When Your Life Isn’t Your Own

One of the greatest gifts bestowed upon humanity is reason. Through the faculty of reasoning we have risen above all other beasts and become the rulers of our planet.

Many cultures have preserved the notion that our ability to think independently has been given to us by a courageous, otherworldly entity such as Lucifer or Prometheus. For his act of mercy, this benevolent entity was condemned by his own kin to eternal torture. It seems like the powers that be don’t want us to be free from their oppression, and they never have. They want us to be docile and easily manipulatable as they do everything to stop our ascent.

To have freedom of thought is not merely an abstraction, it is a very practical thing. We all have it, but only few of us use it extensively. An ordinary human walks through life as if in a dream, awakening only briefly and under extraordinary circumstances. The desire for danger and adrenaline in some more courageous members of our species is an honorable, though unsustainable method of awakening.

Most people do the opposite. Becoming awake is their greatest fear, because they’d have to assume all the responsibility for their actions. So they decide it is better to become even more sedated and to relinquish all responsibility. This is the negative, cowardly freedom from taking action. It is what separates the Masters from the slaves.

One of the main purposes of occultism is to awaken the person fully. First of all, to their own potential, and secondly, to a sense of power and urgency to fulfill it. Unlike the right-hand path of mainstream religions (spiritual and secular), the left-hand path of occultism never explicitly states what the end goal should be, as that is left to the individual to decide. This is why the left-hand path is potentially dangerous, but is also the only path of complete freedom.

Because of the complete embrace of freedom, the left-hand path practitioners can use any means necessary, including the summoning of demons. We can summon demons to assist in our ascent, because we are on the side of that primeval entity that bestowed humanity with the original freedom. Lucifer, Prometheus, the serpent that opens the gates to eternal glory has legions on its side, as do the manipulators that wish us to be mere servants, the “Archons” of this world and the next. But we recognize who has our interests at heart and who doesn’t.

Certainly those that want to enslave us and strip us of our power are the enemy, and those that want us to shine as stars are our allies. Right? The fact that so many of our contemporaries are worshipping gods, idols and humans that are working against their interests shows how powerful our enemies truly are. It also shows how much of an advantage we have over everyone else if we rid ourselves of this programming.

It does seem like an inversion though. Aren’t Christians, Muslims or the mainstream secularists the good guys, and aren’t occultists the wicked men in red robes plotting against humanity? Well, are there some occultists who dabble in black magic and sorcery to cause harm to others? Certainly. But most of us don’t harbor ill will towards others, in fact we pity all those who’ve succumbed to the various programs of enslavement that are out there. We simply don’t want to be part of the cattle that is led to the slaughterhouse by its “good shepherds”, and for this libertine stance we are condemned to the shadows by those who can’t bear the sight of powerful beasts roaming freely. Our great sin was embracing the freedom offered by the serpent eons past.

If a person wished to join this side of the isle, the main piece of advice I would give them is to embrace occultism. Embrace it wholeheartedly, not as an ideology or a religion that asks you to bend the knee, but as a liberating perception that permits you to subdue all forces of nature and spirit to your personal goals, to the extent that your own potential allows for. As you may have noticed, religious people pray, magicians summon.

Religious people are always bending their knees, bending their backs, prostrated in the presence of a force higher than themselves. Proper magicians only serve their own interests and they prostrate to no one. They’ve incorporated the knowledge that they are the highest force and that they share, if not tower over, the spirits that they summon. By assuming this confident stance, and venturing into ritual work with a venerable stride, the magician is able to receive far greater results than a priest or a monk praying endlessly like a worm for merciful scraps from the Lord above. If we are to be great, we must act the part.

So may this diatribe remind you that your freedom, power and pleasure are in your hands. Don’t expect handouts, take what is yours! If you need my assistance on a practical level, my ritual service is available. I am happy to help anyone get started on this journey by removing the thorn from their paw.

What is the thorn in your paw? That’s a question worth asking, and worth doing something about. In time, you will revel in the wise choice you’ve made to break the conditioning and limitations placed upon you by the archons of our day.

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