Oshun’s Gifts: How to Attract Love, Fertility, and Prosperity

Oshun is a beloved and important figure in the Yoruba religion, known for her deep connection to love, beauty, fertility, and fresh water. Here’s a more natural introduction to who she is:

Who is Oshun?

Goddess of Love and Beauty

Oshun is often seen as the embodiment of love and beauty. She’s the Orisha who you turn to when you need help with matters of the heart, whether it’s finding love, mending a broken relationship, or simply attracting more love and kindness into your life. Her presence is said to bring joy and sweetness, much like the honey that is often offered to her.

Guardian of Fertility and Motherhood

Many people also honor Oshun as the protector of fertility and motherhood. She is the one you pray to if you’re hoping to conceive or if you want to ensure the well-being of your children. Her nurturing nature makes her a comforting figure for anyone looking to start or grow a family.

Ruler of Fresh Water and Rivers

Oshun’s domain is fresh water, particularly rivers. She is believed to live in and bless these waters, making them sources of healing and nourishment. If you ever visit a river, you might feel her presence in the gentle flow and sparkling reflections.

Symbol of Wealth and Prosperity

Oshun is often depicted adorned in yellow and gold, colors that symbolize wealth and prosperity. She’s a figure of abundance, and her followers believe that she can help bring financial success and luxury into their lives.


Compassionate and Loving

Oshun is incredibly compassionate and loving. She’s known for her ability to provide comfort and healing to those in need. Her gentle touch is like a balm for the weary soul.

Strong and Independent

Despite her gentle nature, Oshun is also strong and fiercely independent. She stands up for what she believes in and protects those she loves with a warrior’s spirit. She’s a reminder that strength and softness can coexist beautifully.

Joyful and Playful

Oshun brings joy and playfulness wherever she goes. Her laughter is infectious, and she encourages those around her to find happiness in the small moments. Celebrations in her honor are vibrant and filled with music and dance.

The simplest way to ask Oshun for help is by praying to her. The following prayers have been crafted and consecrated to address the different influences and blessings that she can bestow upon you.

Prayer to Oshun for Love

“Oshun, goddess of love and beauty, I come before you with an open heart, seeking your divine presence. You who embodies the essence of pure love, fill my life with your sweetness. Guide me to find true love, a love that is kind, passionate, and enduring.

Oshun, let your golden light shine upon me, Opening my heart to give and receive love freely. Help me to attract a partner who values and cherishes me, Who sees the beauty in my soul and loves me unconditionally.

Bless my current relationships with harmony and understanding. Where there is conflict, bring peace. Where there is pain, bring healing. Let love flow into every corner of my life, Filling me with joy and transforming my existence with your radiant energy.

Thank you, Oshun, for the love you bestow upon me. I honor you with gratitude and devotion, trusting in your guidance and blessings.”

Prayer to Oshun for Money

“Oshun, Orisha of wealth and prosperity, I call upon your generous spirit. You who adorn yourself in gold and jewels, Bestow your blessings of abundance upon me.

Guide me to opportunities that will lead to financial success, And help me to make wise decisions that increase my wealth. Let your rivers of prosperity flow into my life, Bringing with them the richness and luxury you are known for.

Remove any obstacles that stand in the way of my financial growth, And fill my hands with the fruits of my labor. Teach me to manage my resources wisely, So that I may enjoy the comfort and security that wealth provides.

Oshun, I offer you my gratitude and devotion, Trusting that you will bless me with prosperity. May your golden light illuminate my path to abundance.”

Prayer to Oshun for Fertility

“Oshun, nurturing mother and goddess of fertility, I come to you with a heartfelt plea. You who bless the earth with life and vitality, Grant me the gift of fertility.

Bless my body with the strength and health to conceive, And nurture the seed of life within me. Let your healing waters cleanse and prepare my womb, Creating a sacred space for new life to flourish.

Oshun, fill me with your creative energy, And bless me with the joy of motherhood. Guide me through this journey with your wisdom and compassion, And grant me the strength to overcome any obstacles.

Thank you, Oshun, for your nurturing presence in my life. I honor you with gratitude, trusting in your blessings and guidance.”

Prayer to Oshun for Protection

“Oshun, fierce protector and loving mother, I seek your powerful presence and guidance. You who guard those you love with unwavering strength, Surround me with your protective light.

Shield me from harm and negative energies, And keep me safe from those who wish me ill. Let your golden light be my armor, Deflecting any threats that come my way.

Guide me with your wisdom, Helping me to navigate life’s challenges with grace and courage. Fill my heart with your strength, So that I may stand firm in the face of adversity.

Oshun, I offer you my gratitude and devotion, Trusting in your protective embrace. May your loving presence always be by my side.”

Prayer to Oshun for Pregnancy

“Oshun, goddess of life and fertility, I come to you with hope and reverence. You who bless women with the gift of motherhood, Grant me the joy of carrying a child.

Bless my body with health and vitality, And prepare my womb to nurture new life. Let your healing waters cleanse and purify me, Creating a safe and sacred space for my baby to grow.

Guide me through this journey with your wisdom and compassion, And ease any fears or anxieties I may have. Fill me with your strength and resilience, So that I may bring my child into the world with love and joy.

Oshun, I honor you with gratitude and devotion, Trusting in your blessings and guidance. Thank you for the gift of life and the miracle of pregnancy.”

Prayer to Oshun for Beauty

“Oshun, radiant goddess of beauty and grace, I seek your divine touch. You who are adorned in splendor and elegance, Bless me with your charm and allure.

Enhance my natural beauty with your golden light, And fill me with the confidence to shine. Let your essence flow through me, Radiating outward and drawing others to me.

Teach me to see and appreciate the beauty within myself, And to carry myself with grace and dignity. Fill my heart with love and joy, So that my inner beauty reflects outward.

Oshun, I offer you my gratitude and devotion, Trusting in your blessings and guidance. May your radiant presence always be with me, Enhancing my beauty and enriching my life.”

Each of these prayers is designed to honor Oshun and seek her blessings in different aspects of life. By praying to her with sincerity and devotion, you invite her loving and powerful presence into your life.

Worship and Offerings

Presenting offerings to Oshun is another way to show your appreciation and gain her support. These should reflect her attributes of love, beauty, fertility, and wealth. Here are some suitable and traditional offerings:

  1. Honey: Oshun has a particular fondness for honey. It symbolizes sweetness and love.
  2. Oranges and Other Citrus Fruits: These fruits, particularly oranges, are associated with Oshun’s energy and are often used in rituals.
  3. Cinnamon: Known for its sweet and spicy aroma, cinnamon is a suitable offering to honor Oshun’s vibrant spirit.
  4. Pumpkins and Squash: These symbolize fertility and abundance and are often used as offerings.
  5. Yellow and Gold Flowers: Flowers like sunflowers, marigolds, and daisies in yellow and gold colors reflect Oshun’s radiance and beauty.
  6. Freshwater: As Oshun is the Orisha of rivers, offering clean and fresh river water is a way to honor her.
  7. Jewelry and Adornments: Beautiful and luxurious items like gold jewelry, beads, and mirrors are suitable offerings that reflect Oshun’s connection to wealth and beauty.
  8. Perfumes and Fragrant Oils: Sweet-smelling perfumes and oils like rose, jasmine, or sandalwood are pleasing to Oshun.
  9. Cakes and Sweets: Homemade cakes, sweet pastries, and other confections are often offered to honor her sweet nature.
  10. Cinnamon and Honey Cornbread: This specific preparation combines two of Oshun’s favorite items and can be made as an offering.

How to Present Offerings

  1. Clean and Purify: Ensure that the offerings are clean and presented in a pure, respectful manner.
  2. Arrange on an Altar: Set up a dedicated space or altar with a yellow or gold cloth to place the offerings.
  3. Light Candles: Light yellow or gold candles as part of the offering ritual to invoke Oshun’s presence.
  4. Say a Prayer or Invocation: Speak from the heart, expressing your intentions and gratitude to Oshun.
  5. Offer with Respect: Leave the offerings on the altar for a respectful amount of time before disposing of them in a natural way, such as burying them or placing them in a river, if appropriate.

Example Offering Setup

  1. Clean the Area: Ensure the space where you will be making the offerings is clean and free of clutter.
  2. Set the Altar: Cover the altar with a yellow or gold cloth.
  3. Place Offerings:
    • Arrange a bowl of honey and a few oranges on the altar.
    • Place a small dish of cinnamon and a pumpkin or squash.
    • Add a vase with yellow or gold flowers.
    • Include a piece of gold jewelry or a beautiful bead necklace.
    • Light yellow or gold candles.

An Example of a Prayer Said During Offering

“Oshun, radiant goddess of love, beauty, and abundance, I present these offerings to honor you and seek your blessings. May this honey sweeten my life with love and joy, May these oranges and flowers reflect your radiant beauty, May this cinnamon and pumpkin symbolize fertility and abundance, And may this jewelry and these candles honor your wealth and splendor. Accept these humble offerings as a sign of my devotion. Thank you, Oshun, for your grace, your blessings, and your love.”

By presenting these offerings with a sincere heart and respectful manner, you honor Oshun and invite her blessings into your life.

How to Invoke Oshun

Prayers and offerings alone can be considered as the first level of connecting with Oshun. But for a deeper connection and to elicit a stronger response from the Orisha it’s best to perform a ceremonial ritual (or hire a qualified professional like myself to perform it on your behalf). Here is one of the easier rituals that you can try to do on your own:

Ritual Invocation of Oshun


This ritual is designed to invoke the presence of Oshun, the Orisha of love, beauty, fertility, and wealth. By following these creative instructions, you can connect with Oshun and invite her blessings into your life.

Materials Needed:

  • A clean yellow or gold cloth for the altar
  • Yellow and gold candles
  • Offerings: honey, oranges, cinnamon, pumpkins or squash, yellow or gold flowers, jewelry or adornments, sweet cakes or pastries, and freshwater (preferably from a river)
  • Incense or fragrant oils (rose, jasmine, or sandalwood)
  • A bowl for the honey
  • A small mirror
  • A bell or chime
  • A small bowl of water


Cleanse the Space: Begin by cleansing the space with incense or fragrant oils. Walk around the room, allowing the smoke to purify the area. Ring the bell or chime to clear the energy.

Set Up the Altar:

  • Cover the altar with the yellow or gold cloth.
  • Place the yellow and gold candles in the center.
  • Arrange the offerings around the candles: a bowl of honey, oranges, cinnamon, pumpkins or squash, yellow or gold flowers, jewelry or adornments, and sweet cakes or pastries.
  • Include the small mirror and a bowl of freshwater on the altar.

Personal Cleansing: Before starting the ritual, cleanse yourself with the fragrant oil. Place a few drops on your forehead, wrists, and heart, setting your intentions for the ritual.

The Ritual:

Lighting the Candles:

  • Light the yellow and gold candles to symbolize Oshun’s presence and power.
  • Say: “With this flame, I call upon Oshun, goddess of love, beauty, and abundance. May your light shine brightly in this sacred space.”


  • Stand before the altar, raise your arms, and recite: “Oshun, radiant goddess of the sweet waters, I call upon your loving presence tonight. Come forth with your grace and beauty, Fill this sacred space with your divine energy. Lady of love and fertility, Hear my call and grace me with your blessings.”

Presentation of Offerings:

  • Present each offering, stating its significance: “Oshun, accept this honey, symbolizing the sweetness and love you bring into our lives. May it please you and bless me with love and joy.”

“Oshun, accept these oranges and flowers, reflecting your radiant beauty. May they honor your spirit and bring peace to my heart.”

“Oshun, accept this cinnamon and pumpkin, symbols of fertility and abundance. May they bless my life with growth and prosperity.”

“Oshun, accept this jewelry and these sweet cakes, tokens of your wealth and splendor. May they bring me your blessings of abundance.”

Anointing with Water:

  • Dip your fingers in the bowl of freshwater and anoint your forehead, heart, and wrists, saying: “Oshun, cleanse and purify me with your sacred waters. Let your healing flow through me.”


  • Recite specific prayers for each aspect you seek Oshun’s blessings in:

For Love: “Oshun, goddess of love, fill my life with your sweetness. Guide me to find true love and bless my relationships with harmony and understanding.”

For Money: “Oshun, Orisha of wealth, bestow your blessings of abundance upon me. Guide me to opportunities that will lead to financial success.”

For Fertility: “Oshun, nurturing mother, grant me the gift of fertility. Bless my body with the strength and health to conceive.”

For Protection: “Oshun, fierce protector, shield me from harm and negativity. Surround me with your protective light.”

For Pregnancy: “Oshun, goddess of life, grant me the joy of carrying a child. Bless my body with health and vitality.”

For Beauty: “Oshun, radiant goddess, enhance my natural beauty with your golden light. Fill me with the confidence to shine.”


  • Sit quietly before the altar, focusing on the flames and feeling Oshun’s presence. Visualize her golden light filling the space and your being.

Using the Mirror:

  • Hold the small mirror to reflect the light of the candles, symbolizing the illumination of Oshun’s beauty and grace within you. Look into the mirror and see yourself as Oshun sees you – full of love, beauty, and potential.

Closing the Ritual:

  • Thank Oshun for her presence and blessings. “Thank you, Oshun, for your love, beauty, and abundance. May your blessings remain with me always.”
  • Extinguish the candles one by one, keeping the intention of gratitude and respect.

Dispose of the Offerings:

  • Dispose of the offerings in a natural way, such as burying them or placing them in a river, as a sign of respect and gratitude.

By performing this ritual with sincerity and respect, you can establish a deep connection with Oshun and invite her powerful blessings into your life.

Final Thoughts

Oshun is one of the more benevolent Orishas. There are virtually no dangers to praying or summoning her. She is very eager to please those that approach her with heartfelt and pure intentions. So I hope that you’ll find this helpful, and if you’d like my dedicated support in the form of an elaborate ceremonial ritual, consider reaching out through my Ritual for Hire service.

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