Leviathan Summoning: The Sea Serpent Invocation Ritual

Leviathan is a demon of the Waters. It was depicted as a terrible sea monster in the Bible, a monster that has no equal on the terrestrial plane. Leviathan was according to some accounts a mechanical creature, a sort of ancient/alien submarine that could devour any humanmade maritime vessel due to its exceptional size and strength.

From a demonological perspective, Leviathan is neither a biological nor a mechanical monster, but a spiritual entity that can manifest itself to our regular senses in many ways. Therefore, many sightings and occurrences of paranormal nature could be attributed to Leviathan, most notable one in popular culture being the Loch Ness Monster from Scottish and the Kraken from Greek mythological corpus.

Did such creatures ever roam the waters and attack those that came too near, or are they just phantasms, figments of imagination? Before we elaborate, let us remind ourselves of the fundamental truth about reality and our senses as expressed by the occult writer Lon Milo DuQuette:

“It’s all in your head — you just have no idea how big your head is.”

In other words, if your mind is properly attuned to a certain frequency, you will see, hear, feel or intuit its contents, while the other person who is not attuned to that frequency won’t. Thus we can speculate that the ancients were not merely creating fables when they spoke of terrifying creatures from the depths. They were reporting on a fundamental human experience, fundamental because it appeared in cultures as far and diverse as that of the Aborigines was from that of the Scots or the Jews.

Leviathan is constrained neither by name or appearance. There is an endless array of manifestations as witnessed by the different accounts of much the same thing. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Likewise, a demon’s appearance, too, is in the eye of the beholder. The beholder’s eye is limited by his cultural experience, genetic lineage, magical development and sensitivity to the paranormal.

These are all things that should be taken into consideration when we speak of demons, but especially one that has captivated the mainstream imagination so widely as Leviathan. When we treat Leviathan as a demon, we are acknowledging that we are concerned with the spiritual source, the Idea itself that contains many potential manifestations. Therefore, the way you will encounter or experience Leviathan may differ from the way another person will experience the demon.

This is the case when we speak of a summoning ritual as opposed to an accidental encounter caused by mental distress that caused a “frequency attunement” without one’s Will playing any part in the process. In that case, because the person is not prepared, terrifying consequences may arise including a complete mental breakdown.

The same danger is not present in a summoning ritual, because one is willfully executing a series of actions with the clear intent of connecting with the demon. There are no imminent surprises, only a positive expectation filled with excitement that the demon will bless the practitioner with his presence, visually or otherwise.

With this purpose in mind, I will share a ritual that can be used by a devoted practitioner to summon Leviathan. You may need to repeat it a number of times until eventually great effects are noticed. If you persevere you will find that the rewards more than justify the preliminary efforts.

Reasons For Summoning Leviathan

Leviathan, being the quintessential demon of the Waters, is the demon of emotions and psychic abilities. In alchemical works “the Waters” symbolize the subconscious part of the mind. In esoteric texts it is often said that beyond the Waters live the illuminated conquerors, those who’ve achieved enlightenment.

Jesus supposedly walked on water, and this is symbolic of his ascension above humanity, since he became fully in control of his mental faculties. Otherwise, he would drown or the waves would overtake him. Leviathan moves smoothly through the Waters, aiming to swallow the adventurer or to miraculously carry him across the Waters.

With ceremonial magick we can make Leviathan assist us in traversing the black depths of our emotions as well as reach the other shore. He can also make us dominate the Waters so that we can calm the rough seas and enjoy peace and serenity within. This can be of great use to those who are struggling with emotional instability, anxiety, depression and irrational fears.

When the Waters are calmed, when the Beast that dwells within them is our ally rather than a frightening enemy waiting to devour us, then we are at peace. Thus, apart from the more complex alchemical ascent, which I will not get into in this short guide, Leviathan should be first of all summoned by those seeking mental and emotional rejuvenation, peace and equilibrium.

Leviathan Summoning Invocation

Here’s how to summon Leviathan for improving your psychic abilities and obtaining emotional equilibrium.

You will need:

  • Ceremonial robes (preferably black or blue)
  • A black or blue candle
  • Anointing oil (or any other oil)
  • Frankincense resin or powder
  • A censer or pot for burning incense
  • Leviathan’s sigil
  • A bowl of water

Step One: Cast a circle (salt is traditionally used for this purpose) and call upon your chosen deity or deities. If you are not sure who to call upon, you can use the traditional invocation to The Watchers or your Higher Self:

“Ye who art mighty and powerful, we ask that ye witness this rite and lend us thy strength. We summon thee, Leviathan, guardian of the seas and lord of the depths. Grant us thy favor in our workings and keep us safe from harm.”

Step Two: Anoint the candle with oil and then light it. Place it in the center of your circle.

Step Three: Sprinkle some frankincense on the hot coals in your censer or pot. Pass the censer around your circle three times, allowing the smoke to rise up into the air.

Step Four: Draw the sigil of Leviathan on the floor or ground around your candle.

Step Five: Sit down in front of the candle and take a few deep breaths, centering yourself. When you are ready, say the following invocation:

“Leviathan, great and mighty demon, I ask that thou come forth and grant me thy power. I offer thee this sacrifice in exchange for thy blessings. Grant me psychic ability and emotional equilibrium, that I may serve thee faithfully.”

Step Six: Hold your hands over the bowl of water and imagine a blue light emanating from them. Visualize this light traveling down into the water until it surrounds it completely. Now say the following words:

“I call upon thee, Leviathan, to manifest in this water. Grant me thy power and blessings, that I may be a worthy conduit of your powers.”

Step Seven: Watch as the water begins to swirl and bubble. Visualize a giant serpentine form emerging from the depths. See it coil around the candle, its eyes glowing with a bright blue light. Allow yourself to feel the power of this demon coursing through you.

Step Eight: When you are ready, say goodbye and release Leviathan back into the waters. Thank your chosen deity or deities for their help in making this ritual successful. Finally, extinguish the candle and release your circle.

Leviathan ritual for emotional protection

With the summoning ritual complete, you’ve entered the zone of Leviathan’s influence. Now you can get more precise with your requests to the demon. For example, you can seek emotional protection, which is one of the greatest benefits this demon can provide.

The first step is to identify what you need emotional protection against. This can be a challenging task because there are many things that can make us feel out of balance. However, once you have identified the source of your imbalance, you can begin to specifically call upon Leviathan for help.

The next step is to create an altar in honor of Leviathan. The altar should be simple, but it should reflect your reverence for the demon. On the altar, place a representation of Leviathan as well as any objects that are associated with your purpose for summoning him.

Once the altar is prepared, take some time to meditate on your purpose and connect with the energy of Leviathan. Visualize yourself being surrounded by his light and power. Allow the energy of Leviathan to fill you up and then send that energy out into the world.

When you are ready, say the following invocation:

“Leviathan, I call upon you for help. I need emotional equilibrium and I ask that you guide me through this process. Give me your strength and power so that I can overcome this challenge. “

Upon saying this invocation, use a wand to trace a pentagram in the air in front of you. As you trace the pentagram, visualize it becoming infused with the energy of Leviathan. Once the pentagram is complete, stand within it and allow the energy of Leviathan to surround and protect you.

Stay in this space for as long as you need, and when you are finished disperse the energy by grounding yourself and then clean up your altar. You can ground yourself by taking a few deep breaths and visualizing the energy of Leviathan flowing out of you and back into the earth.

I hope these two rituals prove useful to you. If you want me to perform a ritual for you, don’t hesitate to request a ritual. This is the ideal way to begin improving your situation immediately and with the greatest magickal efficacy. See you on the other side!

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