Pisces Sign: Personality Traits, Positives, Negatives & More

The sign of Pisces, the last sign of Water in the zodiac series, evokes the end of winter, the need to enter a new cycle. Governed by Neptune, star of spirituality and osmosis, Les Pisces is in analogy with House XII, concerning the places and situations where one must surpass oneself.

Let us see the typical portrait of the natives of Pisces, the analogies of this sign, the psychology of its planet and a description of what the sign can produce for better or worse. We will end with some examples of personalities strongly marked by Neptunian values.

I. The sign of Pisces: portrait

Pisces are often said to live in their own world. It must be recognized that the older I get, the more I realize that I think differently from ordinary people, that I perceive things my way …

The Pisces are said to lack realism, but we have to agree on a definition of “realism” first. Because, in the end, all perception of reality is subjective and that of Pisces is perhaps even more. 

In fact, earthly, material life does not seem to be really made for us because Pisces seem to be naturally predisposed to things of the mind or the heart. It is in lyricism, music, concepts, beliefs, the arts that life has meaning for us. Also, it is common for some of us little Pisces prisoners of the terrestrial jar to try escape from it by destructive means such as drugs or alcohol … It is so tempting to “free your mind and forget your body”.

The sensitivity and the emotivity of Pisces are great and we live essentially in the mode of feeling and intuition unless – which frequently happens – that our first nature is thwarted by education and society: we then tend to be a “false Virgin”, that is to say to develop ourselves in antithesis of our essence and to adopt the values ​​of the sign opposite to Pisces , the Virgin: we then become excessively materialistic, picky, analytical to hang on to what we have, but we are no less unhappy.

The Pisces do not have the reputation of being very playful but I manage to not get depressed because I’m basically a pessimist. So I often hide my melancholy, my sadness, my unhappiness in a nutshell, under a solid layer of humor or sociability. But those who know intimately the representatives of the sign of Pisces know that this is only a varnish because nothing leaves us indifferent: a constantly scratched heart is a painful heart. 

I believe that I deeply love others, sympathize with their distress and suffering and know how to listen to them. If my neighbor Aquarius knows how to take a step back and act, I am the opposite: more passive, I completely drown in the flow of the world’s misery, I am the witness and the necessary martyr. No doubt the Pisces make, for this reason, honest religious people, respectable sages, devoted volunteers, inspired artists, “cursed” poets …

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I easily fall in love because it must be said that Pisces lack discernment in human relationships: loving everyone a priori, Pisces find it difficult to sort out people, including for their own comfort, and we are easily overwhelmed , parasitized on by people because we just “go with the flow” and go where and with whom the wave carries us.

What good is it to fight anyway? The Pisces enerally believe in predestination and fate: it happens as it must happen. So we Pisces make a lot of mistakes, because we tend to delude ourselves to compensate for the mediocrity of our relationships. I often think I see people better than they are until everything plummets and I am then deeply upset. Because when Pisces love, they give everything and seek to be one with the other.

We are zealous and attentive but we are also almost always disappointed because love seldom lives up to its reputation… I seek from my friends the support, comfort, optimism and drive that are necessary for myself to advance, for lack of being naturally endowed with it. The Pisces have a lot of relationships because we adapt very easily to others and know what to say when we have to; not for the sake of manipulating others (because it is often the opposite!). But just to surf without being hit by the waves of humanity.

Besides, I must admit that I sometimes say one thing and its opposite, according to interpretations, because I do not really have an opinion on everything or else I am aware that my opinion would not interest anyone and I prefer to conform to received ideas. In short, I try to satisfy everyone and not have to choose between goat and cabbage …

Money, power, success are of little interest to Pisces because our soul aspires more or less clearly to something else (which we generally find in meditation, prayer, creation or artificial paradises).

We say Pisces are predisposed to presentiments, to premonitory dreams and, in general, to commune with the so-called sensitive world.

Finally, let us specify that the key word defining my personality is FUSION, it seems that Pisces are more than other signs influenced by their co-signs (ascending, dominant …) and that there are therefore many “sub- portraits”of the natives of the last sign.

II. The sign of Pisces: analog correspondences


Pisces sign: lexical field
Philosophy and Religion
Astrological analogy
The oceans
Retirement homes
The monasteries
The water
House XII
Neptune :
Home in Pisces
Exaltation in Leo
Exile in Virgo
Fall in Aquarius
Sea crafts
Medium, seer
Social professions
Psychiatrist, psychologist
Emergency room
The tests
The dilemmas
The cover-ups
Balance sheets
The secrets
The epidemics
The music
Inner Peace
The escape, the escape
Tarot Blades :
5th blade: The Pope
12th blade: The Hanged Man
Body and Health
Relationships and stereotypes
Unconscious factors
The feet
The allergies
Mental illnesses
Drug addiction
Hidden enemies
The insane
The guides
The illusionists
The secrets
The contemplation
The indefinable
Astronomical data for Neptune
Diameter: 49,248 km
Zodiacal revolution :
165 years
Speed: 4.74 km / s
The whale
The dolphin
The starfish
The seahorse
The Pelican
Metal and Stones
Color and fragrance
The coral
The White
The fern
The lotus


Mythological analogies

Neptune is part of the triad of supreme gods of Greco-Roman mythology since it shares, with Pluto and Jupiter, the entire universe. If Jupiter seems to reign on earth and in the heavens, thus planning the terrestrial life like celestial, and if Pluto reigns in the hells, it is to say about it at the junction between two worlds, Neptune is the master of Waters.

The oceans and rivers because they share the world of men in continents and countries must be considered as barriers, barriers that man by his ingenuity and collaboration can cross to discover a beyond , that is that is to say an unknown, different and probably enriching world. In fact, the god of the sea must also be seen as the god of transitions from one state of consciousness to another, from one reality to another.

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Symbolic analogies

For the reasons mentioned above, Neptune governs all intermediate states, states of suffering (man is on the raging water, sailing towards the unknown) such as disease, imprisonment, seclusion, madness, coma or drug addiction. Neptune will also take care of the intermediate states desired in the perspective of a personal evolution passing through an osmosis to the world: monastic retreat, trance, meditation, artistic inspiration, enlightenment.

III. Portrait of the dominant Neptunian

You do not have to be Pisces to have all of its characteristics. Indeed, if in a natal chart , Neptune is the dominant planet (see the calculation of the dominant in the lexicon), the native will naturally develop the qualities and defects of this planet traditionally master of the sign of Pisces . However, the dominance of Neptune presents subtle character nuances compared to the dominance of the sign Pisces .


Pisces - Osmosis


Here is the portrait of the Neptunian type:

The Neptunian has an essentially psychic nature and a spiritual approach to the world around him, which allows him to harness the powers contained in beings and things.

Regardless of the education he receives in his childhood, the Neptunian is a being of faith, a faith which is not based on any divine support (belief in a God, for example) but which is rather based on what remains when there is nothing left: his faith is that of the poor, the mad or the simple. He is also drawn to mysticism in all these forms.

His potential partners cannot remain insensitive to his charm, but few of them will manage to mobilize his attention in a lasting way. He can, in fact, pass from the most total state of receptivity to that of the most unexpected disinterestedness.

In his professional life, he is more attached to living and experiencing the world than carrying out any social ambition. But, the Neptunian, master of the sign of Pisces, has a double personality. Indeed, from this unique character, described so far, follows two very distinct temperaments: the Neptunian who will be able to use the qualities of his intuitive spirit and the one who will be deprived of it.

In the first case, the Neptunian knows how to highlight his spirituality as well as his clairvoyant perception of things, living through his impressions, a bit like musicians or mediums, for example. His intuition is so strong that the Neptunian is sometimes unable to translate what he feels into words or reasoned acts.

His conscience tends to recognize himself in a collective rather than individual identity , which often leads him to devote himself to humanitarian or universal causes . His greatness of soul makes him capable of great mobilizations for a community purpose , sometimes going as far as sacrificing his material security to relieve the most disadvantaged. He has a more receptive sensitivity to generalities than to specific cases, which in him promotes the development of a spirit of compassion for the weak and all those who suffer.

This neptunian is gifted with a great natural magnetism , a powerful attractive personality which will not leave anyone indifferent. He also knows how to show exaltation , capable of pouring out torrents of energy, ideas or actions in a great burst of enthusiasm .

In general life, but more particularly in his love life, the Neptunian feels an irresistible need to serve or to save. He tends to feel cramped in his being: this is why he is often attracted by the distance , the broad horizons , the largest panoramas . It will naturally turn to activities devoid of any confinement (trades related to the sea, for example).

For the second case, see the vitriol portrait below.

IV. The sign of Pisces: portrait in vitriol

If the human being can improve, evolve, erase his faults and highlight his qualities, it also happens on the contrary that he gets caught up in his most negative impulses. This regression can for example be caused by alcoholism, by particularly difficult life circumstances or by the accumulation of neuroses.

The fact remains that the values ​​specific to its sign are then largely corrupted and that one can make a portrait “in vitriol”. So here is the description of Pisces (or Neptunian) in what he can develop most negative and despicable. This portrait applies of course to both a man and a woman.


Pisces, seen by -CED-


Negative Fish or Fried Merlans

Deprived of all clairvoyance, the Fried Merlans will try to take refuge in a life filled with mirages and illusions, revealing themselves to be unstable and confused.

Secret individuals, seeking anonymity and the dissolution of their person, always elusive, negative Pisces can lock themselves in silence and the deepest isolation, in silence and solitude. They tend to embellish all areas of their spooky life, to find a happy (and ubiquitous) end to any story, as they are dreamy and naive in nature. Self-illusion, sickly irresolution, flight from reality through artificial paradises characterize them.

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The afflicted neptunian is incapable of the least social ambition, he is content to be tossed about by events since his often powerful fatalism paralyzes any hint of action or rebellion. He can then be tempted by the paths of illegality although he is not of a violent temper: it is the path of the least effort, easy money. He will then be the swindler going up wacky tricks, the distracted counterfeiter publishing 1-euro notes …

Always more or less paranoid or downright schizophrenic, social and romantic relationships are difficult Negative Pisces like to place themselves as victims while playing the executioners by dint of swimming in troubled waters. Either way, the Fried Merlans seem to revel in drama, tragedy and nebulous situations, so count on them to spoil everything if need be.

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