Scorpio Sign: Traits, Full Personality Guide

The sign of Scorpio, the second sign of Water in the zodiac series, evokes the middle of autumn, the disintegration of the flora preparing to be reborn. Governed by Pluto, star of death and rebirth, the Scorpio is in analogy with House VIII, concerning transformations and the occult.

Let us see the typical portrait of the natives of Scorpio, the analogies of this sign, the psychology of its planet and a description of what the sign can produce of worse in matters of humanity. We will end with some examples of personalities strongly marked by Plutonian values.

I. The sign of Scorpio: Personality Portrait

Well, I think I scared – like a good Scorpio – our charming Libra, which is quite funny because I have nothing aggressive or even abrupt. But I can disturb, probably because I have a strong magnetism and that I impose myself easily by my simple presence.

I’m not going to give you long speeches about me, this is not that kind of house: the Scorpion cogitates more than it speaks.

For starters, I am one of the people who know what they want and who also have the means to get it. Besides, in life, everything is a question of means: money, knowledge, love. Give or receive, it’s all there.

I like to think deeply about things and people, get to the bottom of things, understand for good, not just see. Because of this, what I feel like what I think is intense because it has long matured.

My main weapon, I am aware of it, is my intuition or rather my clairvoyance: I know because I feel. And sometimes I even have the impression of knowing about others what they do not know themselves. Besides, I think I am made to seek, discover, understand, go beyond appearances. Give the Scorpion an enigma, a mystery, an insoluble problem and his mind is boiling.

The others tell me that they are unfathomable and I want to believe it because the greatest mystery is still me. If I am secret enough to others, believe that it is because I am a secret to myself and that I keep asking myself about the meaning of all this, of life, of death, sex, money. In short, of everything that moves the world.

At work, I am fully invested and I, like our friend Virgin, unsuspected resources. In addition, obstacles tend to motivate me.

To sum up, you could say that I am a passionate phlegmatic: calm and measured in appearance, magmatic and intense inside. I am independent and criticism hardly touches me because I am sure of myself. Either way, the Scorpion doesn’t need anyone to question itself.

I am told authoritarian. As for me, I prefer to think that I am above all decided and it is natural that my will ends up meeting those of others and confronting them. But, I don’t really care about ordering as long as I can decide my actions (and incidentally those of others so that they do not hamper mine). Finally, it is true that power has something fascinating about it, especially when you lose it. Bah, no need to search, you would understand if you were Scorpio .

In love, it’s all or nothing. I am possessive and jealous. I also know how to be sensual and essential. I want to be everything for the other and that the other be mine. Sex is also a kind of fascinating power, especially when it is sublimated. Do not search, unless you are a Scorpio . In fact, it’s the extremes that attract me: half measures and lukewarm situations can only get bored. I am a spicy being.

My main qualities? The franchise first. Do not ask me my opinion if you want a nice lie because I say what I think if I am asked (and if not, I am silent but I do not think less). Does that make me ruthless? Believe it if you like it but it is far from being true because I do not hesitate to defend the weak and to oppose the strong.

I am sociable, nothing more. I like to discuss on condition that the subject interests me and otherwise loneliness or silence does not bother me. I am a loyal, caring and generous friend. On the other hand, I never forget a bad move and I am ready to wait all the time it takes to take my revenge. It is unthinkable for me to leave crimes unpunished.

Finally, I have convictions, beliefs, maybe no certainty but a spiritual vision of the world (although some of my Scorpion companions remain perfect materialists) but this is another story, I have said too much . Our friend Sagittarius still being up and down, it is I who finish the article while waiting for it to come back. This role suits me. Everything has an end after all.

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II. The sign of Scorpio: analog connections


Scorpio sign: lexical field
Astrological analogy
The fifties
The morgues
The underground
The deposits
Sacred places
Emergency services
The water
House VIII
Pluto :
Home in Scorpio
Exaltation in Aries
Exile in Taurus
Fall in Libra
Philosophy and Religion
Forensic pathologist
The end of things
The mutations
The drives
The death
The transformation
Tarot Blades :
XIIIth century: The Arcane without a name
XV: The Devil
Body and Health
Relationships and stereotypes
Unconscious factors
The genitals
The large intestine
The rectum
The gallbladder
Immune factors
The cancer
The executioners
Emergency room
The magicians
The visceral
Sublime states
The survival
The ends
Astronomical data for Pluto
Whole character
Up to
Diameter: 2.302 km
Zodiac revolution :
248 years
Speed: 4.74 km / s
The snake
The butterfly
The Scorpion
Metal and Stones
Color and fragrance
The corneline
Dark red
The foam
The orchid
The Heather


Astronomical analogies

The most distant planet from our solar system, Pluto was discovered in 1930 by Clyde Tombauch, an American astronomer. Its small diameter (slightly smaller than that of our moon) actually made observation difficult as if Pluto was hiding from the gaze, hiding in the darkness of space. We can already conclude from this that Pluto concerns occult, hidden things, difficult to grasp and observe.

In addition, this small size earned Pluto , at the time of writing, to be reclassified as a dwarf planet, alongside Ceres. The symbolism of this quarrel of astronomers as to how to classify celestial bodies is edifying in itself on the nature of the planet: questioning, transformation are indeed Plutonian values.

Furthermore, the fact that Pluto is now on an equal footing with Ceres gives importance to the latter because the effects of Pluto as well as its governance on the sign of Scorpio are no longer to be proven and, it follows that a body of same size (Ceres), a fortiori much closer to the earth, must indeed be considered as a planet essential to astrologers who have wondered for several decades about the importance to give it and its possible control over the sign of the Virgin. Pluto therefore plays here, by an indirect effect, the role of an esoteric guide, of an initiator who does not hesitate to question our perception of things, both in astronomy and in astrology.

Mythological analogies

To fully understand the myths related to Pluto / Hades, it is necessary to first get rid of the received ideas of our Judeo-Christian culture to place themselves in the context where these myths were created. Indeed, if Pluto is certainly the god of the Underworld of Antiquity, it would be a serious misinterpretation to deduce that he is therefore the Devil! Hades is one of the twelve main gods of Olympus and, as such, we can therefore say that it represents an essential value of life, or rather of existence and the afterlife since his reign is done on the dead.

So here we find the idea of ​​a transition, of a typically Plutonian beyond. Hades can however be gentle and generous to men. Placid, he becomes an agrarian god, and is then represented holding the cornucopia and dispenser of wealth, it is the other facet of Pluto : the one who gives, who dispossesses himself for the other, who makes life material easy (it is also called “Ploutos”).

The kidnapping of Persephone makes him a passionate, instinctive and uncontrollable but also fascinating lover since in the end the kidnapped goddess falls madly in love with her kidnapper, being subjugated by the magic of a pomegranate nucleus. We must see here the passion and intense magnetism of Hades.

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Symbolic analogies

Because Pluto is an “instinctual” but also because the appeasement that follows the sexual act is often considered as “a little death”, Pluto governs sexuality.

Because he uses charm and stratagem but also because he reigns over a world intermediate between the divine and the human, he is also the master of magic, of the occult.

Because in pairs with his wife Persephone, he reigns sometimes over the abundance of harvests and sometimes over the “dead seasons”. The Scorpion is the sign of autumn, when life falls asleep: it is at the same time symbol of profusion and stripping, of gifts and privations according to the cycle of time.

III. Personality of the dominant Plutonian

You don’t have to be a Scorpion to have all of its characteristics. Indeed, if in a natal chart , Pluto is the dominant planet (see the calculation of the dominant in the lexicon), the native will naturally develop the qualities and defects of this planet traditionally mistress of the sign of Scorpio . However, the dominance of Pluto presents subtle character nuances compared to the dominance of the sign of Scorpio .


The mysteries of Scorpio


Here is the portrait of the Plutonian type:

More than any other, the Plutonian has a power of attraction no doubt due to the great inner force which emanates from his person and which sometimes overwhelms, sometimes worries.

His uncompromising nature , built on the notion of absolute , of extreme, pushes him to want to explore the darkest and most mysterious paths . Ease is not for him and he excels in difficult situations with the desire to unlock the most inextricable secrets .

The challenges stimulate him and he throws himself headlong into tasks that frighten others. He is the tireless researcher at any question asked.

His constant researches and reflections push him to many questions about himself, his existence, on those of others and he considers life as a perpetual evolution , fearing immobilization and inactivity. To flourish, it needs transformation , this desire can be translated differently from one individual to another but always indicating the desire to leave its mark, its imprint on the world.

He can be a handyman, a manipulator, an artist, a psychiatrist, etc. It doesn’t matter as long as it touches the heart of matter or the depths of the soul with its finger (or mind) and then changes its content. He has an inordinate desire to transform things, to test them from several angles because he knows deep down that the truth exists somewhere beyond appearances , varnishes, the obvious and first aspect of things like people.

Reluctant to any form of conditioning, oppression and crystallization, the Plutonian is a resistant and an individualist whose main social objective is to dissociate from the mass or to conform the mass to its interiority.

Often ironic or cynical , the specific disposition of mind of the Plutonian is the index of the distance he puts between himself and the world because he is suspicious , suspicious who, without being pessimistic, sees the bad side things before the good because, once again, for him, what is hidden is always more edifying than what is exhibited (and therefore the defects are more interesting than the qualities).

From a calm exterior , he hides in him an intense bubbling because he is at the same time a rebel, a creative and a passionate .

The personality of the Plutonian is entirely built on duality: to destroy in order to rebuild , to suffer or to make suffer, to be the master or to be the slave, to evolve or to die. His choices are always extreme because he is not a being of moderation or temperance.

He is exclusive , possessive, jealous who lives in intensity. Having hardly any measure , he is of course spiteful and susceptible. But beware, he is also a loyal opponent ! Also, it is better to take it head on than to try to have it by betrayal or lying, moreover, it could well beat you in this game.

The Plutonian has a rather special conception of possession : he will do everything to get what he wants but once he has it, he will no longer be really interested in it and may even get rid of it carelessly. In this, the Plutonian reminds me of a sated feline which, hunting for pleasure and excitement , can leave its half-dead prey abandoned.

In love, his partners will therefore be very wise to arrange to stimulate him constantly so that he keeps his interest and his desire intact.

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IV. The sign of Scorpio: portrait in vitriol

If the human being can improve, evolve, erase his faults and highlight his qualities, it also happens on the contrary that he gets caught up in his most negative impulses. This regression can for example be caused by alcoholism, by particularly difficult life circumstances or by the accumulation of neuroses.

The fact remains that the values ​​specific to its sign are then largely corrupted and that one can make a portrait “in vitriol”. So here is the description of the Scorpion (or Plutonian) in what he can develop most negative and despicable. This portrait applies of course to both a man and a woman.


The Scorpion, seen by -CED-


The Negative Scorpion or Venomous Beast

The Venomous Beast is primarily focused on sex, declining it in an orgiastic, perverse or obsessive way. All his life focuses on this one area which, in fact, overflows on others: he will thus be the libidinous boss, the buttock colleague, the aunt nymphomaniac, the friend with dirty jokes, the shameful son of the family or the exhibitionist neighbor. If he or she is too ugly, too decayed or too stingy to really practice, he or she will think about it all day long.

Obviously, one should not expect great values ​​of soul in the negative Scorpion since his life is directed by his lower abdomen and that love, friendship, respect, charity are vague for him abstractions. His will, because subject to a complex of domination, is strong.

It is demanding, critical, cruel because it draws from its inclinations an alternative to its libido, this same pleasure of autocratic pleasure. There is no doubt that an enemy as dangerous as relentless because his obsessive mind means that he is able to gather all his energy against a single person, for a single purpose.

Besides, he likes to destroy, to dirty, to degrade and finds an unhealthy pleasure in defiling and degrading things and people. In short, this poisonous creature is excessive, intractable, sometimes freezing and sometimes volcanic, depending on the circumstances and its pleasure.

For the negative scorpio, the end justifies the means and personal satisfaction is above everything else.

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