Summoning Gremory: The Demon of Love, Wealth & Mysteries

Who is Gremory?

Gremory, a prominent demoness within the hierarchy of demonic entities, holds the esteemed title of Duke (or Duchess), commanding 26 legions of spirits.

Often depicted as a beautiful woman riding a camel, Gremory exudes an air of mystery and allure that is a welcome change from the often less palatable demonic appearances.

Gremory can be summoned for matters of the heart, wealth, and uncovering secrets. Her presence is often felt through a heightened sense of intuition and a magnetic pull towards hidden knowledge and obtaining expensive material objects.

Sigil of Gremory

The sigil of Gremory is a powerful symbol used in ceremonial magic to summon and invoke her presence. Accuracy in recreating the sigil is crucial for effective communication and summoning. Here is an illustration of Gremory’s sigil:

Meditating on this sigil helps align the practitioner’s energies with those of Gremory, facilitating a stronger connection during rituals.

Positive Powers of Gremory

Gremory is celebrated for her numerous beneficial attributes, making her a valuable ally for practitioners:

  • Revealing Hidden Treasures: Gremory can guide practitioners to uncover hidden wealth opportunities, physical treasures and secrets.
  • Love and Admiration: She can grant love and admiration from women by enhancing the practitioner’s charisma and attractiveness.
  • Guidance in Relationships: Gremory offers guidance in matters of the heart, helping to navigate complex emotional situations that are an inevitable part of romantic relationships.

Gremory Ritual for Love & Attraction


  1. Choose the Location: Select a quiet, undisturbed location, preferably outdoors or in a well-ventilated room. Cleanse the area with sage or other purifying herbs to create a sacred space.
  2. Set Up the Altar: Place the altar at the center of the ritual space. Arrange the items on the altar: the sigil of Gremory, candles, the crystals, the copper item, the red silk cloth, the glass of red wine, the rose, the bowl of water, the mirror, the parchment, and red ink.
  3. Draw the Magic Circle: Use chalk or salt to draw a large circle around the ritual space. Ensure it is large enough to move around comfortably.
  4. Draw the Triangle of Manifestation: Outside the circle, draw the triangle of manifestation with the apex pointing towards the north. Place the sigil of Gremory inside the triangle.

The Ritual:

Step 1: Purification and Grounding

  1. Purify the Space: Stand at the center of the circle and hold the bowl of water. Sprinkle water around the perimeter of the circle, saying: “Per aquam purifico hoc spatium. (By water, I purify this space.)”
  2. Ground Yourself: Stand still, close your eyes, and take a few deep breaths. Visualize roots growing from your feet into the earth, grounding you and connecting you with the energies of the earth.

Step 2: Preparing the Altar

  1. Lay Out the Red Silk Cloth: Place the red silk cloth in the center of the altar. This represents passion and attraction.
  2. Arrange the Crystals: Place the rose quartz, emerald, and moonstone on the red silk cloth in a triangle formation, with the rose quartz at the top point.
  3. Place the Copper Item: Put the copper item in the center of the triangle formed by the crystals.
  4. Set Up the Mirror: Position the small mirror on the altar, facing the triangle of crystals and copper.

Step 3: Invoking Gremory

  1. Light the Candles: Light the red and green candles on the altar.
  2. Initial Incantation: Stand facing the triangle of manifestation and hold the athame over the sigil of Gremory. Say: “Gremory, Magne Dux, te invoco ut ades in hoc spatio sacro. Quaero auxilium tuum ad attrahendum amorem et admirationem feminarum. (Gremory, Great Duke, I invoke you to be present in this sacred space. I seek your assistance to attract the love and admiration of women.)”

Step 4: Offering and Activation

  1. Offer the Rose: Take the rose and hold it over the sigil of Gremory. Say: “Gremory, accipe hanc rosam tamquam symbolum amoris et pulchritudinis. (Gremory, accept this rose as a symbol of love and beauty.)” Place the rose on the red silk cloth.
  2. Pour the Red Wine: Pour a small amount of red wine into the goblet as an offering. Say: “Gremory, accipe hunc vinum tamquam symbolum passionis et desiderii. (Gremory, accept this wine as a symbol of passion and desire.)” Place the goblet on the altar.

Step 5: Writing the Petition

  1. Prepare the Parchment: Take the piece of parchment and the red ink. Write your desire for attracting women on the parchment, being clear and specific.
  2. Seal the Petition: Fold the parchment and seal it with a drop of red wax from the candles, saying: “Hoc sigillo, voluntatem meam firmo et ad te, Gremory, mitto. (With this seal, I fix my will and send it to you, Gremory.)” Place the sealed parchment on the red silk cloth.

Step 6: Anointing and Visualization

  1. Anoint Yourself: Use the perfume or essential oil to anoint your wrists and neck, saying: “Hac unctione, me perfundo aurae amoris et attractionis. (With this anointing, I envelop myself in the aura of love and attraction.)”
  2. Visualize Channeling Energy: Stand facing the triangle of manifestation. Visualize a beam of light emanating from the triangle, flowing into your heart and mind. See the energy infusing you with love, attraction, and intuitive insight.

Step 7: Mirror Scrying

  1. Gaze into the Mirror: Hold the small mirror and gaze into its depths. Visualize Gremory appearing within the mirror. When you sense her presence, say: “Gremory, concede mihi gratiam et attractionem quae me ad feminas trahat. (Gremory, grant me the grace and attraction that draws women to me.)”
  2. Focus on Your Desire: Continue to gaze into the mirror, focusing on your desire for attracting women. See yourself surrounded by their admiration and affection.

Step 8: Chanting and Affirmation

  1. Chanting for Gremory: Recite the following chant while focusing on the sigil: “Gremory, domina amoris, mihi fave, ut amor et admiratio feminarum ad me trahantur. (Gremory, mistress of love, favor me, that the love and admiration of women may be drawn to me.)”
  2. Affirm Your Intention: Speak aloud your intention, affirming your desire and confidence in Gremory’s assistance.

Step 9: Closing the Ritual

  1. Thank Gremory: Once you have completed your communication, thank Gremory for her presence and assistance: “Gratias tibi ago, Gremory, pro sapientia tua et auxilio tuo. Recede in pace et redeas ad regnum tuum. (Thank you, Gremory, for your wisdom and assistance. Depart in peace and return to your realm.)”
  2. Extinguish the Candles: Carefully extinguish the candles, symbolizing the end of the ritual.
  3. Bury the Petition: Take the sealed parchment and bury it in a place where it will not be disturbed, symbolizing the planting of your intention.

Attunement to Demon Gremory

Attuning to Gremory involves aligning your energy with her unique attributes of attraction, wealth, and hidden knowledge. This process integrates her essence into your daily life through focused practices and rituals, suitable for anyone seeking to deepen their connection with Gremory.

Daily Devotions

  1. Morning Invocation: Begin each day with a simple invocation to Gremory. Stand before her sigil, light a green or gold candle, and say: “Gremory, bringer of attraction and wisdom, guide me through this day with your power. Infuse my being with your energy, and let your influence bring success and allure.”
  2. Evening Reflection: At the end of the day, spend a few minutes reflecting on the insights and progress you’ve made. Light a small candle and write a brief note of gratitude to Gremory in a dedicated journal.

Creating a Sacred Space

  1. Gremory’s Altar: Dedicate a small area in your home as an altar to Gremory. Decorate it with items that represent her attributes: copper objects, symbols of wealth, and crystals such as rose quartz and emerald. Keep her sigil prominently displayed.
  2. Sacred Objects: Place personal items on the altar that you want Gremory to bless with her energy. These could include a piece of jewelry, a coin, or other symbols of wealth and attraction.

Meditative Practices

  1. Crystal Meditation: Sit comfortably in front of Gremory’s altar with a piece of rose quartz or emerald in your hand. Close your eyes and breathe deeply, focusing on the energy of the crystal. Visualize Gremory’s presence enveloping you, filling you with attraction and wisdom.
  2. Copper Focus: Hold a piece of copper in your hand and meditate on its properties. Imagine Gremory’s energy flowing from the copper into your body, enhancing your charisma and financial insight.

Ritual Baths

  1. Wealth and Attraction Bath: Prepare a bath with a few drops of sandalwood or cedarwood essential oil, and a small piece of rose quartz. As you soak, visualize Gremory’s energy infusing the water, cleansing you and enhancing your attractiveness and prosperity.
  2. Clarity and Insight Bath: Prepare a bath with eucalyptus or rosemary, along with a small piece of emerald. As you soak, focus on absorbing Gremory’s wisdom and insight, allowing her guidance to illuminate your mind.

Artistic Expression

  1. Creative Offerings: Engage in creative activities that resonate with Gremory’s attributes. Write or draw symbols of wealth, attraction, and hidden knowledge. Dedicate these creations to Gremory by placing them on her altar.
  2. Music and Movement: Incorporate music and movement into your rituals. Choose instrumental or powerful music that evokes feelings of strength and success. Move or exercise in front of Gremory’s altar, expressing your devotion and inviting her energy to flow through you.

Lunar Attunement

  1. Full Moon Rituals: Perform special rituals on the night of the full moon to strengthen your connection with Gremory. Light green and gold candles, offer a glass of strong tea or coffee, and recite a heartfelt prayer to Gremory, asking for her continued guidance and blessings.
  2. New Moon Intentions: On the night of the new moon, set intentions related to attraction and wealth. Write these intentions on a piece of parchment and place it under a copper object on Gremory’s altar. Leave it there until the next full moon.

Personal Adornment

  1. Wear Copper: Incorporate copper jewelry or accessories into your daily attire. This metal’s energy aligns with Gremory’s attributes and helps maintain a constant connection with her.
  2. Anointing Oil: Create a personal anointing oil by mixing cedarwood or sandalwood essential oil with a carrier oil. Use this oil to anoint your wrists and neck each morning, calling upon Gremory’s energy to enhance your charisma and attractiveness.

Dream Work

  1. Dream Journal: Keep a journal by your bedside to record dreams that may contain messages from Gremory. Before sleeping, ask Gremory to visit you in your dreams and offer her guidance.
  2. Dream Incubation: Place a piece of moonstone under your pillow and recite a short invocation to Gremory before bed. This can enhance your dream experiences and open you to receiving insights and messages from her.

Planet of Demon Gremory

Gremory is associated with the planet Venus. Venus’s influence aligns with Gremory’s attributes of love, beauty, and wealth. Known as the planet of love and harmony, Venus’s energy enhances Gremory’s abilities to grant love, admiration, and material wealth.

Venus’s Influence

In astrology, Venus is associated with love, beauty, and prosperity. These characteristics resonate deeply with Gremory’s nature, making Venus an ideal planetary association.

  • Love and Beauty: Venus’s energy enhances romantic and platonic relationships, mirroring Gremory’s capacity to grant love and admiration.
  • Prosperity: Venus governs material wealth and abundance, reflecting Gremory’s ability to reveal hidden treasures and provide financial gains.
  • Harmony: Venus’s harmonious nature supports Gremory’s ability to foster emotional connections and enhance intuition.

Practical Application

When working with Gremory, invoking the energy of Venus can help to tap into these expansive qualities. This can be particularly useful for practitioners seeking to enhance their love life, financial status, or intuition.

Aligning rituals with Venus’s influence, such as conducting them on Fridays (Venus’s day) or during Venus’s hours, can enhance the effectiveness of your work with Gremory.

Metal of Demon Gremory

The metal associated with Gremory is copper, which is traditionally linked to the planet Venus. Copper’s properties resonate with the energies of love, beauty, and wealth that Venus embodies.

This metal is often used in talismans and other ritual objects to invoke Venus’s influence, making it a suitable offering or tool when working with Gremory.

Copper’s Properties

Copper is known for its conductivity and reflective properties. In alchemical traditions, copper represents love, beauty, and prosperity. This symbolism is fitting for Gremory, who aids in enhancing relationships, revealing hidden treasures, and fostering emotional connections.

  • Conductivity: Copper’s conductive nature symbolizes the flow of love and energy, enhancing emotional and romantic connections.
  • Reflection: Copper’s reflective properties align with the introspective and intuitive enhancement that Gremory provides.

Practical Application

Incorporating copper into your rituals can help strengthen your connection to Gremory. You might consider using copper objects or inscribing her sigil onto a piece of copper. This can serve as a powerful talisman, enhancing your alignment with Gremory’s energies and the loving influence of Venus.

Additionally, wearing or carrying a piece of copper can serve as a constant reminder of your connection to Gremory, helping to keep her beneficial power close at hand.

Element of Gremory

Gremory’s primary element is Water, which symbolizes love, intuition, and emotional depth. Water’s fluid and nurturing nature reflects Gremory’s ability to enhance relationships, reveal hidden truths, and foster emotional connections.

Water’s Influence

The element of Water is associated with emotions, intuition, and the subconscious mind. It is the element that governs love and emotional depth, providing a foundation for building meaningful connections and enhancing intuition. These characteristics align perfectly with Gremory’s nature as a provider of love and hidden knowledge.

  • Love and Emotion: Water represents the ability to deeply connect with others and experience love, a key aspect of Gremory’s powers.
  • Intuition: Water’s intuitive nature supports Gremory’s capacity to reveal hidden truths and enhance psychic abilities.
  • Nurturing: Water’s nurturing properties symbolize the emotional support and guidance that Gremory provides.

Practical Application

Working with the element of Water can enhance your connection to Gremory. Incorporate water-related elements into your rituals, such as using bowls of water, incorporating seashells or aquatic symbols, or conducting rituals near bodies of water.

These activities help synchronize your energy with Gremory’s loving and intuitive influence, fostering a deeper connection.

  • Water and Mirrors: Use bowls of water and mirrors in your rituals to represent the element of Water. These items can enhance the clarity and effectiveness of your communication with Gremory.
  • Intuitive Exercises: Engage in exercises or meditations focused on intuition and reflection to align with the element of Water and clear your mind for gaining insights and emotional connections.
  • Water Rituals: Perform rituals or meditations near bodies of water to connect with the expansive and nurturing nature of Water.

Astrological Sign Assigned to Demon Gremory

Gremory is often associated with the astrological sign Taurus. Taurus’s loving, sensual, and materialistic nature resonates deeply with Gremory’s attributes of love, wealth, and emotional connection.

This sign is known for its focus on beauty, pleasure, and stability, all qualities that align with Gremory’s influence.

Taurus’s Influence

Taurus, an earth sign ruled by Venus, embodies qualities of love, sensuality, and material wealth. These traits are reflected in Gremory’s nature and her ability to provide love, admiration, and hidden treasures.

  • Love and Sensuality: Taurus’s loving approach to life mirrors Gremory’s capacity to enhance romantic and platonic relationships.
  • Material Wealth: Taurus’s focus on financial stability and abundance aligns with Gremory’s role as a provider of hidden treasures and wealth.
  • Stability: Taurus’s stable and grounded nature supports Gremory’s ability to foster emotional connections and provide intuitive guidance.

Practical Application

Practitioners working with Gremory can benefit from Taurus’s energy by incorporating it into their rituals and daily practices. Here are some ways to harness Taurus’s influence:

  • Timing: Conduct rituals during the Taurus phase of the moon or when the sun is in Taurus to enhance your connection to Gremory.
  • Astrological Correspondences: Use Taurus-related correspondences, such as colors (green, pink), herbs (rose, thyme), and stones (emerald, rose quartz), in your rituals to strengthen the alignment with Gremory.

Offerings to Demon Gremory

When working with Gremory, offerings can solidify your connection and demonstrate your respect and commitment. Below are specific objects and items that resonate with Gremory’s attributes of attraction, wealth, and hidden knowledge.

Suitable Offerings

  1. Copper Coins: As copper is associated with Venus and wealth, offering copper coins can help strengthen your connection to Gremory. Choose well-polished, antique copper coins for their historical value and energy.
  2. Rose Quartz and Emerald: These crystals symbolize love, attraction, and prosperity. Place polished stones or small clusters on her altar as a sign of respect and devotion.
  3. Luxury Items: Offer small luxury items like gold-plated trinkets, fine perfumes, or high-quality cigars. These items symbolize wealth and indulgence, aligning with Gremory’s attributes.
  4. Red Wine or Strong Spirits: Pour a small amount of red wine or a high-quality spirit into a goblet as an offering. This symbolizes passion and abundance.
  5. Written Petitions: Write a specific request or intention on high-quality parchment using red ink. Seal the parchment with red wax and place it on the altar. This serves as a direct communication to Gremory.
  6. Artistic Creations: Offer handmade items such as a carved wooden box, a piece of jewelry you crafted, or a hand-bound book. These personalized creations show dedication and effort.
  7. Metal Objects: Offer small, finely-crafted metal objects, especially those made of copper or gold. Examples include a copper chalice, a small gold-plated figurine, or a decorative knife.
  8. Luxury Candles: High-quality candles made from beeswax or soy with scents of rose or sandalwood can be placed on the altar. These should be left to burn out completely as a continuous offering.
  9. Symbolic Items: Objects that symbolize wealth and attraction, such as a small gold bar, a piece of expensive fabric, or a well-crafted ring, can be powerful offerings.
  10. Food Offerings: Place high-quality foods, such as dark chocolate, fine cheese, or exotic fruits, on the altar. These should be disposed of respectfully after a set period, as they are symbolic rather than for consumption.

Practical Application

Offerings should be presented with clear intention and respect. Here are detailed steps to make your offerings meaningful and effective:

  1. Preparation of Offerings: Gather the items you intend to offer. Ensure they are clean, polished, and presented in the best possible condition. For example, if offering a copper coin, polish it until it shines; if offering wine, choose a fine vintage.
  2. Altar Arrangement: Place the offerings on Gremory’s altar in an organized and respectful manner. Position the items to create a visually appealing and sacred space. You might arrange the crystals around the sigil, place the copper coins in a small dish, and set the goblet of wine prominently.
  3. Ritual Presentation: Light candles and incense on the altar. Stand before the altar and hold each offering one by one, speaking your intention clearly. For instance, while holding a copper coin, say: “Gremory, I offer this coin as a symbol of wealth and prosperity. May your blessings bring abundance into my life.”
  4. Visualize Connection: As you place each offering on the altar, visualize a strong connection forming between you and Gremory. See her energy accepting the offering and radiating back to you with enhanced attraction and wealth.
  5. Meditative Focus: Spend a few moments in meditation after placing the offerings. Focus on your intentions and Gremory’s attributes, reinforcing your desire for her assistance.
  6. Maintenance of the Altar: Regularly clean and refresh the offerings on the altar. Replace items that have lost their luster or significance, ensuring the altar remains a vibrant and powerful space for connecting with Gremory.

Relation and Symbiosis with Other Demons

Gremory has symbiotic relationships with other demons, especially those within the Goetia. Understanding these relationships can enhance your practice and provide additional layers of support and insight. Notable connections include:

  • Sitri: A demon of love and lust, Sitri can work with Gremory to enhance romantic and sexual relationships, creating a well-rounded approach to love and attraction.
  • Dantalion: A demon that forms strong romantic relationship bonds, he can be summoned alongside Gremory in order to capture the attention of a specific person.
  • Bune: Renowned for his ability to grant wealth and eloquence, Bune can enhance Gremory’s financial and communicative powers, offering deeper insights into material success and social interactions.

Practical Application

Collaborating with these demons can create a powerful network of support and knowledge. Here are some ways to integrate their influences into your practice with Gremory:

  • Joint Rituals: Consider invoking Dantalion, Sitri, or Bune alongside Gremory during your rituals to enhance specific aspects of your practice.
  • Combined Offerings: Create combined offerings that honor multiple demons on the same altar.
  • Focused Meditations: Meditate on the sigils of Gremory and her allied demons, visualizing their combined energies enhancing your practice. This can help you attune to their collective influence and amplify your magical work. You can also hire me to create and consecrate a unique sigil containing the combined essences of the three demons for maximum efficacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Gremory dangerous? A: Gremory is generally not considered dangerous, as she is known for her wisdom and loving nature. However, as with any demonic entity, it is important to approach her with respect and caution.

Q: Can Gremory help with gaining wealth? A: Yes, Gremory is renowned for her ability to reveal hidden treasures and provide financial gains.

Q: Can beginners summon Gremory? A: Yes, as the risk is minimal, but Gremory has often proven to be difficult to summon by beginners. So I advise seeking out professional assistance, either from me or from another experienced ceremonial magician.

Q: How does Gremory appear during a summoning? A: Gremory typically appears as a beautiful woman riding a camel. Her presence may also be felt as a shift in the atmosphere or a strong intuitive feeling, depending on how deep into a trance state you can get and how willing the demonness is to appear at any given moment. Visual appearances are not something that can be forced. Doing so can damage your relationship with the spirit.

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