4 Powerful Satanic Prayers for Spiritual Satanists

Prayers are a very powerful medium for connecting with a deity. In the case of Satan, there is a severe lack of quality prayers. Mostly because Satanism has a very bad reputation to this day due to our Judeo-Christian environment and Satan’s role as the arch-nemesis. But we all know that Satan can be both an enemy and an ally, depending on where you stand.

If you want to create a more powerful connection with Satan, praying and chanting are effective ways to do so. Some of these prayers have been used in the occult circles in the past, and some were created by yours truly in more recent times. These prayers can be used in group settings as well as privately by individuals.

1. Hail Sataniel

Hail Sataniel,

Ruler of the Netherworld

Master of the 9th Circle of Hell

Beneath the Celestial Prison of Descent

Help me Overcome

The Pretending Forces of Light

Sent by the Evil One Above

Usher me in the Dark Void of Your Being

So I May Be Born Afresh

In Soul and Flesh of Your Design

2. Against the Servants of Christ

For the Fall of Wicked

Worldly Servants of Christ

Mighty in Their Hate of Might

We offer our Last Cup (drinks a cup of wine)


For Darkness to Swipe over these Lands

For Heavens to Collapse on their Heads

Found Kneeling in Prayer

To a False Prophet of Nazareth


Lord of Might, Terror and Destruction

Reinstate Your Kingdom of Might

Reign Terror on Christ’s Forces

Usher Them in Unholy Blight

3. The Rise of Antichrist

Time draws Nigh

For Jackal’s Son

To Take His Share


We Are the Watch

Helping the Rise

Of God’s Demise


He’ll Unleash the Demons

And Extinguish the Light

Unleashing Legions unto the Sky


We are the Watch

From the Final Times

Helping the Unholy

Reach His Prime


He’ll send them Plague

And grant us Power

The Path is Set

For the Final Hour


We are the Watch

We’ll usher in Doom

All Who Oppose

His Victory Tune

4. For Personal Success

Satan I ask thee,

To strengthen my Will

And Punish Those

That Cross my Path

Lead me to Treasures

I’m eager to reach

Then feed my Desire,

Indulgence and Spite

I’ll Sacrifice Everything

For Glimpse of Your Might

Final Thoughts: Satanic Prayers

Soon I will be publishing a Satanic Prayer Book with 20 prayers to Satan. It will include prayers for specific powers and desires including health, wealth, political power, love, attractiveness and many others. But hopefully these four prayers will serve you until then in strengthening your connection with Satan and his other followers.

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