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My New Book “The Psy-Mage Compendium” is Now Available!

Greetings fellow magicians!

I’ve recently published a new book, The Psy-Mage Compendium. It’s now available on Amazon, both as an e-book (Kindle format) and as a paperback. Here is a link, wherein you can also read the first few pages for free and see what it’s all about.

Within this new content you will find:

  • my philosophical ruminations on the topics of magic and the nature of reality
  • a unique collection of mental and physical exercises for raising your magical prowess
  • a selection of summoning rituals and further advice on how to perform them effectively
  • I’ve also included my thoughts on other spiritual entities such as servitores, tulpas and egregores

I hope you will find all of this helpful and entertaining. If that proves to be the case, please leave a review or a rating on the product page so that more likeminded people discover the book.

Thank you and I’ll talk to you soon!

– Astennu Sever

A quick note: The book is available on Amazon.com and all other Amazon websites. So if you’re ordering a paperback I recommend getting it from the location that’s nearest to you (for example Amazon.co.uk if you live in UK or a neighboring country). If you prefer the e-book, you can read it immediately upon making the purchase in three ways: in your browser, on a Kindle e-reader, or by downloading the free Kindle app on your device.

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