3 Powerful Prayers to Ochosi for Protection, Justice & Prosperity

Ochosi or Oshosi is a deity of Yoruba and Santeria religion and esoteric system respectively. He presents the archetype of a swift and cunning hunter. He is also the bringer of divine justice, truth and protection against evil men and evil spirits. Ochosi is an Orisha, meaning a deity or a high ranking spirit of these spiritual systems. He is one of the first to be encountered on the path of initiation into their mysteries.

If you wish to pray to Ochosi for help, make sure that you have a morally sound reason. Ochosi will not harm anyone on your behest, nor will he do any wicked deed. He only helps those that walk the path of light and righteousness. You can use these traditional prayers now in English translation to connect with Ochosi on a deeper spiritual level and ask for assistance.

Prayer to Ochosi for Protection

Great Ochosi, whose arrow can pierce the sky

Whose steps, though light make earth tremble

Whose shadow strikes the uninitiated and shines light upon the initiated

I pray to you for great protection against my foes and against ill fate

Protect me as you have protected all who pray to you with pure heart and good intentions

Protect me as I protect those who are weaker than I

I will serve the Light if you do this now


Prayer to Ochosi for Wisdom

Like the Sun shining from Heavens

Breaking through clouds and ether

Your arrow pierces through lies and deceit

I am small and earthbound and so I pray

That you’ll show me the Light and Wisdom

So that I can enjoy this day and many more to come

Prayer to Ochosi for Justice

Betrayed like the Great Father by cunning spirits

So was I betrayed by cunning men and evil in them

I pray to you Ochosi to avenge me in their thoughts

To avenge me in their hearts and in the earthly court

I wish no harm on my enemies, but the victory of divine justice

Ochosi I ask that you hunt the wicked and bring peace to my heart

How to make your Ochosi prayers better heard

Like all Orishas, Ochosi is not indifferent to sacrifices. He wants to be worshipped like a deity. You can make an altar and dedicate it to Ochosi. There you can bring meat, fruit, honey and even jewelry. You can pray at the altar daily or whenever you need help with one of the issues presented above.

Don’t be impatient though. Orishas can’t be hurried, they work on their own time and they can’t be ordered or pushed around like smaller spirits. Build a better connection with Ochosi through a long period of dedication and he will bring plentitude, peace and happiness into your life.

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