Invoke Demon Mammon: Powerful Ritual for Wealth and Money

Unleashing Mammon for Unprecedented Prosperity

Mammon, the ancient demon of wealth is a potentially powerful ally for those seeking to transform their financial destiny.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through the essential knowledge and practices required to summon Mammon effectively, ensuring that his powerful energies align with your material aspirations.

The Beneficial Powers of Mammon

Drawing in Wealth

Mammon’s primary attribute is his unparalleled ability to attract wealth. Engaging with Mammon can unlock doors to financial opportunities previously unseen, creating a magnetic field that draws monetary resources towards you with remarkable efficiency. Whether it’s through unexpected job offers, lucrative business deals, or windfalls, Mammon’s influence is a catalyst for financial magnetism.

Building Substantial Riches

Beyond merely attracting wealth, Mammon empowers practitioners to accumulate and manage their riches effectively. His energy helps in stabilizing and growing your wealth, ensuring that it doesn’t just flow into your life but also stays and multiplies. This sustained growth leads to long-term financial stability and security, allowing you to build a substantial fortune.

Enhancing Financial Flow

Mammon enhances the flow of money, making it consistent and abundant. This is especially beneficial for those who experience financial instability or irregular income. By working with Mammon, you can create a steady stream of financial resources, reducing stress and enhancing your financial resilience.

Who Stands to Gain from Mammon’s Influence?

Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

For entrepreneurs and business owners, Mammon’s influence can be transformative. His powers can lead to increased sales, more clients, and overall business growth. By invoking Mammon, you can make strategic business decisions that lead to sustained success and prosperity.

Investors and Financial Advisors

Investors and financial advisors can benefit significantly from Mammon’s guidance. His influence helps in identifying profitable investment opportunities, making sound financial decisions, and achieving substantial returns on investments. Mammon provides deeper insights into market trends and financial dynamics, enabling you to maximize your financial gains.

Professionals and Job Seekers

Professionals seeking career advancement and job seekers aiming for better opportunities can leverage Mammon’s power to achieve their goals. His influence can lead to promotions, salary increases, and better job offers. By invoking Mammon, you can navigate your career path with greater confidence and success.

Universal Benefits

Mammon’s powers are not confined to specific professions or industries. Anyone seeking financial improvement can benefit from his influence. Whether you are a student, a homemaker, or simply looking to enhance your financial situation, Mammon’s energy can provide the necessary boost to achieve your financial goals.

Mammon’s Golden Path Ritual

Summoning Mammon is a profound and intricate process that requires careful preparation and execution. This ritual is designed to connect you with Mammon’s powerful energies and align them with your financial intentions.


Creating a Sacred Space

Begin by choosing a quiet, undisturbed location for your ritual. Cleanse the area using incense or sage to remove any lingering negative energies. This purification process creates a sacred space that is conducive to spiritual work and ensures that only positive energies can enter.

Gathering Tools

The following tools are essential for the ritual:

  • A green or gold candle (symbolizing wealth and prosperity)
  • A piece of paper and a pen for drawing Mammon’s sigil
  • Incense or sage for cleansing
  • An athame (ritual knife) for drawing the magic circle
  • Crystals such as citrine, pyrite, or green aventurine
  • An offering such as coins, a valuable item, or a small piece of gold
  • Materials for drawing a magic circle and triangle
  • A chalice for offerings
  • A mirror for reflecting energy
  • A bell or singing bowl for sound cleansing

Mental Preparation

Clear your mind and focus on your financial goals. Spend a few minutes meditating to align your thoughts and intentions with the purpose of the ritual. This mental preparation is crucial for establishing a strong connection with Mammon.

The Ritual

Lighting the Candle

Light the candle to signify the beginning of the ritual. The flame represents Mammon’s presence and the illumination of your financial path.

Drawing the Sigil

On the piece of paper, draw Mammon’s sigil with focused intent. This symbol acts as a direct link to Mammon’s energy. Concentrate on your financial goals as you draw the sigil, imbuing it with your intent.


Recite an invocation to Mammon, inviting him to assist you in your financial endeavors. An example invocation is: “Mammon, guardian of wealth, I summon you to bestow upon me the power to attract and sustain prosperity. Guide my path to abundance and bless my endeavors with success.”

Creating the Magic Circle and Triangle

Using your athame, draw a magic circle around your sacred space. This circle acts as a protective barrier, ensuring that only positive energies can enter. Within the circle, draw a triangle where you will place the sigil and other ritual tools. The triangle focuses the energy and intent of the ritual, amplifying its effectiveness.

Channeling with the Athame

Hold the athame in your dominant hand and stand within the circle. Close your eyes and visualize a powerful stream of golden light flowing through the athame and into your body. This light represents Mammon’s wealth energy. As you channel this energy, feel it permeate your being, filling you with the power to attract and manage wealth. Focus deeply on this visualization, seeing yourself surrounded by an aura of golden light.

Mammon Incantation Chant in Latin or English

Recite the following wealth incantation chant in Latin: “Divitiae et abundantia veniant ad me, per potestatem Mammonis, impero opulentiam et prosperitatem. Divitiae fluant ad me, nunc et semper.” Translation: “Wealth and abundance come to me, by the power of Mammon, I command opulence and prosperity. Let wealth flow to me, now and forever.”

Chant this incantation repeatedly, allowing its power to build with each repetition. Feel the vibrations of the words resonate with your intent, amplifying the ritual’s energy.

Arranging Crystals and Offerings

Place the crystals around the triangle to enhance the ritual’s energy. Each crystal has unique properties that aid in attracting and amplifying wealth. Arrange the offerings inside the triangle as a token of gratitude to Mammon.

Deep Visualization

Sit comfortably within the circle, holding a crystal in each hand if possible. Close your eyes and take several deep breaths. Visualize a radiant golden light enveloping you, representing Mammon’s wealth energy. See yourself achieving your financial goals in vivid detail—whether it’s receiving a large sum of money, securing a lucrative job, or expanding your business. Feel the emotions of joy, security, and gratitude as if these events have already happened. Hold this visualization for at least 10-15 minutes, allowing the energy to intensify and solidify your intentions.

Incantations and Meditation

Recite additional incantations that resonate with your financial goals. These can be personalized mantras or traditional invocations. After the incantations, spend several minutes in deep meditation, focusing on the wealth and abundance you wish to attract. This visualization strengthens your connection with Mammon and amplifies your intent.

Concluding the Ritual

Thanking Mammon

Express your gratitude to Mammon for his assistance. Thank him for his presence and the wealth he is bringing into your life. This act of gratitude helps in maintaining a positive and respectful relationship with Mammon.

Extinguishing the Candle

Gently extinguish the candle, signaling the end of the ritual. Visualize the energy of the ritual being sealed and your financial goals being set into motion.

Safe Storage

Keep the sigil and any other ritual tools in a safe place, as they hold the energy of the ritual. You can use these tools in future rituals to reinforce your connection with Mammon and continue attracting wealth and prosperity.

Tools to Empower and Amplify the Ritual


The sigil of Mammon is a powerful symbol that acts as a direct link to his energy. It is essential for focusing your intent and connecting with Mammon during the ritual. The sigil can be drawn or printed, and it should be treated with respect and kept in a safe place after the ritual.


Crystals can significantly enhance the power of your rituals. Specific crystals associated with wealth and prosperity include:

  • Citrine: Known as the merchant’s stone, it attracts wealth and prosperity.
  • Pyrite: Often called fool’s gold, it is excellent for manifesting wealth and abundance.
  • Green Aventurine: Known as the stone of opportunity, it is great for increasing luck and prosperity.

By strategically placing these crystals around your ritual space, you can amplify the energy and intent of your ritual.

Planetary and Astrological Associations

Mammon is often associated with the planet Jupiter, which governs wealth, expansion, and prosperity. Performing rituals on Thursdays, the day ruled by Jupiter, can enhance the effectiveness of your invocations. Additionally, aligning your rituals with astrological events such as Jupiter transits or full moons can further amplify Mammon’s power.


Scrying, the practice of looking into a reflective surface to receive visions or messages, can be a valuable tool when working with Mammon. Use a black mirror or a bowl of water to scry during your rituals. This practice can provide insights and guidance from Mammon, helping you make informed financial decisions.

Gold Leaf or Gold Foil

Gold is a powerful symbol of wealth and prosperity, and incorporating gold leaf or foil into your ritual can attract and amplify financial energy. Placing gold leaf or foil on your altar, or incorporating it into your sigil or offerings, strengthens your connection to Mammon. The presence of gold serves as a constant reminder of your intentions and enhances the overall power of the ritual.

Prosperity Oils

Using prosperity oils such as cinnamon, clove, and patchouli can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your ritual. These oils are traditionally associated with attracting wealth and abundance. Anointing your candles, crystals, and sigil with these oils amplifies the potency of your ritual, helping to draw in the financial energy you seek. The aromatic presence of these oils also sets the stage for a focused and powerful invocation.

Pentacle Disc

A pentacle inscribed with symbols of wealth can ground and focus the energy of your ritual. Placing this disc on your altar to hold the sigil or offerings helps to concentrate and direct the ritual’s intent towards prosperity. The pentacle acts as a powerful anchor for the energies you are invoking, ensuring they are effectively channeled towards your financial goals.


Mirrors can reflect and amplify energy, making them a valuable addition to your ritual setup. Placing a mirror on your altar to reflect the candle’s light and the ritual’s energy back into the space creates a powerful feedback loop. This reflection enhances the overall energy of the ritual, making your invocations more potent and effective.

Wealth Symbols

Incorporating objects that symbolize wealth and prosperity, such as ancient coins, miniature gold bars, or statues of deities associated with wealth, can significantly amplify the ritual’s energy. Placing these symbols on your altar attracts and concentrates wealth energy, reinforcing your financial intentions. These tangible representations of wealth serve to focus your mind and enhance the overall power of the ritual.

Prosperity Incense

Burning incense such as frankincense, myrrh, and sandalwood during your ritual can purify the space and invoke wealth energy. These scents are traditionally used to attract prosperity and create an inviting atmosphere for Mammon. The aromatic presence of these incenses helps to cleanse the space and enhance the ritual’s overall effectiveness.

Bell or Singing Bowl

Using sound to cleanse and raise the vibration of your space can make it more receptive to spiritual energies. Ringing a bell or playing a singing bowl to open and close the ritual signals the transition into and out of sacred time. This practice not only enhances the overall ritual experience but also helps to maintain a high energy level throughout your invocation of Mammon.

Complementary Demons to Work with Mammon

Summoning other demons alongside Mammon can complement and enhance the ritual’s effectiveness. Consider invoking:

  1. Bune (also known as Bime)
    • Attributes: Wealth, Wisdom, Eloquence
    • Powers: Bune is known for bestowing wealth and wisdom, making her an excellent complement to Mammon. She can help in the acquisition of riches and provide insights into managing and preserving wealth. Bune also grants eloquence and the ability to persuade, which can be valuable in business and negotiations.
    • Invocation: Bune can be invoked to enhance financial strategies and bring about a more comprehensive understanding of financial matters.
  2. Lucifuge Rofocale
    • Attributes: Wealth, Financial Transactions, Secrecy
    • Powers: Lucifuge Rofocale is the demon of wealth and financial dealings. He is adept at uncovering hidden treasures and can assist in complex financial transactions. His influence ensures that financial matters are handled with discretion and efficiency.
    • Invocation: Lucifuge Rofocale can be invoked for assistance in large-scale financial operations and investments, ensuring that these are conducted smoothly and profitably.
  3. Clauneck
    • Attributes: Wealth, Business Success, Financial Luck
    • Powers: Clauneck is renowned for his ability to bring about financial success and prosperity. He is especially helpful in improving business ventures and enhancing financial luck. Clauneck’s influence can turn struggling enterprises into profitable ones.
    • Invocation: Clauneck can be invoked to boost business success and to attract financial opportunities that might otherwise be missed.
  4. Zagan
    • Attributes: Transformation, Wealth, Wisdom
    • Powers: Zagan is known for his ability to transform and transmute substances, metaphorically relating to transforming financial situations. He can also provide wisdom and insight, which are crucial for making sound financial decisions.
    • Invocation: Zagan can be invoked to transform negative financial situations into positive ones and to gain wisdom in managing finances.
  5. Astaroth
    • Attributes: Wisdom, Knowledge
    • Powers: Astaroth is a powerful demon of wisdom and knowledge, which extends to financial matters. His insights can lead to better decision-making and the discovery of hidden opportunities for wealth creation.
    • Invocation: Astaroth can be invoked for guidance in financial planning and for uncovering hidden knowledge that can lead to wealth.
  6. Seere (Sear)
    • Attributes: Speed, Wealth, Discovery
    • Powers: Seere is known for his ability to move quickly and bring immediate results. He can assist in finding lost or hidden items, including financial resources, and in making swift business decisions.
    • Invocation: Seere can be invoked when quick financial decisions are needed or when searching for hidden opportunities.

Integrating Complementary Demons into Your Rituals

When working with multiple demons, it is important to structure your ritual carefully to ensure harmonious interaction between the entities. Here is a suggested approach:

  1. Preparation: Cleanse your space and gather all necessary tools, including sigils for each demon you plan to invoke. Ensure you have offerings appropriate for each demon.
  2. Creating the Magic Circle: Draw a larger magic circle to encompass the energies of all the demons you are summoning. Within this circle, draw individual triangles or smaller circles for each demon to focus their energy.
  3. Invoking Mammon: Begin by invoking Mammon, as his presence will be the central force of the ritual. Light the candle, draw his sigil, and recite the invocation.
  4. Sequential Invocations: Proceed with invoking each complementary demon one by one. For each demon:
    • Light a candle (if using) specific to that demon.
    • Draw their sigil within their designated triangle or circle.
    • Recite the invocation specific to that demon, clearly stating your intent and how you wish their powers to complement Mammon’s influence.
  5. Combined Meditation and Focus: Spend time meditating, focusing on the combined energies of all invoked demons. Visualize the wealth and prosperity you aim to attract, imagining how each demon’s unique powers contribute to your goals.
  6. Offerings: Place the offerings within the respective triangles or circles as a sign of gratitude and respect for each demon.
  7. Thanking and Closing: Once the ritual is complete, express your gratitude to each demon individually. Thank them for their presence and assistance. Gently extinguish the candles, visualizing the energy of the ritual being sealed and your financial goals being set into motion.
  8. Safe Storage: Store the sigils and any ritual tools in a safe place for future use, maintaining their charged energy for subsequent rituals.

By thoughtfully combining the powers of these complementary demons, you can create a powerful and multifaceted approach to wealth and financial success, harnessing a diverse range of abilities and insights to achieve your goals.


By following this comprehensive guide, practitioners can effectively work with Mammon to attract wealth, build substantial riches, and enhance their financial flow.

Each step is designed to ensure a strong connection with Mammon, maximizing the benefits of his powerful influence.

With that said, if you’d like me to perform a more intricate, personalized ritual on your behalf, consider using my Ritual for Hire service. See you on the other side!

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