The Main Dangers of Astral Projection (And How to Prevent Them!)

About the dangers of astral travel there are two schools. One who claims that there is no danger other than our ability to accept and live these paranormal experiences, and the other who on the contrary declares that it is dangerous to practice it. This article therefore tries to strike a balance between these two points of view and presents the dangers of astral travel.

One of the first dangers of the astral journey that we can face is our psychological capacity to interpret it, to live it afterwards. This experience is so different than everyday life that one can find oneself psychologically shaken. We can wonder if we are crazy and this can cause a whole series of symptoms: anxiety, existential questions, boredom with everyday existence etc.

The second danger is to talk about these experiences too openly. In this case, therefore, we are not affected by the phenomenon and speak freely of it as something normal. While most people who we share the experience with will catalog this as a psychological disorder experience.

Other people who are very Cartesian may laugh and laugh. Still others, very curious, may think you are a guinea pig, and only see you through these experiences.

These experiences are described as paranormal, people may take you for someone abnormal… and label you as such. So be careful who you talk to, and how you talk about it.

Among the dangers of astral travel, The main and real danger is therefore social and psychological. We could therefore say that it is psycho-social.

The Dangers of Astral Travel:

1. Social and psychological issues

The second fundamental type of problems that arise are those that we experience during this experience. There is no point in forcing things. Everything will be done gradually, because the astral journey is a spiritual progression.

It’s also about being good in your life. Because going out of the body while experiencing painful things can become a sinkhole in which the person will likely immerse themselves in order to forget their daily life and their setbacks. You have to take everything seriously, nothing is purely a game.

So my advice is not to use astral travel as a way to escape your life or it can lead to serious problems down the road as you will desire to constantly live in the immaterial dimension.

2. Intense Fear

Often, it is about fear more than real danger. Fear of the unknown, fear of bad encounters, fear of not returning to your physical body, fear of seeing your silver cord break, etc. 

To eliminate fear, nothing helps like reading about it. Often knowledge of the subject is enough to alleviate concerns. To know is to give oneself the possibility of controlling events.

3. Astral larvae can cause fatigue

This can be a real problem during astral travel. It’s the presence of larvae in the astral who come to stick to the traveler to suck his energy. It is a real problem. And if we are not aware of it, we drag them with us for a moment, until we wonder where this recurring fatigue comes from . 

There are a lot of remedies for astral larvae: protective stone, self-purification by salt, incense, prayer, magnetism, meditation. They are available to protect and care for themselves, provided they know it.

And, again, you have to read a lot in order to accumulate the necessary knowledge. You have to be curious about the theory before trying your hand at practice or you’ll have to play catch up with any negatives you experience. You have to learn to disassemble a computer with the advice of a teacher or from a manual, before disassembling the machine. Contrary to what one might think, this method saves time: knowing before doing.

4. Health concerns

This last point is somewhat a synthesis of the first. Talking about these experiences is a risk of being confronted with moralizing people. They can convey their fear about it. And if you get caught up in their fears, your experience can suffer as a result.

Ignorance can also induce fear of dying during the event. On the other hand, the fear is sometimes unavoidable because of the intensity of the experience. Even by having knowledge on this subject, the experience is so strong from a sensory point of view, that one can have this feeling of dying and really feel it. There are different views on this subject. But think about this: when a person is extremely afraid, there’s a possibility of having a heart attack.

So the best advice I can give in case you experience a large deal of fear during astral travel is to acknowledge it and examine it scientifically. Is there a reason to be afraid, or is it all in my head? It obviously is only in your head because astral travel is not a materialistic event. This should put you at ease, just as seeing a large spider in a dream is not as scary when you’re half-aware that you’re in an actual dream. Hope this helps!

Final Word: Main Dangers of Astral Projection and Travel

The point of this article is not to scare you away from astral travel. It’s a wonderful and eye opening experience 99% of the time. But it can also take a turn for the worse. It’s important to be psychologically balanced and to keep fear at bay. If you’re easily scared your chances of having a negative experience are higher than someone who has greater mental fortitude. As I mentioned earlier, knowledge (along with proper guidance) is the best way to perform astral travel successfully and to prevent any dangers that could otherwise ruin the experience. Hope this helps!

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