If you want a powerful spirit helping you transform your life, consider requesting a summoning ritual. I’ve shared many instructions on this website and my book for doing this on your own. Some readers who’ve followed these instructions have gotten life changing results. However, many have struggled to form any meaningful connection with the spiritual realm.

Honestly, ceremonial magic is like any other skill – it takes years of practice and acquired knowledge to grasp and become proficient at. Some magicians believe that it also takes a certain psychological disposition that not many people possess. After all, skilled warlocks, witches and necromancers have always been a rarity.

Those who possessed the arcane knowledge and knew how to make real change in the world were usually found in courts of powerful rulers. Some notable examples are John Dee in the court of Elizabeth I, and Michael Scott, who conducted astrological readings (and more notorious rituals) for Frederick The Great.

Not much has changed since then. For today’s magicians provide equal service, albeit through more anonymous channels, this website being one of them.

I’ve conducted numerous rituals for clients from all walks of life over the last thirteen years. Politicians, celebrities in the making, regular Joes and plain Janes have all asked for my help, and some were fortunate enough to receive it. I’m happy to say that most, if not all came out of this occult ordeal with more than they expected.

I’ve had clients achieve financial freedom with Mammon’s help, while others became fit and mentally unshakeable through the power of Belial’s fury. I’ve had students struggling to pass their exams become A grade prodigies through the blessings of Furcas. One very gifted client became a magician after inviting Paimon into his life as per my guidance.

At this moment in time, I am willing to help more people than ever. My aim is to spread occult powers from the esoteric core to the world at large. You too can take advantage of this chance for only a small token of appreciation. I’ve listed below some of the most well known demonic entities that I am willing to summon, along with the type of assistance that each of them can provide.


After receiving your order I will contact you via email for our initial consultation. I will ask you questions about your request in order to prepare for it adequately. I will conduct your ritual at the most opportune moment, based on your situation, my astrological calculations and personal intuition. After the ritual you will receive a written report on how it went, and if necessary further instructions.

I perform rituals in my underground chamber, which is equipped with a sacrificial altar, scrying mirrors, many grimoires (some quite rare collectibles!), swords, daggers, wands, sigils, candles, incense and other items that may or may not be used, depending on the ritual requirements.

While my personal magic is quite minimalistic, when dealing with distant clients a much greater focus is needed, hence the extensive list of items that I use. Depending on the difficulty of your request, the ritual may last anywhere from one hour to a couple of hours (the longest I’ve ever done a ritual for a client was almost four hours!). I don’t guarantee that results will come exactly how you imagine them to (no real magician who is honest will guarantee anything of the sort), but I guarantee that I will perform your ritual to the best of my abilities and that this will provide definite effects.

Note on recording: I don’t typically record rituals due to privacy concerns and because it may interfere with the magical proceedings, which as I explained previously, can take quite a bit of time. However, if a recording is something you really want, we can discuss the (hefty) additional price and other terms during our email consultation.

Note on offensive magic: I don’t perform rituals that are aimed at hurting someone else or causing undue chaos and destruction in the world. Magick should help you achieve a positive personal transformation, not to bring terror and destruction on your neighbors.

With all of that helpful information in mind, I invite you to think about your greatest desires and ambitions. Don’t limit yourself to the expectations of your family, your friends or your general surroundings. You ARE more powerful than you can imagine at this moment, and it only takes a small crack in the matrix to become aware of this fact. Allow it to happen. Order a ritual that invites a powerful otherworldly entity to turn your imagined thrills into lived reality.

MAMMON/CLAUNECK – Summoning one of these chief demons of wealth can help you conquer financial problems and achieve new levels of prosperity.

ZEPAR/ASMODEUS/SITRI/BELETH – Summoning one of these demons can imbue you with fiery, lustful energy and make you more attractive to your love interests. These demons can also help bring a new person (including a succubus/incubus) into your life or make a specific person attracted to you.

DANTALION – A demon of romantic love and relationships, Dantalion can make a person fall in love with you. He can also be summoned to mend broken relationships and to reunite old lovers.

PAIMON – King Paimon is the ruler of the astral realms. He can help you achieve astral projection, lucid dreaming, spiritual visions and increase your magical potency and knowledge. Paimon is my personal guardian demon and magical guide, so I can vouch for a strong connection.

BELIAL – Belial is an earthly, warrior demon enflamed by desires of power and domination. As such, he should be summoned by those seeking earthly success. Belial can turn you into a dominant, kingly presence, raising your vibrational state and strengthening your mind and body.

BATHIN – Protector of the journeymen. Bathin is the demon that ensures smooth and safe travel and remove travel restrictions that might stand before you.

LILITH – The mother of demons herself opens the gates of Qliphotic spiritual enlightenment. Those who are interested in making swift progress on the Left-Hand Path should consider requesting this ritual. Summoning Lilith can also strengthen your root chakra, increasing your sexual energy and inviting a succubus into your life.

ABADDON – Abaddon is the Gatekeeper of the Abyss. You will want Abaddon on your side if you have dark ambitions and/or if you require ascetic self discipline and emotional equilibrium.

LUCIFER – Along with Lilith, Lucifer is the greatest initiator into the Left Hand Path. Also known as the Lightbringer and the Illuminator, Lucifer brings wonderful visions and dark powers to those who dare summon him.

ANDROMALIUS – The punisher of thieves and tricksters, Andromalius can help you find stolen possessions and reveal plots against you. Summon Andromalius to discover what others are doing behind your back.

BUER – For those struggling with physical ailments, Buer can be a vital helper. He’s been known to raise intuition and provide guidance to the stricken, helping them find proper diagnosis and cures to their ailments.

BAEL – Bael’s main power is to turn a person and their private affairs invisible. By invisibility, we mean going undetected by enemies and bad agents. Whether you’re protecting your secret business idea, a relationship, or you are undertaking a perilous journey, having Bael on your side can prove mightily useful.

ASTAROTH – For the purposes of divination and obtaining secret knowledge, turn to the ancient demon Astaroth. Astaroth can help you discover much of the hidden past, present and future events in your own life (microcosm) and the entire Universe (macrocosm).

FURCAS – My favorite demon for better learning. Furcas can transform a person into an intellectual powerhouse by improving the ability and desire to read, study and learn. I’ve devoured hundreds of books thanks to the passion for learning invigorated by this seldom mentioned Knight of Hell.

VINE – Vine’s specialty is discovering and banishing negative spiritual forces, including hexes and curses. He offers protection against black magic. Vine can also discover occult influences that are plaguing people close to you and eliminate them.

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I will perform your ritual at the earliest available date, typically within 2-3 days of our initial correspondence. After the ritual you will receive a written report on how it went, and depending on the nature of your request I might also provide you with some instructions on how to get the results that you’re after more quickly.  

See you on the other side! – Astennu