Sign of Aries, Mars and House I: Personality Traits, Relationships..

The sign of Aries, the first sign of Fire in the zodiac series, evokes the beginning of spring, the struggle of life and natural forces in action. Governed by Mars, fiery and voluntary planet, Aries is in analogy with House I, concerning the Self, the decisions, the behavior.

Let us see the typical portrait of the natives of Aries, the analogies of this sign, the psychology of its planet and a description of what the sign can produce of worse in matters of humanity. We will end with some examples of personalities strongly marked by Aries values.

I. The sign of Aries: portrait

I am full of energy and I need to occupy my hands and work my body to feel good in my sheepskin. I love being contradicted because you can hardly fight against people who are always looking for conciliation and the fight exalts me, in all its forms. There are only my Libra friends with whom I cannot go headlong: their charm disarms me, me the warrior of the zodiac!

I often feel like a knight in search of adventure, ready to defend the widow and the orphan, big heart and big anger! Basically, I know that the more pressure I get, the more energy I have…

Above all, Aries hates monotony: having to do the same things over and over again undermines me to the end of my horns. What I need are new challenges and new things to do! We often talk about an elephant in a porcelain store … But imagine me, Ariesfurious, in the middle of plates and pretty cups. Believe me, I’m worth a pachyderm damage issue, yeah for sure! I am often criticized for being a bit clumsy elsewhere. It’s difficult to turn your tongue 7 times in your mouth: that’s something for Taurus! But hey, sometimes I have to admit that I offend people against my will and without realizing it! Well yes, I’m told to be candid too … And then, pfff, it’s not that bad a rant! I fall as quickly as I got on.

Yes, I know, not always easy to manage the ibex and that poses me some problems of discipline! Besides, I would do everything to become my own leader … I have a principle in this matter: an order is good if it comes from itself, and I like to fulfill a will if it is mine! Selfish? Well, sometimes maybe (no one is perfect!). But I prefer to speak of independence, autonomy and the thirst for freedom.

And then, I think I have other human qualities! The Aries is loyal, helpful, passionate in his love, spirited and always enthusiastic. I like the good life and I am an active, a real one, who is bored only at the idea of ​​having to go to bed .. Although it depends with whom because I am also very active and passionate on this plan there, if you know what i mean!

I’m told to be bossy, but isn’t it the best way to be able to do what we want? In any case, if that poses a problem to someone, we can always go and discuss it outside …

Last precision for those who would see me only as a brainless brute: Emile Zola was Aries to the end of the hoofs with the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Mars and Pluto in this sign!

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II. The sign of Aries: analog correspondences


Aries sign: lexical field
Astrological analogy
The birth
First steps
The battlefields
The arenas
The rings
Military bases
The stages
House I
March :
Home in Aries
Exile in Libra
Exaltation in Capricorn
Fall in Cancer
Philosophy and Religion
Professions at risk
Golden boy
The wars
The initiatives
Victories by force
Satisfied desires
Energy expenditure
The competitions
The initial impulse
The beginnings
Sharp objects
Tarot Blades :
6th blade: The Lover
11th blade: The Force
Body and Health
Relationships and stereotypes
Unconscious factors
The head
The face
The muscular system
The nose
Red blood cells
The rivals
The lover
The police men
The soldiers
Self affirmation
The temperament
Astronomical data from Mars
The fiery
The rapidity
The initiative
The going
The spirit of conquest
Diameter: 6,786 km
Zodiacal revolution :
687 days
Speed: 24 km / s
The Tiger
The Panther
Wild boar
The wolf
The Jaguar
Metal and Stones
Color and fragrance
The iron
The Red
The primrose
The reseda
The tobacco


Astronomical analogies

Said red planet because of its scarlet radiance, Mars is bristling with gigantic craters and monstrous volcanoes (Olympus Mons rises to an altitude of 27,000 meters!) Evoking an intense, explosive and ostentatious geological activity.

No doubt once rich in water (now concentrated at the poles in the form of ice), Mars seems to have experienced a kind of planetary fever which made it a dusty desert, swept by storms.

Note also that Mars has two satellites, Phobos (fear) and Deimos (fear), two unwelcome black stars whose apocalyptic surfaces easily evoke ancient battlefields, just like the crust of Mars itself.

Symbolic analogies

Red dot in the sky, the only color of Mars is in analogy with blood and fire whatever the culture considered. Similarly, if we refer to the chromatic code of nature, red is the color of danger (for example, red insects are generally dangerous, or want to be led to believe so as to protect themselves). Red is also for many the color of passion, heart (and therefore feelings, desires and impulses), excitement, anger and effort.

Mars , governor of Aries , is also in analogy with the goat, itself a symbol of fertility, fertility but also representative of the powerful ambivalent (constructive or destructive) of libido. It is desire that enables action, the instinctual energy that can become realization.

The pathologies attributable to Mars are of two types: inflammations (fever, edema, redness, etc.) and all attacks resulting from the body’s exposure to its environment: burns, breaks, strains, cuts, etc.

Mythological analogies

Apart from the myth of Mars / Ares, we can also refer to Hercules (voluntary and impavid hero, seductive and independent) or Ajax (jealous and violent hero) with regard to Greco-Roman culture. But we can also, by widening our mythological sources, think of Atar (god of fire and virility in Sumerian country), in Khnoum (God impelling the vital spark to men among the Egyptians of Antiquity) or even in Mile , God of Celtic War.

III. Portrait of the dominant Martian

It is not necessary to be born under the sign of Aries to have all the characteristics. Indeed, if in a natal chart Mars is the dominant planet (see the calculation of the dominant ones in the lexicon) the native will naturally develop the qualities and defects of this planet traditionally mistress of the sign of Aries . However, the dominance of Mars presents subtle character nuances compared to the dominance of the sign of Aries .


Mars, Master of Aries


Here is the portrait of the Martian type:

If the Martian personality could only be summed up in one attribute, it would be action. This character is intimately linked to the notion of decision to be taken since this is how he sees life: overcoming a threat, overcoming an obstacle, chasing a worry, penetrating knowledge or applying a power. He is convinced that the will alone can overcome all the obstacles of existence.

It has the essential qualities for creation: the spirit of initiative , courage and energy. He never goes back on his past creations because always in the initial impulse, he prefers to make new ones than wasting his time going back on old ones.

Active and frank in nature , the Martian can hardly bear things to happen without him. He will always try to make himself indispensable by his actions and his spirit of decision . He tirelessly seeks to achieve himself through reckless and competitive , even chivalrous actions , like the defender of the widow and the orphan. Easy victory is not for him and his need to conquer is commensurate with his generosity .

His outbursts fiery and impulsive nature will anyway be more or less disciplined in the social context. The Martian will readily accept the hierarchy (as chief as subordinate) if it allows him to give free rein to his instinctive spontaneity . In the event of conflict, his bubbling personality and his obstinacy predisposed him initially to anger . Indeed, his initial reaction to a possible crisis leads him to be violent , furious or brutal . But this outburst is quickly replaced by a need to understand the reasons for the problem in order to envisage a solution, which will allow him to access new perspectives, new visions of situations.

The energy of the Martian is colossal and it can happen that he has difficulty expressing it, especially at the level of his communication. He will often be aggressive , insolent or mocking, but, faced with the incomprehension of those around him, he can either shut himself up in a bubbling silence, or get angry.

The Martian has a strength of character which inclines him to try all the daring ideas and all the innovative concepts that can be made available to him. Its going encourages the need to try new things of up to think outside the box, even demonstrate i mprudence or thoughtlessness .

The Martian does not support any obstacle, no delay in the evolution of its companies, whatever they are. Similarly, he can hardly thrive in everyday life or security which would inhibit his thirst for initiative .

In his relationships with others, including in his romantic relationships, he has the same eagerness to conclude but he tends to get tired very quickly of a situation if it does not know an evolution. With his (her) partner, he will be able to build a fulfilling life in the shared search for new dimensions or in a common ideal.

The Martian will rather turn to professions where their vitality can be expressed freely, without constraint, free from all authority. He will like to command, direct and organize. Professions of a liberal, artisanal or independent nature are his favorite sectors, provided that these different activities are the object of a challenge, a risk-taking or a surpassing of oneself (sports, military, firefighter,. .. etc.).

The Martian does not conceive of the idea of ​​being financially dependent on others, which he would experience as a real obstacle to his freedom of action. This is why, he will realize very early on the essential role of money and that he will make it a point of honor to be self-sufficient on this plan.

IV. The sign of Aries: portrait in vitriol

If the human being can improve, evolve, erase his faults and highlight his qualities, it also happens on the contrary that he gets caught up in his most negative impulses. This regression can for example be caused by alcoholism, by particularly difficult life circumstances or by the accumulation of neuroses.

The fact remains that the values ​​specific to its sign are then largely corrupted and that one can make a portrait “in vitriol”. So here is the description of Aries (or Martian) in what it can develop most negative and despicable. This portrait applies of course to both a man and a woman.

The negative Aries or bad sheep

Restless and loud in the face, our black sheep is so convinced that brutality comes to the end of everything that it throws itself head first in any matter and is sterile obstinately attacking people who have done nothing to it but who have the misfortune to be weaker than she. She takes pleasure in persecuting her world, including her family, finding a sadistic joy to humiliate and provoke her neighbor in order to feel superior.

Dazed and naive upstart, she will almost always make the wrong choice of opponent or cause, and her resentment will go to the innocent because she is embittered by life and does not see why others should have the right to be happy. Easily influenced by those who speak the loudest or who promote hatred, she will be blinded by the speeches that flatter her ego while rejecting all the responsibilities of her failures on a “scapegoat”.

Selfish, unjust and gluttonous, our black sheep turns easily to misanthropy and depravity since the only interest that remains for him to live is to enjoy to the fullest, whatever the price or the consequences.

Easy to turn into salon despotism, irascible and belligerent, it can be brutal physically as much as verbally. His lack of tact will be matched only by his temper and childishness.

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