤕 𐤄𐤀𐤉𐤀𐤀𐤌𐤉.
𐤉𐤔𐤋𐤉𐤀𐤌 𐤅𐤁𐤃𐤋𐤕 𐤄𐤀𐤉𐤀𐤀𐤄𐤌𐤉,
𐤇𐤔𐤌𐤀𐤄 𐤄𐤀𐤉𐤀𐤄𐤀𐤌𐤉 𐤅𐤄𐤅𐤅 𐤀𐤁𐤃𐤀.
𐤌𐤉𐤀𐤋𐤅𐤀 𐤋𐤁𐤃𐤉 𐤀𐤋𐤀𐤋𐤀𐤌𐤉,
𐤅𐤄𐤀𐤉𐤔𐤅𐤋𐤉𐤀𐤋𐤕 𐤄𐤀𐤉𐤀𐤀𐤄𐤌𐤉 𐤄𐤀𐤉𐤀𐤄𐤀𐤌𐤉.
𐤁𐤃𐤉 𐤀𐤋𐤀𐤋𐤀𐤌𐤉 𐤀𐤓𐤋𐤕𐤉,
𐤄𐤉𐤀𐤄𐤌𐤉𐤌 𐤅𐤀𐤄𐤅𐤅 𐤇𐤔𐤌𐤀𐤄.


Mammon, Liberator of Burdens and Strife,
I humbly appeal to you to release me from the chains of debt.
Provide me with the means to repay what I owe,
And the wisdom to avoid such pitfalls in the future.
Let the heavy weight of financial obligation be lifted from my shoulders,
As I seek redemption and freedom in your name.
Open the doors to opportunities for increasing my income and savings,
And grant me the discipline to manage my finances wisely.
In profound reverence, I ask for your aid in achieving debt relief,
So mote it be.

Prayer to Mammon for Financial Protection

Guardian Mammon, Shield of Fortune,
I turn to you in times of uncertainty and need.
Protect my assets and investments from harm,
And preserve the hard-earned fruits of my labor.
May no misfortune or deceit touch my wealth,
And may I trust in your vigilant guardianship.
Encircle my financial undertakings with your mighty fortress,
And keep the shadows of loss and mismanagement at bay.
In your powerful name, I seek financial protection,
So mote it be.

To Conclude

These Mammon prayers are the simplest way to connect with Mammon, apart from meditating upon his enn and sigil. As I’ve mentioned in the introduction, they can be used as hymns while you’re placing offerings on an altar, or as ways to start or end a Mammon ritual.

Having said that, prayers don’t guarantee anything on their own. Summoning rituals are a lot more effective. If a prayer is an advertisement that pops up into your email, you might look at it and act, but it’s also likely that you’ll ignore it. If it pops up many times you might be inclined to take a look at it eventually. Still doesn’t mean you’ll act on it. In comparison, a ritual is like a knock on the door from an effective salesman with a shiny new product in his hand that he wants you to try for yourself.

Maybe it’s not the best analogy, but you get the point – a ritual requires more effort but it’s also a more effective way at harnessing a demon’s influence. I’ve shared a Mammon ritual that you can perform on your own previously. My Ritual for Hire service is also available for those who are really commited to getting the best results possible.

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