4 Powerful Obatala Prayers for Money, Healing, Protection

Prayers are a traditional method of connecting with Orishas. Obatala is no exception, he responds well to sincere, heartfelt prayers. It’s important to pray for things that Obatala can help with. Offerings can also be presented at the same time to honor Obatala and showcase your sincerity.

Here are 4 powerful prayers that you can use, depending on what you need help with:

Prayer to Obatala for Money

Obatala, guardian of Heaven’s treasury,
Hear my humble plea, O father of light,
Bestow upon me the blessings of abundance,
Guide my steps toward prosperity and wealth.

With your divine wisdom, open paths before me,
So I may find success and financial security,
Let your white robe of purity cover my endeavors,
Granting me opportunities to prosper and thrive.

May your calm and clear spirit cleanse my fears,
And fill my heart with courage and determination,
Bless my efforts with your holy favor,
So that I may live in abundance and share with others.

Obatala, in your infinite grace, grant me the means,
To provide for myself and those I hold dear,
With gratitude and faith, I offer this prayer,
Trusting in your power to bring prosperity near.

Prayer to Obatala for Peace

Obatala, Orisha of peace and clarity,
I come before you seeking your serene presence,
Fill my heart with your tranquil light,
And grant me the gift of inner peace.

In times of turmoil and strife, be my guide,
Calm the storms that rage within and around me,
Help me to see with clarity and understanding,
And to act with wisdom and compassion.

Let your white robe of purity envelop my soul,
Bringing calmness and serenity to my spirit,
Guide my thoughts and actions towards harmony,
And help me to spread peace wherever I go.

Obatala, bring your divine peace to my life,
So that I may live in harmony with all creation,
With gratitude, I offer this prayer to you,
Trusting in your power to bring peace and love.

Prayer to Obatala for Protection

Obatala, guardian of purity and truth,
I call upon your divine protection and strength,
Shield me from harm and negativity,
And surround me with your powerful light.

Guide my steps and watch over my path,
Protect me from dangers seen and unseen,
Let your wisdom guide my decisions,
And your purity cleanse my surroundings.

Wrap your white robe around me as a shield,
Guarding me from all that seeks to harm,
Strengthen my spirit and fortify my resolve,
So I may face life’s challenges with courage.

Obatala, with your divine protection,
I find safety and security in your embrace,
With gratitude, I offer this prayer to you,
Trusting in your power to keep me safe.

Prayer to Obatala for Healing

Obatala, Master of healing and purity,
I come before you seeking your divine touch,
Heal my body, mind, and spirit,
And restore me to wholeness and vitality.

In your infinite wisdom, bring me clarity,
Help me to see the path to health and well-being,
Let your pure white light cleanse my ailments,
And fill me with strength and renewal.

Guide the hands of those who care for me,
Grant them the wisdom and skill to heal,
Comfort my soul with your gentle presence,
And ease my pain with your loving grace.

Obatala, bring your healing power into my life,
Restore me to balance and harmony,
With gratitude and faith, I offer this prayer,
Trusting in your power to bring me healing and peace.

How to Pray to Obatala

Praying to Obatala should involve reverence, sincerity, and a respectful approach. Here’s a more systematic guide that you can follow for greater success:


  1. Create a Clean Space: Ensure the place where you will be praying is clean and uncluttered. Obatala values cleanliness and purity.
  2. White Cloth or Altar: Set up a white cloth or altar. White is the color associated with Obatala.
  3. Offerings: Common offerings to Obatala include white candles, coconuts, white flowers, white wine, milk, shea butter, and yam. Ensure the offerings are fresh and presented respectfully.

The Prayer

  1. Light the Candle: Light a white candle as a symbol of purity and enlightenment.
  2. Calm Your Mind: Take a few moments to center yourself. Close your eyes, take deep breaths, and clear your mind.
  3. Invocation: Begin by invoking Obatala. You can say something like:”Obatala, Orisha of wisdom, peace, and purity, I call upon your divine presence and guidance.”
  4. State Your Intentions: Clearly state the purpose of your prayer. Whether you are seeking money, peace, protection, or healing, be specific about your needs and desires.
  5. Offer Your Prayer: Recite your prayer to Obatala. Speak from your heart, expressing your faith and trust in his power.
  6. Gratitude: End your prayer with gratitude. Thank Obatala for listening and for the blessings you have received and will receive.”Thank you, Obatala, for your divine presence and guidance. I am grateful for your blessings and the peace you bring into my life.”


  1. Sit in Silence: After your prayer, sit in silence for a few moments. Allow yourself to feel the connection and the peace.
  2. Leave Offerings: Place your offerings on the altar or in a designated space. Ensure they remain there for a respectful amount of time before disposing of them in a natural way.
  3. Maintain Cleanliness: Keep the area around your altar or prayer space clean and pure as a continuous sign of respect.

Regular Practice

  • Consistency: Make praying to Obatala a regular practice. Consistent communication and reverence will deepen your connection.
  • Mindfulness: Live mindfully, embodying the qualities of wisdom, peace, and purity in your daily life as a reflection of Obatala’s influence.

Offerings for Obatala

Offering to Obatala should reflect his attributes of purity, wisdom, and peace. Here are some suitable offerings:

Common Offerings for Obatala

  1. White Candle: Symbolizes purity and clarity. Lighting a white candle is a common way to honor Obatala.
  2. Coconuts: The white flesh of the coconut is a significant offering due to its color and purity.
  3. White Flowers: Flowers such as white lilies, roses, or carnations.
  4. White Wine or Milk: These liquids are associated with purity and can be offered in a clean, white container.
  5. Shea Butter: Natural and pure, shea butter is used as an offering and for anointing.
  6. Yam or Cassava: These root vegetables are traditional offerings, often prepared and served without seasoning.
  7. White Cloth: A piece of clean, white fabric can be offered or used to cover the altar.
  8. Silver Items: Silver is a metal associated with purity and can be offered in the form of coins or small objects.
  9. White Cornmeal: Used in some traditions as an offering for its color and simplicity.
  10. Eggs: Often used in rituals and offerings due to their association with life and purity.

How to Present Offerings

  1. Cleanliness: Ensure all offerings are clean and presented in a respectful manner.
  2. Arrangement: Arrange offerings on a white cloth or altar dedicated to Obatala.
  3. Intentions: While presenting the offerings, state your intentions and prayers clearly.
  4. Time: Leave the offerings on the altar for a respectful amount of time before removing them. Ensure they are disposed of in a natural way, such as returning them to the earth.

Example Offering Setup

  1. Clean the Area: Make sure the space where you will be making the offerings is clean and free of clutter.
  2. Set the Altar: Cover the altar with a white cloth.
  3. Place Offerings:
    • Light a white candle and place it in the center.
    • Arrange white flowers in a vase.
    • Place a bowl of white coconut pieces and another with white wine or milk.
    • Include a small dish of shea butter and a few yams or cassava pieces.
    • Add any silver items or white cornmeal as desired.

Final Thoughts

Honoring Obatala through prayers and offerings is a deeply meaningful traditional practice. By creating a clean, dedicated space and presenting thoughtful offerings such as white candles, coconuts, and white flowers, you can connect with Obatala’s serene energy and ask him to influence your life in a positive way.

Through sincere prayers and consistent reverence, one can invite Obatala’s blessings of protection, healing, and prosperity into your life.

Having said that, ceremonial rituals provide a more successfuly way to ask for help from a deity. Obatala responds better to ceremonial rituals than prayers alone. If you’d like me to perform such a powerful ceremonial ritual, consider ordering it through my Ritual for Hire service.

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