Kundalini Psychosis: 10 Tips to Reduce Kundalini Energy Stuck in Head

Feeling that you have too much energy stuck in your head? You might be experiencing what is known as kundalini psychosis.

Don’t worry, it’s not as horrible as it sounds. It just means that your energy (prana, chi) got stuck in the upper region of your body and needs to be brought down to its lower centers.

I get this problem every time I practice semen retention. The pent up sexual energy travels upward and gets stuck in my head if I indulge in arousing images or videos. It happens almost instantly, so I’ve figured out the most common triggers.

But it can happen for other reasons as well. If you’re doing one-point focus meditation, eating very light meals or fasting, engaging in too much mental activity etc.

I’ve found these 10 tips to be really helpful in balancing the kundalini energy. So that it flows properly throughout the body instead of getting stuck in the head. These tips are completely logical and easy to implement so I hope you’ll put them to good use.

1. Lower the energy from head to belly

The Qi Gong technique called “Microcosmic Orbit” can help you circle the energy from your head back to the belly.

In Qi Gong there are in fact 3 main energy centers. One is in the lower part of the belly, an inch below the navel, called Dan Tien. The second one is in the solar plexus region, the third one is in the head.

If too much energy is stuck in your head, you can gently bring it down by using this technique. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Sit in a comfortable position with your back straight. Imagine that you’re a puppet on a string, and that the string is attached to lower top part of your head. Now imagine that the string is being pulled upward. This will help you get your head in perfect position (not only for this technique but for meditation in general).
  2. Place your tongue on the roof of your mouth. Try saying the letter “N”. That’s the position where your tongue should be.
  3. Once you’re sitting comfortably with your spine straight and your head and tongue in proper position, close your eyes and visualize a golden fluid slowly travelling (or dripping) from the upper part of your head, down your tongue, neck, chest and into your Dan Tien. The more you push with your tongue, the more of this golden lava moves downward.
  4. As the golden nectar drips from your head to your Dan Tien, you will notice its illuminating brightness even as your eyes are closed. You will also notice your head becoming lighter and clearer. The tension will be lower and lower and the kundalini psychosis should end, at least for now.

This is a technique that can work wonders. But don’t expect it to be a full cure. You still need to find your triggers and avoid them or reduce them. Otherwise the energy could get stuck in your head again. Of course, you can use the Microcosmic Orbit to bring the energy down again, but it’s better to prevent this from happening altogether.

2. Perform mindfulness instead of one-point focus meditation

If someone looked on my room walls they would notice strange black dots. I focus on these dots when I meditate for concentration. But too much focus can obviously lead to headaches and tension, whether it’s a mantra, chant or a visualized object.

This is why it’s crucial to balance out concentration with mindfulness. Mindfulness disperses obsession. Ask yourself right now: “What am I think about?” You will immediately fill a sense of relief as your mind goes blank for a second or two.

By sitting for 20-30 min in a comfortable position and just watching your wandering thoughts disappear from your consciousness can prolong this effect and reduce the pent up energy stored in your crown chakra.

Whenever I feel that energy is stuck in my head, I switch from concentration to mindfulness meditation and it always has a positive effect.

3. Use grounding exercises

There are many grounding exercises in fitness, qi gong, yoga and bioenergetics. I’ll mention a few that I like the most and you can try them for yourself:

  • Squats – slow and steady instead of fast and explosive if your goal is to reduce head energy.
  • Ground breathing – Often when our energy is stuck too high, breathing into the belly or pelvis is not as effective. Breath into the balls of your feet instead and it will balance out.
  • The “Charge & Ground” bioenergetic routine from Elliot Hulse is helpful sometimes. I don’t guarantee success but it doesn’t hurt to try:

4. Reduce fire and air elements in diet, relationships, activities

I’m surprised at how many spiritually inclined people are not aware of the elements. Elements are literally everything, and if you don’t balance them out you can go crazy.

Again, literally crazy. Anxiety and stress can keep you “up in your head”. What does that mean? It means an imbalance of the air element. You’re psychologically unbalanced, floating on air, your hair is a mess like Einstein’s.

All creative people have too much air element and are more or less unstable. It’s the typical intellectual and artist archetype. If there’s too much energy stuck in your head, you need to lower the air element in your body and mind.

This can be accomplished by doing more earth element activities. Such as slower forms of exercise, hiking, chilling out mentally instead of being online all the time etc. It also involves eating more of the heavier and moist foods (grains, dairy, meat..) which have a grounding effect. Air needs to be reduced otherwise you’ll fly into space!

You should also steer clear of aggravating fire element. Cayenne pepper and Tabasco sauce are pure fire. Air and fire are both dry and if mixed together they dry out the body and bring the energy higher.

You should also avoid people and influences that are too passionate and angry. We know what happens when strong wind is mixed with fire. Trust me, I’ve had to cut ties with some friends because my abundance or air and their abundance of fire would leave me exhausted after every encounter.

5. Walk on rough and new natural terrain

Anything that makes you focus on the lower regions of your body will help bring the energy down. Plain old walking is arguably the most powerful and simple way to do this. Especially if you can go barefoot on natural terrain. Perhaps walking on a beach or in a park.

Hiking in new places in nature can also have a really relaxing effect. You have to focus on each step, which can bring the energy down naturally.

Even if you live in a city and can’t afford a trip to nature, a long walk will certainly be more helpful than browsing multiple tabs in Google Chrome ad nauseam.

6. Eat a heavier breakfast

I know, I know, you don’t need breakfast. The Intermittent Fasting craze has taken a good old swing at breakfast and now everyone is eating a heavy dinner instead.

It’s true that skipping breakfast will make you more energetic and focused. But guess what, if you have too much energy stuck in your head, you’re overdoing it! It means that you need the good old breakfast weight in your belly to lower your energy a notch.

Eat a bowl of oatmeal or some eggs and bacon. Make it heavy and delicious, and skip dinner or have a light dinner instead.

According to Ayurveda, breakfast is more important than dinner. If you’re going to do Intermittent Fasting it’s better to skip dinner because the digestive system is less effective at night.

7. Avoid angry cultural products

Dimmu Borgir, Slayer, Rambo, motivational videos with a black preacher screaming at you to wake up and start making millions of dollars… you get what I’m saying.

Angry, uplifting cultural products, including angry novelists like Huysmans and philosophers such as Nietzsche should be avoided until your energy is back to normal. And perhaps permanently, if you have the necessary amounts of willpower.

8. Write down your thoughts

Have you ever tried to meditate but had a brilliant idea rushing through your head. You then feel like the idea will evaporate if you quiet your mind.

As a writer I sometimes get this dilemma between meditating and writing something down. This article was one of those times when I knew that if I don’t write it down my meditation will be ruined because of the pressure.

But this can really be applied to anything, not just creative writing. If you feel overwhelmed by the tasks ahead, write them down and create a plan. Knowing that you have a plan that you can accomplish puts things into perspective and reduces the chaotic element in life.

Joker was definitely right about the way people act more calmly when they can conceptualize the future instead of having to guess it:

This could also explain our thirst for knowledge as a way of limiting fears of the future through pattern-recognition. But I’m digressing! Let’s get back to the question of kundalini psychosis.

9. Take a warm shower or bath

Cold showers improve energy and concentration. But you have an abundance of those already. So take a hot/warm shower or bath instead. Enjoy your body instead of torturing it for once.

10. Recognize your triggers

Every person has a unique combination of elements and different personality based on their karmic experience. Something that aggravates me doesn’t have to necessarily aggravate you.

The moments when I feel that too much energy is stuck in my head usually occur after a few days of sexual abstinence. But other people can go for weeks or months before experiencing this side effect. It just goes to show that each individual is unique.

So the only way to recognize your greatest energy triggers is to observe yourself. Observe how you feel after a meal or skipping a meal. Or how you feel after listening to heavy metal and watching an action movie. How you feel after talking with a friend who is feisty and complains all the time. Does it raise your energy too much and create a knot in your stomach?

Self-reflection is the most powerful tool that any spiritual seeker has. So I hope you’ll use it to your advantage, along with the tips mentioned in this article. If you do, I’m sure that your experience of kundalini psychosis will evaporate sooner than expected. Hope this helps!

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