Top 7 Reasons Why Your Spells Aren’t Working

A cynic would answer this question: Well because it’s magic duhh! Obviously it doesn’t work. But those of us who’ve been into the occult for ages have realized that spells work very well in most situations. You need something to happen, you cast a spell or perform a ritual and it happens sooner rather than later (or never).

However, there are more beginners dabbling in magic than there are experienced magicians and witches. Everyone is worried at the beginning of their journey in magic that their spells aren’t working either because magic doesn’t work, period, or because they’re not performing it properly.

I’ll explain everything you need to know to ensure that your spells and rituals are working as intended.

7 Reasons Your Spells Aren’t Working

1. You don’t believe in magic hard enough

Belief is an integral part of success in any endeavor and magic is no exception. Saint Augustine wrote that:

Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of this faith is to see what you believe.

This is incredibly relevant to magicians and witches because we are interacting with invisible forces every time we cast a spell. Because we can’t perform any specific action to improve the function of the spell once it is cast, the only thing we can do is believe that it will work as intended. But it’s precisely this belief that has the function of an action. Let me provide you with a simple example:

If you believe that you can lose weight, you usually don’t believe it will happen by itself. It’s tied to a relevant action like eating healthier and exercising. So the belief is justified by logically verifiable actions that can be performed in physical reality. Compare this to a magic spell. Your belief is that you can create a change in reality without any logically verifiable action.

For example, you might cast a money spell. Now you allow the Universe to do its thing. Everything that happens is a surprise, a change that comes about from the chaotic fabric of the Universe, you couldn’t logically plan out the course of action beforehand. If you did, you wouldn’t need magic. So you really need to believe that you can influence the Universe/cosmic energy or however you want to call it to do your bidding.

Belief is the integral, absolutely necessary part of any spell or ritual. Without belief, it simply can’t work. Sometimes people who are afraid of magic get more intense results from magic precisely because they are true believers. Perhaps you have noticed that it’s the religious folks who require exorcisms more often than materialists and atheists.

Belief creates reality to a large extent. If you don’t believe in demons and angels, you won’t be able to communicate them, nor will you reap the benefits or be in the risk of dangers associated with the spiritual realm, and vice-versa.

My best advice is to believe that everything you do is rich in consequences. Every action you perform, every belief you hold leads to the desired outcome. Obstacles outside of your control may still get in the way and limit the results, but you are still more likely to get to your desired destination if you set the course and stick to it wholeheartedly.

2. You cast too many spells at once

What would happen if you attempted to travel to Rome, London and New York at the same time? I’d bet all of my spare cash that you’d be standing right where you are at the end of the day, having not moved an inch closer to either one of these great cities.

Yet it’s not unusual to hear that a magic dabbler is summoning dozens of demons or casting numerous spells in a single day. What good can come out of it? You’re just exhausting high levels of energy by dispersing it in multiple directions.

A far more effective spell casting strategy is to focus on one or at most two goals at any given moment. If you need money, cast a money spell, summon Mammon, Clauneck, pray to Pluto for guidance or whatever.. but stick to money magic for the time being!

If you try to become a millionaire, the greatest bass player the world has ever seen and the world’s best dad, you’re unlikely to succeed at any one of these tasks. So if you’re casting too many spells, reel it in a little, focus on one thing at a time and allow your magic to flourish in unison.

3. Your spells are lazy

If you get offended by this, it’s because you think there’s some truth to it. There’s a reason why ceremonial magic is complex and includes various tools and techniques. The reason is simple and you should take notice of it:

It’s highly important that your spell/ritual leaves a lasting mental impression. This is what generates belief and what makes you more confident that it generate the result you’re after. This belief and confidence creates energy which ACTUALLY MAKES IT WORK. 

The success of your magic practice is in direct correlation to the emotional/psychic energy you invest in it.

My rituals and spells aren’t overly complex if viewed from the outside, but I damn well make sure to “get into it” emotionally. If you find it difficult to get the magical power surging through your veins, add more complexity and wonder to your spells and rituals by including more external magical aids: swords, daggers, wands, incense, candles, sigils, magic circles, triangles, scrying mirrors, specific time of day/night, unique location etc.

4. You don’t get into a trance state

A trance state is an integral part of any magical operation. Some spells are construed very simply as if saying a few words or waving your wand a bit will generate an immediate effect. But without being in a unique state of mind whilst performing the said tasks, they matter very little.

Enter the trance state first. This is when your mind is in a theta state or brainwave frequency and is more receptible to external influences, similar to hypnosis.

Theoretically, it also opens you up to spiritual influences and subtle energies that can’t be perceived in normal waking state. Theta state can be reached through meditation, listening to binaural beats adjusted to this frequency, repeating a mantra or a chant and many other methods.

This is also the state you’re in as you’re about to fall asleep. It’s that blurry place between the real world and dreams. If you try to cast a spell or perform a ritual without entering the trance state first, you simply won’t connect with the action on a deeper level.

Luckily, it often happens that you enter a trance state to some degree whilst performing magical operations without consciously trying to achieve it. It’s the atmosphere and the vibe of the operation that produces this state. All the more reason to make your spells and ritual exotic rather than minimalistic, or at the very least to perform some deep meditation at the start.

5. You uncritically follow spell instructions

I have a serious problem with following strict instructions when it comes to magic. Remember that all those tools and step-by-step guides to summoning demons and casting powerful spells are there to help you reach a particular state of mind and transmute energy. They are not the end goal. If some part of the spellcasting routine is off-putting or you have difficulty performing it then yes, you can abandon it.

For example, Ars Goetia demon summoning rituals should include sigils crafted from metal and very elaborate safety precautions if we were to go by the instructions provided in TLKS. There are also very specific incantations calling upon Adonai (God) to protect and command demons. Well guess what? I didn’t use any of this and I’ve summoned many of these demons without causing any harm to myself. I used modified rituals with sigils drawn on papers, using demon enns as mantras, introducing candle magic etc.

Many grimoires are outdated, written by people with a medieval or even more ancient mentality. Likewise, many step-by-step spells provided in modern grimoires are entirely arbitrarily designed. Perhaps they work well for the author of the grimoire. Or maybe he or she is just making it all up? How are you to know?

So instead of blindly following someone else’s instructions, it’s better to experiment and create your own system with tools that you find useful. At the same time discard those ideas that make you focus too much on the technique at the detriment of a magic-inducing state of mind.

6. Your requests are either too vague or too specific

This is a very common issue:

  • You cast a spell, let’s say it’s a money spell
  • You did everything well, got into the right mindset etc.
  • But your request was WAY TOO BROAD. You asked to “become wealthy” or “become rich and famous”.
  • But your request was WAY TOO NARROW. You asked to “receive $1000 in 3 days” or “get a Ferrari from a deceased aunt from Kentucky by Mid October”

I hope those examples make sense. My point is that if you are too vague then you haven’t really asked for anything specific. How could your magic work if you don’t even have a concrete idea of what “wealth” or “being famous” entails? Is it Bill Gates level of wealth? Is it Charlie Sheen level of fame? More, less? In comparison, if you get too specific, you are seriously limiting the ways in which the Universe can respond to your request.

Lesson: Your request has to be within a reasonable range, not too broad, not too specific. If you were asking for wealth, you could get in this sweet spot by requesting to become a millionaire within a certain (hopefully reasonable) time frame.

7. You passively wait for things to happen

There’s a general misconception floating around that magic means receiving something valuable out of thin air. That’s not the case. While some black magic seems to work in this way (you put pins through a doll and it causes harm to some person), even then there is likely a scientific reason waiting to be discovered.

In most cases, magic will open up doors that would otherwise remain closed. These doors could be new opportunities in the external world. They could also be parts of your mind that are otherwise not functioning to their utmost potential. For example, if you cast a money spell, it could work by leading you to a great business opportunity or a job opening. It could also power-up parts of the brain that are focused on making money.

This has been the way my rituals with Mammon have worked in the past. I  summoned Mammon and suddenly I was overwhelmed by fresh business ideas. But here’s the catch: in both cases you have to do some groundwork. Opportunities are there to be used. Increased mental capacity is there to be used. If you sit on the couch and watch TV, all of that new potential will go to waste.

Without following through. your spellcasting effects will be seriously undermined. So don’t passively wait for things to happen. Cast a spell and improve its chances of succeeding by actively seeking out the thing you were after in the first place.

Being pro-active will also get rid of any anxiety you had about whether your spell will work or not. It’s very anxiety-inducing to just passively lay around and wait for the Universe to deliver the goods. Work WITH the Universe and your chances of success with be much better.

Final Word: Why Aren’t My Spells Working?

If your spells aren’t working I’m willing to bet you are making one or more of these seven mistakes. To be honest, we all do. It’s a struggle to cast spells, be 100% confident that they will work and act as a magic vessel in the real world. But it’s the path you’ve chosen as a magician/witch. If you follow through with it, the material rewards and the feeling of empowerment can be truly amazing.

But if you need help with some specific goal in your life now, consider hiring me to perform a ceremonial magic ritual for you. My rituals are very effective and I can craft one that is very unique and specific to your situation. Talk to you soon!

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