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We’ve all heard of guardian angels and how every person has an angel allocated to them, presumably at birth. A guardian demon however is a novelty for most people. It’s because of religious and cultural indoctrination that the spiritual world is now depicted as two camps with completely good and completely evil spirits, fighting against each other for our immortal souls. This is why the idea of a guardian demon is difficult to comprehend for some people. How could an evil spirit be a person’s guardian?

The pagan world understood that there is a hierarchical gradation of spirits (and humans, to be honest). It wasn’t based on moral dualism, but rather the type of interests that preoccupied them and their subsequent greater proximity to either pure matter or pure Spirit.

For example, a person interested in spiritual matters was considered higher in both the spiritual and consequently social hierarchy, since traditional societies tried to emulate the spiritual world. Such a person’s interests would bring him into communion with spirits that were more heavenly and luminous. He’d also likely assume a priestly, mystical or self-sacrificial role of a warrior.

A person interested in material success would be lower in the hierarchy, perhaps a trader or a craftsman, communing with spirits of wealth or those that can help with satisfying even baser interests. But there was no moralizing about any of this, in the sense that the higher spirits were good and the lower spirits were evil. A better description would be light and dark. Spirit is light, matter is dark. Sexuality is dark because it pulls and traps the Spirit into matter. Wealth is dark because it preoccupies the Spirit with matter(ialism). Celibacy and selflessness are light because they free the Spirit from material entanglements.

So there are light and dark spirits, depending on whether they work in the interest of the Spirit or matter. But allow me to reiterate once more – there is no moral issue with any path, any ambition, light or dark. One can even argue that the spiritual path is not superior to the materialistic path, this is also a matter of individual preference. Furthermore, a spiritual path can be enhanced by materialism, if one is pursuing a specific branch of the LHP.

So it is true that the higher spirits were more similar in their attributes to the contemporary depictions of angels, whereas demons are more akin to the traditional spirits closer to matter. However, when it comes to grimoires in our possession, such as the Ars Goetia, there is significant overlap even in this instance, because it is known that many deities of the higher order were transformed into demons within the hierarchy established by Abrahamic religions. The classic example being Astaroth, the demonic form of goddess Ishtar.

Guardian Spirits of the Ancient World

An important historical fact we can glean from ancient texts is that pagan societies were filled with patron spirits. These were ancestral spirits, deities and daemons (demons). Our ancestors offered sacrificial rites, prayers and in some cases performed ceremonial rituals, seeking help from their guardian spirit.

This is the type of spirituality that we’ve lost in the modern world. With that said, I am not interested in reviving the broader, social connection with the spiritual realm, because our society is polluted by totalitarian and dehumanizing factors that would take advantage of such a connection. It would be used to control rather than liberate and empower us as individuals. Therefore it is quite alright that we live in a secular society where the spiritual world is left to individuals to explore and make the best use of. A great start in that exploration is discovering one’s guardian demon.

I’ve written many times that Paimon is my guardian demon. Honestly, it happened accidentally that I performed a specific Paimon evocation and discovered this connection. What happened as a result of this discovery was quite remarkable. In its aftermath, and to this day, I’ve been able to connect with other demons far more easily and the effects of my magical practice altogether became exceptional. Mind you, before this encounter I reached a high rank within an initiatory Order and was already a magician of considerable repute. But this chance encounter with my guardian demon sped up my progress by years, if not decades.

So why is this not spoken of more often? As with all occult sciences, the most powerful methods and teachings are reserved for the select few and only the lesser mysteries are shared with the masses. The other reason is that even those of us who’ve climbed the ladder, so to speak, are faced with a wide abyss that separates us from our pagan ancestors.

I am not one to claim that any ancient manuscript or persona is superior to what modernity has to offer, but it is true that the ancient world in its entirety was far more engrossed in magical practices and in that sense more productive. We’ve only inherited a small portion of that knowledge, and have had to discover the rest by ourselves within a relatively short period of time. The potency of guardian demons is one portion of that forgotten knowledge that I personally stumbled upon. I then went on to develop a method to help others discover their own guardian demons.

The Method

I will not reveal the method in its entirety, but to put it simply, it involves invoking a demon with divinatory powers such as Astaroth, then in a state of temporary possession using divinatory methods (rune casting, tarot reading, scrying…) in a specific order until a person’s guardian demon becomes apparent.

I’ve used this method for personal friends and select clients, and it has proven mightily effective in their lives. Now, seeing the good that it’s done for them, I’ve decided to make it available for a greater number of people. If you are interested in discovering your guardian demon, you can order this divinatory ritual and I will perform it for you. Please note that I will need your birthdate for astrological purposes also. You can order this divination on my ritual for hire page.

You might be wondering from what pool of demons your guardian would come from. There is an almost endless number of demons in existence, just as there is an endless number of angels. The spiritual world has more inhabitants than the mortal world. However, not every demon has enough potency to be a guardian for a human. It must have the ability to intervene in the material world by being relatively close to it (lower in the spiritual hierarchy) but also carrying enough spiritual potency to influence it.

A minor demon that is part of a Legion under a Duke or a King has the necessary proximity to the material world but does not have enough spiritual potency or power to be a guardian. I am yet to uncover a guardian demon that has not appeared in one of the many grimoires or infernal dictionaries by name and that does not hold significant power.

Also, a single demon can be a guardian to many humans. This is because a grand demon has legions of lesser demons that can take on the role of familiar spirits to assist many individuals at the same time. But these lesser demons are still under the dominion of the grand guardian demon and are working with his power and influence. But since so few people nowadays know their guardian demon, let alone have an established connection with him, you can expect almost exclusive attention from your guardian demon. Once more, we discover that knowledge is power and silence is golden.

Another thing worth noting is that every demon has unique powers and attributes. Therefore, your guardian demon will be able to help you in some ways and not others. You might still wish to call upon other demons when it comes to situations that your guardian demon is ill-equipped for. Additionally, you will notice that there is an eerie resemblance between you and your guardian demon, in terms of personality, attributes and even visual depictions, even though these depictions rely heavily on symbolism. After all, this connection isn’t arbitrary, it’s as inborn and determined as your natal chart.

To summarize the process in its totality, it involves discovering one’s guardian demon and then creating an astral link so that the demon in question can begin performing favors and bestow blessings (on a continual basis). Creating the astral link is done with a separate ritual. It is not part of the divinatory ritual. I can do both for you, and provide you with guidance to strengthen the astral link on your own once it is established.

There is a lot more I could say about this, but this covers the basics worth knowing should you decide to order the ritual. It is a very unique opportunity that I am presenting to you and as long as this page is active you can know that I am available to assist you in this capacity.

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